Sisterhood Of The Travelling Sketchbook

Hi all. So far this week so good with the catching up. I've done two pages for the Travelling Sketchbook that I'm in and those books are in the post and zooming their way to Canada as I type. Hopefully. Well, they're in the post office anyway.

This one is a page for Kim's book, celebrating the Ruby Monster. She was always so very shy at school. Craig and I got used to turning up to plays and concerts and coming home with an empty camera, having watched everyone else's child except our own. The teachers have been brilliant and so encouraging. Last sports day we arrived, saw her waving and thought, hmm, maybe if the teachers hold her hand she might take part... Not only did she take part - she did it with gutso, on her own with a huge smile on her face. Now - well you wouldn't recognise her. She loves school, she's always talking about her friends and the teachers say what a friendly and helpful little girl she is. We're so proud of her. And so grateful to whatever the teachers did.

Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Art Journal Page 
This one is for Lisa's book. I wanted to celebrate Scotland and how I miss it. I really enjoyed this one but was a bit worried about including it - the rest of her book is full of gorgeous people paintings and I was worried that a landscape would be out of place... plus I am very, very rusty at my painting.
Carmen Wing - Purple Hills of Scotland - Watercolour Art Journal
In the end I included it because I had so much fun with it. It reminded me how much I enjoy watercolours and landscapes. There was a time in my teens when all I would paint was sunsets/sunrises and landscapes. I haven't done one in years... possibly since my late teens. I also hope it does show my love for those purple mountains.

Thanks for stopping by.

p.s Just realised it's Friday! oops. I'll be back later with another post then! Blimey - two in one day!


  1. Seems to me teachers don't always get enough credit. Good for them - and Ruby!
    I LOVE your mountain watercolour. I would frame it and put it on the wall. Do one and put it in your shop, when you can, please!! and I really really want to go to Scotland.

  2. yay1 for girls who find their wings and their Mums who know how to paint :)

  3. Thats a lovely picture of your little one and what a great message. Liking the wacky hats too. Great watercolour, it really captures what I remember of Scotland, wet! x

  4. Loving both these pages..well done to Ruby and her teachers and well done you - that is a beautiful painting.
    Hugs xx

  5. OH YOUR PAGES ARE GORGEOUS, BOTH OF THEM!!! I'm shouting because I LOVE THEM!! Ruby's pages are so sweet, so full of love for your darling girl. Wonderful quote. Your Scotland watercolour is stunning - HOW YOU DO THAT??! You've made it look so easy but I wouldn't know where to begin. Your love of Scotland shines through.

    Well done!

    Maybe see you later with your Rocking Friday post....... ;o)


  6. Look at you?! You're back...and doing it in style! These are both brilliant....didn't know you knew how to watercolor? Subtle and gorgeous that landscape is!!

    ...and hooray for little Miss Ruby...shining like the star she is!

  7. Carmen thank you for sharing such beautiful work. I like the colors.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Belinda (#158)

  8. Wow - awesome pages, just love that quote, just might to have to steal it for something I'm working on! And I love your watercolour!! Nice to see you back with some rocking creations!

    Claire xxx

  9. Hello!

    Great pages - beautifully done! Love the landscape! Wishing you a great weekend!


    Barbara Dian


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