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I think this post may be mainly bubby related so bear with  :) My most Rocking news this week was that I could finally spill the beans about our little secret. I am so terrible when I have a secret of my own that I'm just bursting to tell. I'm sure Craig got fed up of my "please, please,please let me say something" every day. But I do get why he was cautious. I do. It was just hard!
The more I think on it, the more I think we are having a boy. They usually say at a first scan that you can't tell, so we never asked. However the scanner volunteered a 70% guess... which makes me think she saw something pretty definite. It never even occurred to me that I would have a boy. I just thought I was like my Mum who only had girls (6 times while she tried for a boy! Ahahaha!) However we aren't ruling anything out so are thinking on both boy and girl names. Am so excited for whatever happens!
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My niece has had her baby. A boy.  I am so pleased for this ray of happiness that baby Talon will bring her, my sister and my brother-in-law. I can't wait to meet him when they come to visit - even in the few pictures I have seen so far, he looks like he already knows he's boss of them all :)
... ... ... ... ...
The girls went back to school. I think Pheeb Monster and Ruby Monster in particular were so ready to go back and see their friends. They love having time off but they love going back and getting into the thick of things even more.
... ... ... ... ...
I've won a couple of blog giveaways. This gorgeous foodie book from the Octopus Facebook page, seriously gorgeous it is. Like a work of art just looking at it. And a Day of the Dead pincushion made by the lovely Nicole. Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on that :D
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I think that'll do me for now. I'd just love to say thank you for all the 'congratulations' messages we've received this week. It's been really lovely reading them all and really added to our excitement :)

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  1. A great week all round, Carmen. Further hugs to you all!!

  2. Yahoo!!!! So pleased for you...xx

    As you know I too won that book and it really is amazing...French Onion Soup is first on the list!!

    Pleased you've had a bubbly week.
    Big hugs,
    Sue xx

  3. Ah hun - that's a great post, just popping by before I collapse on the sofa - I'm wrecked! 60 plus hours at work this week - now that's a little crazy

    Sending you hugs

  4. I can honestly say that you've rocked my week!!! It was so nice to hear happy news and then my little bloggy win too!!! Bring on the next week I say :D xxx

  5. Lovely post! So new babys all round in your family, how wonderful!
    Have a rocking week x

  6. You know I'm buzzin' with your news, and I'm so pleased that your niece delivered her sweet baby safely.

    Congrats on your book win and the Day of the Dead pincushion sounds perfect for you! I thought of you at the weekend - there was a big rambling thing going on locally and there were signs along our country lanes, "CAUTION, WALKERS CROSSING". I wish I'd had my camera with me, I'd have stopped and taken a photo. We've just finished watching the latest series of Walking Dead on cable, hopefully you'll get it soon. It's brilliant!!


  7. :-) I cant wait to hear what names you come up with :-D I also cant wait to get my knitting needles out :-D

  8. I'm interested in your name choices, too! Talon is certainly a strong name your niece chose :)

    What a short and sweet rocking post!

  9. well, you already know how excited I am at your news - still grinning :) :)

    congrats too on your two wins - I saw those pincushions on Nicole's blog - super cool - well done for winning one!

    hope you have a great - and morning sickness free - week :)


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