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Chunky Steampunk ATC

Very quick post from me today - again, please excuse typo's as am just looking at my keyboard to avoid the screen making me retch. (Charming!)

A while ago I signed up to a Chunky ATC swap on UKScrappers. As with everything at the moment I got disgracefully late with my ATC but my swappee was very gracious and patient. My recipient was Chris and she wanted hers to be in a Steampunk theme like Graphic 45 and she likes grunge. Well, I must admit I do like looking at pictures of Steampunk but I had absolutely no idea what the 'rules' were when actually making Steampunk items. However grunge, well... like a pig in muck with the grunge theme I am! So this is what I came up with...

As you can see, I sort of latched on to Victorian and cogs...

The image is from a beautiful Itkupilli collage sheet entitled Lost Beauties. She has been over stamped, texture pasted and painted to within an inch of her life.

The back - more texture past, stamping and paint.

The whole thing was then absolutely smothered in Glossy Accents - hence the terrible pictures. Should have taken them pre-glossing.

I fear she ended up more of a grungey Goth than Steampunk. I did like the end result and was a bit sad to send her off in the end. I'm always glad when I feel like that and just hope she was what Chris had hoped for.

My sender was Jill. For my theme I had asked for either a Mojo buddy or something to do with Ravens/crows. This is what Jill sent me...

Isn't he fab? I love all that metal embossing. It's very tactile.

So there we go - I'm slowly, slowly coming out of this icky fog I've been in. Slowly catching up on things. Hopefully I'll be posting more soon.

If you're still with me, thanks for hanging around and as always, for stopping by :)


  1. Great chunky ATC's Carmen - really love the one you made for your swap partner and I am sure she will too - but the one you received is fab as well.
    Good to see you back again, hope you continue to recover and can get fully back in the swing of things!

  2. Love both chunky ATC's...your is perfectly steampunk!
    And I do like the raven one you received.
    Good to see you and fingers crossed your "poo" feeling will soon disappear.
    Hugs xx

  3. These are both fab. I'm loving the wickedly beady eye on that raven.

    Hope you keep on feeling better Carmen

  4. These are awesome! Hope you feel better soon - weirdly I was only thinking about you last night!! :/

  5. Wow ...I have never seen a chunky etc before ...and I love love love the one you created ....and the one you recieved is very you too. xx

  6. Gorgeous chunky ATC's both the sent and the received. Hope you are starting to feel a bit better soon - we're hanging on in their sweetie! Just get to feeling more like yourself real soon!

  7. I have never heard of a chunky ATC before! I love that it stands up on it's own and is a 3 dimensional cool!!

    I think you did a fanatastic job on yours!! From the image you chose to the glossiness of it...just really awesome!!

    Come back soon, okay? :)

  8. I am LOVING these chunky ATC's! Both you and Jill did a brilliant job :o)

    Missing you in Blogland, hope the screen stops making you feel icky soon.


  9. I adore steampunk! Don't worry the cogs are VERY steampunk :-) and i love the creation you received!! Amazing!!

  10. I adore it! I have never heard of chunky ATC's either. Love the colours and the cogs and the one you recieved back is great, especialy the crackly frame!
    Hope you feel better soon Carmen, sending lots of love x


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