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Happy Friday people. It's been a gloriously sunny day here... flipping cold but gloriously sunny. Gorgeous blue skies that make the last remaining bit of snow sparkle and look pretty. On the walk to nursery today Ruby and I stopped at this open expanse of field we walk past (bitingly cold wind whips across there but never mind...) and watched the bunnies finding the little patches of grass in the melting snow. There are signs every where that spring is on the way, little shoots peaking through. My Mums mini daffodils are growing big and strong. The tub she planted them in sits outside our door, I'll never throw that tub away. No matter how decrepit it gets. Because those things come back in more abundance each and every year and I know she planted them. It's like a little visit from her each time they come back - that may sound daft but green fingered I ain't, so this is a mini miracle each year for me.
Daddy and Ruby time. I love this picture. They are so engrossed in their Tracey Beaker game, Daddy slightly miffed that Ruby wont let him play Deadly Dash... another CBBC game, I hasten to add! Daddy also cuddling Lola and Baby quite happily :)

You just know she has him wrapped round her little finger, right? We all know who the real Boss of this house is!
I'm loving Olay Gentle Cleanser this week, it's taming the pizza like crater that my face had become. Honestly I was getting zits where I never knew you could get them! Behind my ears, in my hair - I think it was this new healthy eating plan - talk about bring out the impurities. But Olay wash has brought them back under control and there is just one lingering offender on my neck refusing to give up that final fight now. Love that stuff!
Really, really loving that I am managing to do at the very least my 10 minutes of creativity a day. Usually a fair bit more. I'm loving drawing every day, even though I feel so rusty. It's like meeting up with an old friend again. Really loving it -it's making me wonder if I am daft to think I can make this more than a hobby or if I should just try. Some of you have been really responsible in making me think on that too. So, thank you :)

This video that Nicky sent me the link to last week. Just love it - I keep watching it. Am very jealous. Also I think I neeeeed those watercolours!

A gorgeous surprise in the post from Donna. It's a beautiful technique book filled to the brim with goodies. No matter how hard I try I can't get a decent picture so I have blatantly stolen the video showing it from Donna's blog. I hope you don't mind Donna...

I don't feel deserving - A thousand thank you's Donna, it's just even more gorgeous up close!
Half term week is officially here :) I do look forward to this. Where Ruby is only at school for half a day till September it really breaks the day up, in some ways I can't believe my baby is starting big school this year but in other ways I'm looking forward to reclaiming the day!

How has your week been? If you fancy joining us, why not pop over to Virginia's and link up.

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  1. Shall pop back and watch the vids later..when I haven't just had two glasses of!
    Lovely week of pleased you're being creative on a daily basis.
    Enjoy the weekend and half term with your girls.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. love the photo of Ruby and Daddy..he looks so sweet cuddling those he won't thank me for that description..:)

  2. That picture is awesome! Such a cute daddy/daughter moment (mine argue over games too, lol)

  3. I love the pic of your girl and her Daddy together...precious moments :)

    As for the! I can't believe he just draws directly on the page with india ink and a nib pen! Amazing!
    Lucky you owning that very cool book, too!!

    I bet those little daffodils are beautiful...what a pretty reminder of your Mum watching over you :)

    Much love,

  4. Ahhhhh, look at Daddy cuddling up to baby and Lola, bless him. And look at the madam with the pointy finger telling him what to do! She's learnt early, hasn't she?! Sweet photo capturing a precious moment.

    I'm LOVIN' your crusty canvas - very 'you'. Great colours, texture and, of course, quote.

    I'll be back later to look at Donna's book. I've seen the Danny Gregory vid - how telented. It looks soooooo easy!

    Of course your Mum drops by to check up on her daffs, she knows she can't trust you to look after them properly ;o) Such a lovely reminder (as if you need one) every year.

    Have a great weekend,


  5. Fabulous post as always Carmen, loving that you are managing your 10 minutes of creativity per day, will check out the videos later! That photo of Ruby and Craig sooooooooooo needs to be scrapbooked - awesome stuff, I love photos like that - they capture the real moments!

    Also love the thought of the daffodils, my brother has moved into a house he's renting from my Aunty and outside is this huge fuschia bush that she has nurtured lovingly over the years because it was one given to her by my Dad he'll have been gone 23 years this April!

    Sending you much love as always to you and yours, hope you have a great half term break!

  6. you are deserving,

    and I have a soft spot for gypsies tramps and thieves
    being all three myself,

    oh and jewish on my maternal side (which is the one that counts)


  7. Btw, I hear you about that paper blending technique! I'm onto it, right?!!


  8. I totally agree with the "tub of bulbs". Years and years ago, my friend's mother was moving and she had planted a whole hillside with blue irises and since she knew I love to garden, she encouraged me to dig up as many as I could. I planted them all in my front yard, and when we moved I dug up a bunch and moved them to my new backyard. Every Spring they pop up all over the place, and I think about my Mom's friend, who has since passed away, but will always be remembered.

    I'll have to give the Olay a try - I'm breaking out all over my chin and around my mouth. Never before and I'm in my 40's. What's going on? Thanks for the tip!

    Have a great week

  9. I'm hoping you have a wonderful half term with time for some creativity every day! I love that photo - there's a Dad who knows what's good for him!


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