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Late again but I have an excuse. I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Thursday so really, by my time zone at least, I'm posting on time!

... Ok it's now Sunday so I'm officially late!

How has your week been? Mine started with the two elder monsters going to their Nanna's for the week. I think it's lovely she has this time with them and we really appreciate it when she does. I just worry all week about whether one accident prone little monster in particular will have trashed her house completely by the time we get there to pick them up. Ooer.
... ... ... ... ...

A couple of days of good weather. It's been a bit of an odd week weather wise. Summer one day, Winter the next. On one of the good days we took mini Monster to the beach with her bike and £7.70 in our (Craig's) pocket. We were out most of the afternoon walking, fast walking, slightly jogging to catch her up. Couple of stop offs at the parks we passed. 2 portions of hot chippies (heavily salted and vinegared of course) 2 large, warm, extremely delicious sausage rolls to share between the three of us and drinks all round. Followed by more walk, walk, jog, collapse on the grass while she played in the park. Topped off with Cornetto ice-cream for mini Monster and then home again jiggity jig, all of us completely shattered. Who says days out have to be expensive eh?
... ... ... ... ...

My Copic pen collection. Started the week off like this. Not many, but used and used.

Thanks to the lovely Becky for thinking of me when she decided to sell her collection, for the bargaintastic price and to Craig for listening to my drooling gibberish and helping fund said collection. Now at the end of the week my pens look like...

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Excuse me while I just gaze at them admiringly and smile my dreamy smile again.

Let me just repeat that.
From this...

Tra lal la la la!

... ... ... ... ...

Oh... and remember my sister bought me a duplicate of The Walking Dead Compendium for my birthday? And she told me to resell it and buy something else? Well I did. I got £30 which she said was more than she paid herself. So this week also saw the arrival of a desktop easel...
...and an A4 Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. I've had the easel on my wishlist a while. She had already given me Mum's old proper easel when I had the old stu-stu-studio but I just don't have room to keep it up here so this one seemed a good compromise. I've also been wanting to try a Moleskine for years but am to tight to pay the price to try one. However, seeing as she was paying, I finally got one. Thanks Melsie, muchos smooches.

It's felt like Christmas this week! Who needs chocolate eggs!
... ... ... ... ...

Coming back to Blogger after being offline for a while has made me realise all it's glitches again. I may be trying out a new Blog host this week and seeing how I go with that. I'm quite excited to start afresh, I'm going to see if I can import this blog but if not I'll let you know where I've gone and if you want to toddle on over you can. Of course if this is the excuse you've needed to cut all ties and run... well, hurrumph!

I'm going to use it as the start of getting organised. I'll be setting up my Etsy/Folksy shop (she says having said this a bazillion times) and perhaps a Facebook page of moi the artist! (She said it! Without a hint of sarcasm and perhaps just a shmidge of a snort!)

Both Craig and I have decided we're both guilty of having our heads turned by various branches of our interests. (His birds and my arty, crafty) We've both agreed to try and just admire what other people do but accept we can't try and do EVERYTHING if we want to be really good at a particular something. Does that make sense? I know many people can be Jack of all trades. And quite frankly I hate you all and am jealous as Hell. Not really. (OK, really!)

So he is focusing on what really interests him and I am going to focus on getting better at my drawing and painting. A shmidge of crafting on the side and now and again wheel out the sewing machine to create a wibbly wobbly creation. EVERYTHING else is for me to admire, wish I could do and maybe buy and support that artist in whatever they are doing that I can't. Knitting and crochet springs immediately to mind.

I'm also going to totally steal Nicole and Ewa's idea. Whenever I buy something handmade I'll show and tell on my blog (wherever that might be) to support our community. Also whenever I can but only if I know it'll be appreciated, I'll be buying handmade presents (unless I'm making myself *g*)

I might not be putting this across as a positive but already I feel my mind clearing and getting much more focused. I find myself with a day on my own tomorrow. This never, ever, ever happens! So I'll be clearing up my spaces. Finish catching up on projects I'm behind on - clearing the decks so to speak and then it'll be full steam ahead. I will not even look at this infernal time suck of a machine until I am done. If you see me on here - banshee scream at me and tell me to get lost!

