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Blogger vs Typepad

Soooo.... hi everyone.

You might wonder why I'm posting here. On Blogger. Well, I'm still trying to decide whether to keep this blog or stick with Typepad. I have been doing a list of pro's and cons for each and both are pretty equal now. I started to really like the white space I had going on at Typepad so began to play around with Blogger last night. What do you think?

I know a couple of you wanted to know my thoughts between the two so here I am. Bear in mind it's only been a little under a week since my swap and I am not the most tech savvy person in the World. I just want an easy blogging experience.

Biggest con for Blogger. The glitches, oh Blogger how you have made me see red over the last couple of months with the glitches. Not being able to comment, not being able to post. Not being able to upload pictures... those of you that have had the same problems could probably add more to the list.

However - they are rolling out a new interface next month. Could this be why there are so many glitches? (even though they've been going on for months.) Maybe they are ironing out the wrinkles. (Pessimistic optimist.) I upgraded to the new interface early last night... I quite like it, it's like the Typepad one. Kind of. Everything is there, at a glance.

It turns out I can't import my blog over to Typepad. (Thanks for all the help and advice Donna and Luke) Regardless of all the sites that say you can. I can't. And neither could Donna and Luke who are very tech savvy, clever peeps. Something to do with conflicting codes. And I am loathe to just give it up, this is my second home, I put a lot of my heart and soul on here - that may sound over dramatic... but I do.

The biggest pro for Typepad - for me - was how easy it is to resize pictures once you've uploaded them to your post over there. They look so professional. So I tried out a few different Blogger templates last night and managed to get the pictures quite big over here, still not so many resizing options I don't think - saying that, I haven't tried out uploading a picture with the new interface yet. But it looks better than I had before.

I love how when I get an email notification that I have a comment on Typepad, each comment comes with the persons email. It means I can reply to each and every one. Quite a lot with Blogger just come in with a dead end 'no reply' Blogger address which means I either have to reply publicly on that persons blog, which, depending on the subject, you don't always want to do. Or you just don't reply.

Typepad is doing my head in with the html I need to know for the sidebar. Uploading pictures to the sidebar, adding links etc. I can do it... just... badly and very slowly. I like how Blogger automatically resizes pictures and adds them to the sidebar for me. Typepad doesn't do that - you have to manually resize, then upload to a folder, then add html code etc, etc. It's a fast 2 minute job with Blogger. I have been sat half a day scratching my head with Typepad. If you know your stuff it is probably very easy.

I still don't have a blogroll over there which is how I see when my favourite blogs have updated. I don't use Google reader, I use the blogroll on my sidebar. It's what I'm comfortable with, what I'm used to, what I do. I've tried following various step by step tutorials on Google which are all full of frustrated comments by people like me. Can't do it.

I implemented the recommended Typead settings for comments yesterday, Supposed to give my readers a more personal, richer experience where we can all chat in the comments box. I got quite a few messages in my email box saying people couldn't comment. At all. Hmm. Swapped it back to basic and it seems to be working now. But, another irritation.

You can't search for specific Typepad blogs within Typead. What I mean by that is - like in Blogger search you stick in keywords and you are recommended blogs that contain those subjects. This is not an option on Typepad. How bizarre? I know I have enough blogs to follow but am always looking out for more and I wanted to see how other craft/art/illustration/book review/rambly people had set their Typepad up. Not to copy - just to nosy at. Typepad recommend you open up Google advanced settings, type in Typepad as the main search criteria and then put your keywords into the 'keywords' box. What a kerfuffle and still not as many results show up as I suspect there MUST be blogs on there.

So - you see what I mean? Pro's and cons for both. I'm erring towards staying on Blogger at the moment - mainly because it's free and all my other posts are here. And the ease without html. I think if I knew my stuff with html I could do Typepad really well...

How many readers do you think I'm going to lose dragging you back and forth like this? We could all pretend it's just been a great big conga line :D

Thank goodness for free trials!

Thanks for reading and don't forget my giveaway - I may repost it here so don't get confused if you see it pop up, I'll make a note of everyone who already entered over on Typepad. My Rocking Friday post this week is over on Typepad for the moment.

Thank you as always for stopping by... and, you know, putting up with me.


  1. Really interesting post, Carmen.

    I think you were very brave to give Typepad a try and you might just be going through the teething troubles that always happen with a new set up? Re the white space look, it's like when I see other people's houses that have the minimalist look - I love it and wish I could do it, but end up cluttering up my own space with clutter and colour.

    Good luck with your decision (the image of the blogger-typepad conga line made me laugh!!)

    I must have a look at the new Blogger interface.........


  2. Interesting stuff Carmen, I like the new blogger interface and have been using it a while. I've found uploading photos etc are all fine and don't seem to have had any glitches (touch wood). I'll follow you wherever you are just tell me where and when LOL!

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! I had downloaded the trial of typepad but after reading your post. I'm hanging in there with blogger. I want my blogging sessions to be quick and pain free. I know they have had issues with commenting and sometimes wiping the blog completly but blogger always does seem to sort it in the long run and I can't see me coping with writing HTML even with my own techie support at home.
    You are a brave brave little star for tryign and testing it all for us :) Px

  4. Really interesting post. I like the white - I have been thinking about getting rid of the green strip on my own blog and you have persuaded me of the advantages of white.

    Comments email - I hate it when I go to reply and I get that "noreply" message. But maybe the disadvantage with Typepad asking for an email is that the people who refuse to link their email to their blogger account will also refuse to leave an email address with their Typepad comment and will go away without commenting..

    I'll continue reading reading wherever you decide to stay.

  5. I like your review- I am happy with blogger with the new interface - it seems easy - and using google chrome at home now (blogger persuaded me when they stopped "supporting" internet explorer fully but various people said it was better anyway) and so far (touch wood) haven't had any problems commenting etc. Typepad sounds a lot of hassle to be honest, and like you I am not a techno geek so I don't think I could cope....
    Oh, and I am now officially skint after Ally Pally - splurge was more like an explosion!!

  6. It's nice to see the pros/cons for both blog sites! I've had a few friends switch over, and then switch back. I'll be sticking with my Blogger, but whatever you choose, I'll be a reader not matter what!

  7. It has been interesting and rather entertaining watching you teeter totter backwards and forwards :)

    re the email address thing - you will only get the noreply thingummy on a blogger comment if the user has chosen not to share their email addy - so it's not really blogger's fault per se. Typepad insists on an email addy which may well put some people off commenting at all.

    Ah - I see Sian above has said pretty much the same thing :)

  8. much has been going on over here! Makes me feel like I've been asleep in some suspended hibernation or something....haha!

    So glad you ended up sticking with Blogger,'s all I know....and I don't like learning new tricks when I know other ways of doing the same thing :)

    Love ya!

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