Goth Baby Booties

I bought a pair of booties similar to these when Ruby monster was a bubba. They were bright pink and black. as soon as I knew my niece was having a baby I knew I wanted to get her a pair too, she definitely has goth tendencies. I couldn't remember who made mine I only knew I bought them on eBay. I never did find the original seller but I did find Polly_F. Polly is actually a midwife, for some reason this pleases me when buying booties off of her. She is actually setting up a website for her knitted midwifery items and I'll update my post when I hear it's running. But in the meantime you can check out her eBay shop for midwifery items and baby clothes here. She's very open to communication if you want certain colours etc. Just message her through eBay - I did.

Each creation is knitted to order. These are the booties I had made for my niece. They are gorgeous and the wool she's used is so soft.

Obviously we will be getting another pair for a certain little monster nearer the time.

Thanks for stopping by - Just so you know, I accept no responsibility for broodiness caused by this post ;)


  1. They are fabulous!!
    Only you Carmen could have found them!
    I love them and will probs. order a pair..:)
    And,no, I'm not broody!! Have another great niece or nephew due in six weeks!
    Massive hugs xx

  2. What fabulous booties! Sure she can't do some in your size? I think they'd look good in purple & black, very Alice! Good job I am past broody age!

  3. oh, and should have said, thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog lately!

  4. Can they do them in Size 8s??? I'd love a pair of slippers like them. And moi, broody?? Cluck, cluck...never... :)
    LLJ xx

  5. Yeah, you accept no responsibility, but nothing else makes my ovaries flip like your news and your blog post! Just popped by to say that WOYWW 151 is tomorrow.....and the anniversary is 156. Join in, do!!

  6. Bit different from the white and blue ones my mother knitted, lol. No chance of me being broody, I'm l-o-n-g past that stage and my family is complete. ;)

  7. Those are adorable!!

    ...but, I can easily pass up the baby items...I am more ways than one....haha!

  8. Too cute!!! Think you need a warning on this blog Mrs! xxx

  9. Oh very sweet!!!! but should they be so sweet if they are goth??? ;)

  10. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh.....dorable! x

  11. hahahaha, only YOU, Carmen, only you! These are ridiculously cute :o)

    No more babies for me, thank you very much. I love my 2 more than anything, but 2 is my limit. Just as well, I'm much too old for all that kinda thing (and Grant's had the snip!).


  12. They are adorable :-) I love the colours!!


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