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...On Monday. Oopsie!
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Well, my apologies for such a late posting. I've been a bit poorly and looking at a PC screen for to long is still making me nauseous. Thank you Virginia for your concerned email but no, I'm not off in a paint splashing delirium, more in a sickly nauseated befuddlement. Ah well. It 's not been a bad week - I just can't remember most of it as have been snoozing it away. So I guess I have to say that top of my Rocking List this week has been Craig and Devvie for taking care of house and home while I have been not exactly 'with it'.

Secondly on my Rocking list... (and really this is my favourite thing but thought I better show gratitude to my carers *g*) ... is the early birthday present Craig gifted me this week. Now, for weeks he has been hammering and sawing and generally being loud but very secretive out in the workshop. When we take tea out to him he either yelled through the door or opened it a crack demanding we leave it at the door. All very intriguing. He'd also emptied out the shed and turned that into an extension of his bird room so I just assumed he was trying to sneak more birds in without us seeing.

Anyway he comes in all excited one day asking me if I'm ready for my birthday present. Out he leads me to the workshop... and he has made me a stu-stu-studio! Can you believe it? He's halved the size of his bird room so I have a little room in between that and his office. The main door leads into my little room so I have lots of natural light and I also have a large daylight strip light above the desk!

(Ignore the dusty old hoover!) The desk is 6' long so that's how wide my little room is. I don't know if you can see down the side of the desk but he's even saved my huge bit of plywood that I rest canvasses on when I paint. I had it on the floor of my old stu-studio and am quite attached to that painty old bit of board - can't believe he saved it! We are going to tack up that bit of wire and then *gasp* I have a stu-stu-studio again! I also still have my little corner of the living room for my cleaner stuff and my PC. I love, love, love it! Can't believe how much work he's done and how thoughtful a gift it is. I officially have the best bloke in the World!

Birdy room...

Little peek the other way into Craig's office.

So, a short but perfect week for me last week. And looking ahead to this week brings a birthday cake baked by Devvie. Yum! She makes the best lemon drizzle cake you can imagine, don't care how sick I feel, I'll be having some!

Hope you've been having a good week. I'll be catching up slowly, slowly.

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  1. ooooohhhh...lemon drizzle caaaaake..... save me a bit :)

    your new stu stu studio looks fab!!!! and you'll have a nice soundtrack of tweets as you work :)

    I hope you feel better tomorrow for your burfday - have a good one!

  2. Oh not you with the sicky bug too - I'm trying hard to avoid it as everyone I know has either got it or had it! :(

    Oh I'm really jealous now of your stu stu studio. I'm still hogging the dining room table!

    Have a fabby birthday and fingers crossed you'll feel better with all that crafty stash that'll be heading your way :D

    Claire x

  3. Studio, that is SO EXCITING!!!! Have SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and feel better, too!


    Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly, I hope you feel better mighty quick. Lemon drizzle cake is well known for it's medicinal properties so make sure you eat LOTS!

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow, lovely girl :o)


  5. What a Sweetie that man of yours is! Giving you space for your creative endeavors is the best present ever.....and lemon drizzle cake certainly isn't shabby either :)

    Take care of yourself!

  6. You have to hand it to Craig - he is da man!! Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the lemon drizzle cake - that will surely help!.

  7. Oh Carmen, what a wonderful hubby you have! Your studio looks perfect! I am so excited for you!!!
    I hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful birthday this week, enjoy the lemon drizzle cake! x

  8. Fabulous hubby!!! Great birthday present...Happy Birthday from me xx
    So sorry you've been poorly - sending healing sparkles and hugs.xx
    p.s. You've still beaten me..I'll be posting on Wednesday..early or late? lol!!

  9. What a brilliant present! I hope you feel better for your birthday too. I've been feeling not too great myself, but I hope like me you'll get well soon

  10. Thats so bloody sweet :-) yay! Can i just many birds do you have?? :-P

  11. I will comment on this blog LOL - it wouldn't let me last night but now I have a cunning plan! I'm loving the new stu-stu-studio - it's an amazing gift, not only thoughtful but awesome that he managed to keep it a secret! Can't wait to see you splatting paint again.

    Sorry you've not been feeling great, hope you start feeling a little more normal really soon!

    How was the lemon drizzle cake - oooh - a homemade one of these is gonna be awesome, it's one of those I've never learnt to do!

    Hope you had an utterly gorgeous and fabulous birthday


  12. there is a horrid virus around that is doing this to alot of people hope your world has stopped spinning,

    your studio is adorable - you are well loved ( of course),

    take good care,


  13. Happy happy belated birthday! I hope you are feeling better now! Yep I think your hubs just won the awesomest dude ever award- jealous!!! Happy creating. You have a certain green lady coming you way on monday! (post office closed early today because it's saturday and I'm an idjit- sorry) Happy healthy creation vibes going your way!!!

  14. Happy belated Birthday wishes ...So many of us have our birthdays around this time ....hope you were able to enjoy the drizzle cake ...and what an amazing pressy from hubby. Seeing that you have not posted for a while I do hope you are not still unwell ...these bugs have been so bad this past few months ...and cling on.xx

  15. Me again ...meant to tell you that DIL to be, is selling comic pages from the 80's and 90's for craft work on etsy....thought of you as you think outside the box ...they are trying to grow a wedding fund lol.
    If you are interested, her blog is on my side bar ...'Dropped stitches ....' xx


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