Batty Giveaway

Hi all, I'm copying this post over from the Typepad blog, just in case I decide to stick with Blogger - If you already entered the giveaway over there, don't worry, I have a note of it.

In the last 'Rocking Post' I mentioned that I would be highlighting whenever I buy handmade. This is one of those posts.

I discovered Kristie at Twistyfishies on Facebook and immediately fell in love with her little bats. Having just had my birthday and also sold some crafty magazines I decided to treat myself... and you. One of you anyway.

This little beauty is mine. All mine. I like to call him Batfink. Kristie includes a hand drawn original ACEO with each of her creature creations. I think this is a really lovely touch. He's so dinky and cute. Love my Batfink.

Would you like a bat of your own? I'm giving away one of Kristie's pink bats.

Want him? I feel he is a him even though he's pink. I may be wrong. Just leave me a message saying that you'll provide a warm and loving home for this little critter and I'll draw a winner on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. You don't have to follow me, jump through hoops or anything - I can't be doing with checking up on all that. I'm to lazy. Just a comment will do fine.

Thank you for stopping by. 


  1. Oh he's so sweet - love him!

  2. Adorable! Whatever you decide on the web host thing I won't stop reading- I came here through your Twitter link if that helps you at all?

  3. Oh he is Too cute! I think he would be a wonderful addition to my studio ... he can keep me company at night. Cute!

  4. can i have him? i'll tell you why.
    remember last year (omigod, was it 2 years ago now?) that julia made that little elephant whose trunk looked like a penis?

    i love that elephant. i think he needs a bat friend.

    what do you say?


  5. and! oh shit, carmen this is a good idea! i can make stupid little pictures of them together and make up stories.

    you know you like that one.


  6. He/she is very cute x. He would live on my desk and keep safe and warm :-)

  7. Im brand new to blogger and followed my way here from Pinterest. That bat is a def he and i love him!! so glad you shared the link for Kristie's shop also so i can bookmark it. Thanks!

  8. Wow! That is so cute! I'm gonna go have a look on the link.
    Thanks for offering one as candy!
    Only the manlyest of "he's" get away with wearing pink, and I think he's pretty manly!



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