I predict a good Rocking post next Friday :)

I hope you've all had a good week. Thank you as always for stopping by.


  1. Don`t worry little monster has not trashed my house yet , but still have to night to go . xx

  2. Hi, hunnie, I'm home.... thanks for stopping by - but haven't you just said you're supposed to be catching up on stuff... oh well I'm flattered! Your day out on the cheap with mini monster sounds just great! Enjoy your copics - I have not a single one and don't intend to (but may go for Tim's new markers... yes, well....!) Have a good week.

  3. Wow! A lovely post....hits home considering I have spent the last 2 weeks doing everything but what I should and want to be doing.
    Hence, nothing new to share, or list in my Etsy store, or tell patient trade partners that I've finished....

    I forsee a bunch of Copic projects coming up....and I do so love that easel you got for yourself! I'm starting to dislike the distortion that working flat gives....let me know how you enjoy using it ;)

    So glad it's been a nice week. I look forward to hearing about another one next Friday (or Sunday...heehee)

  4. I mean copic projects for you....not me. A picture of my bounty would just be an empty table ;P

  5. LOL at the repeat of the copic photos and WOW you must be over the moon with them!!!
    Your week sounds wonderful, bike rides and chips, a child free week, COPIC PENS, a new easel and a moleskine, you must be in heaven!
    I am excited to hear about your Folksy/Etsy shop and know I will be a regular visitor.
    Your plan to get organised sounds great, wish I could be so determined but things always get in my way!!
    I hope you have a great week Carmen x

  6. Woohoo! A wonderful Friday post on a Sunday. Though of course I now know that the car incident has brought a wobble to the week. Argh.

  7. Wow! and LOL!@ your Copic collection - good stuff!
    And well done on prioritising and planning afresh....think I'll be joining you, on finding new blog space and settling myself into what I'm good at...paper crafts. Might as well face it I'm never going to be an artist, a knitter or a crocheter (??) I too will be clearing my mind and admiring from afar and supporting where I can.
    Good luck .... and well done on the easel and the Moleskine..I love Moleskine...sigh.
    Hugs for a great week and hope your day alone was all you wanted it to be. xx
    p.s. No, I haven't read that book and yes, I'd love it!! Thank you so much ...:)

  8. Your pen collection is something to be admired!! I tried to collect all the pro markers but I just couldnt do it :-P i wish i could be a jack of all trades too, i'm barely a jack of any trade :-S Oh well good luck :-)

  9. Whaaaa??? You lucky duck!!! Those look awesome! I would love to get into that aspect of crafting but it seems like such a hug investment I've put it off for a bit. Can't wait to see what you do! As for the head clearing. taking your work seriously and opening a shop I say RIGHT ON! Even if it takes you a little longer every step you take in that direction gets you closer- even this blog post and all your recent thoughts- it's a process and it shouldn't be rushed- when you are ready you'll do it and it will be great!

  10. Yay for fun! Yay for copics (loved the photo sequence btw!) and yay for Mr Tumble peg bags!! Thanks for the fun comment on my blog!!
    Hugs, LLJ #3
    PS On Julia's last blog before WOYWW, I replied to you about what I'm gonna do to her when I lay her out for the funeral!!

  11. so, you got a couple of new Copics I hear? :D

    I will be interested to see what you do with them - I have a few but only use them in my airbrush, not as actual pens. I'm not one for colouring in and can't think what else to use them for....

    your cheap day out sounds great - they are my favourites too.

    and good luck with your specialisation plans - I also suffer with the jack of all trades master of none thing.... but the trouble is I get bored so easily that I can't be bothered to do the same thing enough times to get good at it :D

  12. Oh how lucky are you getting all those fabulous copics - I love those pens so much better than promarkers! Loving that you are exploring new areas for you blog and creations - will follow with interest!

    Love that your two eldest had time to spend with relatives - awesome stuff!

    Hope you've had another brilliant week off to find your new blog shortly!



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