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Greetings from a wet and windy Kent. I suppose my couple of  garden tubs are thankful for all this damp weather. My back however, is not. Grumble, grumble. 

Enough of that.

I had a lovely present arrive in the post this week from Carol. I would show you a photo of me wearing it... but far from blooming, I am a heaving mass of zits and overgrown hair which seems to be sprouting at an alarming rate. I shall strike a pose when I hit that 'blooming' stage ;) Thank you Carol, it was a lovely surprise.

 ... ... ... ... ...
It's been a good week for snail mail. I'm in a one-to-one art swap with Cameron of Paint Myself Pretty and my art from her arrived this week.

I have to apologise for my photos today - it's so dark here with the rain. These are all taken under artificial light and do Cam's art no justice at all. Pop over to her blog when you can for a better look. I just love this and in real life it's so tactile. I had asked for my piece to include a crow and words to ponder. She done good didn't she?

Cam also included a little stash pile which included one of her greetings cards and some lovely vintage pages. The woman is psychic, I have been thinking about trying my hand at scrapbooking again, won't these be perfect for bubby pages? Thank you Cam. I now need to get bum in gear and try to do a worthy return piece! Which she has asked to be mermaid-y. Hmm.
... ... ... ... ... 
My last good bit of mail was this months issue of Artists and Illustrators magazine plopping through the door. I'm so glad I continued to sub when my introductory three issues for £3.00 ran out. Yes I know it's a ploy to reel you in. And it worked... but I so enjoy it, there is always at least one or two articles I bookmark to have a go at or follow up on online. 

I love to just disappear off for a loooong soak in the bath and have a good read of my magazine. So that's what I did last night.
... ... ... ... ...
I haven't put any weight on. This might sound a bit of an bit odd thing to be happy about given I'm pregnant and the last couple of months have been a bit up and down food wise. When I was going through the dreaded morning sickness phase it was whatever I could eat without the urge to throw it back up... which was mainly junk food, carb type stuff. Bread and potatoes (as long as they were in chip form.) Even now when I am starting to be able to eat relatively normally again (still can't stomach onions and garlic strangely) it's mainly bread that I'm eating in abundance. I'm talking 5 or 6 slices a day. Sometimes more. I have really upped my veggie and fruit intake to try and combat whatever goodness bubby wasn't getting when I was in carb mode. But still I am like Pacman with the bread. I don't think it's a craving...

Craig is disgusted that I haven't put any weight on. I reckon it will start soon. It's weird because I have a really big hard bump already. Bigger than what I should have for how far along I am. But my backside is disappearing so I reckon it's going from there straight to my front. I'll have a concave bum by the end of this :D However - with Ruby I was lighter at 9 months and about to drop than I was when I first got pregnant. Here's hoping! And if it does happen (healthily) here's hoping I can keep it off this time!
... ... ... ... ...
Craig has been a big boost to me this week. I've been mojo-less for ages. This week, as soon as the girls have been off to bed, he has been prodding me to get the paints out and set up at the dinner table. It's worked. I'm buzzing again. You know what? I think I was scared. It has literally been so long since I did anything what with not feeling well and just general life stuff happening... I was a bit scared to even try again. How silly? So thank you Craig for that... and also for letting me nap in the afternoons while you go fetch the girls from school. Big love!
... ... ... ... ...
I think that's me for this week :) I'm going to go and link up with Virginia, if you fancy playing along just follow me over there to link up too :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You did make me laff with your Pacman/bread description ;D

    Great news that Craig was able to prod your mojo (if you'll excuse the expression!).

    I can't get over Cam's artwork. It is absolutely stunning and so perfect for you (as is Carol's wonderful gift!!). I'll pop over to their blogs once I've written this.

    Have a great weekend, Carmen.


  2. Oh look at you go, loving this post, loving the fact you've managed not to put any weight on and still keeping healthy. Well done Craig for getting you motivated again - brilliant stuff.

    Loving the mail art - utterly gorgeous!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

  3. Stunning artwork, gonna pop over and have a little nose!

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend - I feel it's gonna be crafty Sunday!

    Claire xxx

  4. I'm just so happy you love the girlie...and included bits! I know what you make for me is gonna be gee-or-juss! ;D

    I'm sending Craig a huge high 5 for stirring the mojo pot...and getting you closer to creating that bit of gorgeousness....the ideas are churning, aren't they?! Heehee! I can't wait...but, I happily take all the time you need :)

    Bubby sounds comfy as can be in there....maybe using your backside chub as a pillow! If only I could be a donor for you...I have more than enough to share!!

    Much love, Sweetie Pie!

  5. You'll be blooming in no time :)

  6. Hmm...big bump...TWINS!!!!
    Glad you are able to eat a bit better now, but you are supposed to put a bit of padding on when you are preggers so dont stress about it! (that was my excuse anyway!)
    Love the art work from Cam, its stunning and the necklace is great, so you!
    Glad you got your mojo going again, what a lovely hubby you have. I'm sure my hubby just sees the mess I make everywhere when painting!
    Hope you have a great week x

  7. What an exciting time for you! Hope you can keep the mojo and start feeling that energy level shoot up soon.

  8. Yay to eating more food and not worrying about the weight! ☺ I'm glad to see your mojo in force again too, love seeing your creations. I also happened to buy Art&Illustrators mag yesterday, looks to have some interesting articles in it this month. x

  9. Fabulous artwork from all concerned Carmen.
    WTG on not putting weight on..I too was lighter @ nine months than when I got pregnant....did have to laugh @ the image of pacman chomping slices of bread.
    And well done Craig for getting your mojo up and's good to hear that you're crafting again.
    Big hugs. xx
    p.s. I think the rain has stopped for now...hopefully long enough for a walk...

  10. How cool is that necklace - and how even cooler is your art and goodie pile from Cameron - happy post all round :)

    Hope you can keep that mojo going....

    have a great week!

  11. I'm glad you liked your necklace! Your painting is lovely! I deffo need to do more swap things like that :-)


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