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Happy Friday people :) Time for that positive look back on the week. Now... my week has been very, very positive. Very. But I can't tell you about a lot of it right at this time... that's a couple of secrets I've got now. Give me a few weeks and this one will be spilt and the other will be a bit later in the year. Oh but I am the worst secret keeper in the world. I am positively having to restrain myself mightily here - you have no idea! All good stuff. Good stuff indeed! A hint maybe? No. No. Behave. Big positive for this week.
Secondly. Focus. I am finding focus and realisation and it feels good. I am looking into ways to make things happen instead of sitting back and whinging that it isn't. 2012 is seriously the year of three point turns and crossroads and bumpy rides along untrodden tracks and any other cheesy quotes I might think of later... but all true. One is in a positive frame of mind at the moment. One is indeedy.
Thirdly, the eldest two Monsters went to stay with their Nanna this half term week which meant we got the house tidy! Yeah! Took all of half hour after them being home to trash it again mind you. But it was nice while it lasted, my corner is still tidy and will remain that way or dire consequences shall be enforced on the person or persons responsible. Fed up of my little Empire being the family dumping ground.

While the girls were away we went for a yummy Sunday carvery with my Dad and Ruby. We also went for an all you can eat breakfast on the day of picking them up. Wasted. Absolutely wasted on me. I managed a hot breakfast of mushrooms, baked beans, veggie sausage, tomatoes and scrambled egg... and was fit to burst. Usually at these things I can eat that, then some toast and cereals, maybe some fruit and yogurt and a muffin to top it off. My eyes were saying "WOWOWOWOW! FEED ME!" My belly was saying "I think not Sunshine, doors closed! Yer name's not down, yer not coming in!" So good news was, I enjoyed it, it was yummy. Better news is, either I have discovered my 'stop' switch and know when I am full now. Or having a smaller plate at dinner times has shrunk my tummy maybe? Either way - although wistfully looking at Craig and Ruby Pacman'ning their way through mountains of grub, I was secretly pleased with myself.

And last good thing about the girls being away - no bickering! *Bliss* I missed them, I love them to bits, but blimey can they argue!

Good thing about them being back? Devvie has been in the kitchen, baking all morning! Woohoo! Her cookies are out of this world - she's going to save me one to have as a snack later!
I've treated myself to a couple of books this week. One off Amazon (I love you Amazon *mwaaah, mwaaah* ) and one off eBay. Chuffed to bits with that one as it's £16ish on Amazon but the fella was doing a "make me an offer" thing on eBay and after a bit of haggling I got it for just over a tenner which included postage. (I still love you Amazon but am skint - so y'know, I had to cheat on you!) Both are books on illustration so am really looking forward to reading them. Plus I do like getting something for nothing. The Amazon book was purchased with vouchers from doing surveys and the eBay one through Paypal with pennies from recent magazine clear out! Win win!

So, seeing as I can't tell you most of what made my week so good - I reckon that's a pretty good list don't you? :D How was your week? If you'd like to play along, pop along to Virginia's and link up so we can all find you :)

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  1. I was just having a break from a spreadsheet at work when I saw you had Rocked already today - wow! Sounds like quite a week - Whatever your fabulous secrets are, they sound exciting and have certainly got you going - so I am thrilled for you. Love your restraint at the breakfast - good for you, I know it means much to you. All in all I reckon you deserve your treats - both the edible and literary!
    Great week - hope you get another one as positive next time too!
    Lotsalove, your blog buddy H.

  2. Hi Carmen, you are such a tease with your secrets, or am I just very nosey!? Anyway as you are so happy with them they must be good, so best of luck with whatever they are! Glad you have found your focus you seem to have a positive outlook on everything and thats really shining through, so well done you (can you help me find mine?!)
    Glad you managed to have a break from the bickering, I know exactly what thats like and enjoyed the peace of my weekend away! I hope you enjoy reading your new books, nearly hit buy on amazon this morning for the creative doodles unleashed book by Tracy Bauista (SP?) but just stopped myself in time, but I did notice that 2 others I'm interested in are being released soon, I don't know how restrained I will be then!
    Glad you had a great positive week.
    Have a great week Carmen x

  3. Ooooh, you are SUCH a tease!! Whatever these secrets are, they're making you happy so that's good enough for me for now :o) (but don't keep us waiting too long, eh?!).

    Sounds like a brilliant week, including your 'full up' gauge kicking in! I'm sure Craig and Ruby more than made up for your lack of nomming and so as a family you will have got your money's worth!!

    Ooh, new books, yummy. Bargain books without having to fork out more money, yummier. Enjoy.

    Well done for tidying up the house and your arting area - now go do some arting! (I tidied up my crafting place this week too, it's wonderful to have space to work and know where everything is).

    Have a great weekend,


  4. Glad you had a good week - lol @ your secrets tease!!! Happy to hear you found your full up switch, hubby is gonna buy me those books at the end of the month. Fingers crossed it works as well for me as it has you.

    Have a fab weekend.


  5. Ooh, can't wait to hear your secrets...must be good as you're positively buzzing with happiness!
    Well done on the food front too...I still can't tell when I'm full..and I keep craving chocolate..:(
    Make the most of your tidy craft area and those new books..they sound wonderful.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  6. I'm loving the happiness in this blog post - but secrets - secrets - I can't cope could it be... or could it be... or then again it could be ... - can't wait to find out which of these is right - or maybe it's all of them! A week without the girls bickering sounds fun although I know you'll have loved having them back even if they managed to mess the house up as they walked back through LOL.

    Loving the fact you've found your full button, smaller plates at home will certainly have helped on that front sweetie.

    Sending you all hugs as always

  7. I wish I could find my full up switch ...I have heard my 'do you really want it' voice but often the answer is YES. lol
    My head is getting there and I am feeling more posative getting ready to start to eat healthier ...I really need some smaller plates for portion control.
    Isn't it wonderful when the house is quiet ... just for a few days.

  8. Still wondering about your secrets!! Shame on you for making me crazy like this!!

    Proud of you on the watching what you eat front! It feels good to take back control :D

    Glad you had a fantabulous week!
    Love you much,

  9. Its rude to keep secrets you know??? :-P I'm so happy you are feeling positive :-)

  10. I also have little (loving) monsters that muss up the house for me, and bicker to boot. I am always so happy to pick them up from school, but at the end of 15 minutes in the car with non-stop bickering and snide comments to one another, I race for the door!

    Can't wait for the reveal of what exciting things are going on with you. My curiosity is truly piqued. What could it be?

    I saw the Drawing Lab book on your sidebar. My daughter got that for Christmas. Perhaps I need to go in and borrow that for myself. Looks good!

  11. yay for secret happy things :) I hope you will be in a position to tell all soon though, because I'm nosey :)

    have a great week...


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