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Oops, I missed a week didn't I? Not quite sure where the time is going. I've not been online much apart from the odd Facebook game here and there (Tetris has captured me again!) I seem to have had a slight disenchantment with the T'internet this week. No specific reason... couldn't tell you why. Am slowly being lured back now - it always does doesn't it? Like a Siren call.

So the last couple of weeks, what made me smile?

Well, this little Monster. Her sense of humour gets more wicked and sarcastic every day. She just makes me larf. The other day she was all serious, tucking her long tunic dress into her leggings and pulling the waistband of her leggings right up under her armpits. Then, stifling giggles, she parades in front of me saying "look Mummy, I'm Daddy!" Yes, guess who does all that with his jimjams - maybe not quite to the extent she portrayed! But still! Talk about roar with laughter. And he will kill me for putting that on here! *Titter*

This is her during the week. She wanted to work in her book. I've shown you that before haven't I? I love her book, and it's still going strong, fatter than ever. I'll have to ask her if I can take some new pictures. This was her after she had left her book to dry and moved on to mine!

The GI Diet I've been doing using a couple of Rick Gallop books. I am finding it so easy and after starting just last Thursday, I've lost 9lbs. (Sorry Jo, my one cheat - I have to peep every morning. Slap my wrists.) My ankles... I can see my ankles and with some definition for the first time in ages. I can't remember the last time they weren't swollen. I've not fallen asleep during the day since I've been on this either - I was constantly tired before - scarily so. Literally, zero energy. I'm still tired around 10pm now but I'm starting to think that's maybe the normal time people start to get tired?

These are some muffins I made today. So yummy, so huuuge and taste so naughty... and yet these count as a snack! Which I have to have three of a day! Maybe not muffins each time, might get boring, though I doubt it.

Yep - absolutely loving this plan at the moment and the benefits after just a week.
We bought Devvie that Journal Spilling book over there on the sidebar for Christmas. Thought it might help with the teenage phase, maybe she could use it to 'spill' some teenage angst. Geddit? Was chuffed to bits when she asked if I wanted to work through it with her. So that's what we've been doing, a couple of nights a week. When the other two Monsters are in bed. We set up and try out some of the techniques in our books. It's lovely just to sit and chat and paint. We've both decided we're not really into the verbal spilling part but we are enjoying making pages and pages of colour. She's going to use her book as a pre-prepared base to scrapbook and journal memories in. This makes me happy indeed.

Talking of Devvie, she had a lovely parents evening. Teachers sung her praises, each one saying she was credit to us and just needs to start believing in herself. She's on the right track in everything, just needs to believe she is and trust her instincts.
Oh, nearly forgot this one. Last week Craig saw Mr Silver Crow again. Not down on the main road where we usually see him but... on the bit of road that leads into our close!! Can you believe it? He tried to get a picture but the camera on his phone is rubbish. I don't care how daft I look or how wacko it sounds. I'm claiming that bird as my good luck omen! Official! I think I would have a heart attack if he landed on our bird table. We have had a few crows.
I would say my big clean up has been a huge success but it kind of petered out when I got to the 'it has to get worse before it gets better' stage. So now it's just at the worse stage. Oops. Over the weekend my mission is to get sorted with that and to catch up on my bloggy friends. Feels like ages.
eBay. On three counts. First of all for helping me raise pennies towards my stash. Had a bit of a magazine clear out and now have a bit set aside for paint when I need it. Secondly for the vanilla and coconut body spray I found on there. A huge Victoria Secrets bottle at a bargain price, even better because Craig paid. Thanks Craig :) Also to the seller who, when my litre tub of Gesso arrived damaged, sent a replacement without a quibble and within days. I've become quite down about eBay of late - so many people try to rip Craig off on there, quite blatantly falsely claiming back money for goods not received, and it's a horrible side of human nature. It's nice when you stumble across the good pockets of people on there.
Right, as always I'm sure I've forgotten stuff but I'll say goodbye for now. How have you been? Fancy joining in? Then pop on over to Virginia's and link up so we can all find you.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Ah bless you I was getting worried, but i know sometimes we all like to catch our breath and walk away from the PC once in a while! Loving the photo of little Monster - those painty hands are superb - definitely a photo worth scrapbooking! the idea of you and Devon enjoying girly time at night practising new paint techniques - wonderful stuff - can't asking for better Mum and daughter time!

    I'm so glad the gi diet is going well - 9lbs in such a short space of time is amazing, keep up the good work - it's obviously working wonders for you and making you feel better in yourself. Out of interest what are the muffins they look very tasty!

    Loving the silver crow is seeking you out in your new home!

    I felt sad that people try and rip people off on e-bay what happened to good old fashioned honesty! But woo-hoo for e-bayers that appreciate that accidents happen and they sent you knew gesso!

    Sending you hugs hope you all have a fabulous weekend

  2. Gret to see you back and hear about your week. Love the Monster's painty hands! It is really lovely that they create alongside you. Keep it up with the diet - sounds likes it's really helping. i'm always tired by 10 (I do get up at stupid o'clock though!)
    Take care, catch up soon.

  3. Wow! Lots of great positives for you this week, yay! NINE pounds lost too, go you! Cakes on a diet? Thats my kind of diet! ;)

    Regarding ebay, I have started sending everything recorded now so folks can't start claiming non arrival. I got one numpty this week that didn't look IN the box I sent and said I had sent him the wrong thing when I reused a box that had something else in it! Some people eh?

  4. Hooray for 9lbs! Well done you, and it's fab that you're feeling so good on it too. The muffins look yum. The painty handed monster looks so cute. Well done to Devvie for the teacher comments. Funny how they say she needs to start believing in herself, I wonder where she gets that from......?! Mmmmm, vanilla and coconut body spray, I bet you smell good enough to lick/eat (maybe that's Craig's thinking too).

    Good luck with the sort out - you'll feel good when it's done. Don't leave it for too long or you'll stop seeing it as a mess until someone else pops round and you suddenly see your house for the rubbish tip that it is (I speak from experience)!

    ps Journal Spilling looks interesting. I've got a teenager with a bit of angst at the moment, maybe I should get it for her.

  5. Fab week hun!!! Glad you and Devvie are spending time together. My brother bought Ellie a Wreck This Journal for Christmas and I have to say she's loving it and brings it down to show me when she's done something new to it.

    Defo going to try the diet now - mmmm cake said in my best Homer S voice :D

    I'm afraid I stopped eBaying for that very reason. If I post anything now it goes recorded delivery. Such a shame that the greedy few wreck it for the majority. :( Glad you've had a few positives out of it this week anyway.

    Have a fab weekend. I'm off to play with some new stash acquired from Bluewater.

    Claire xxx

  6. Well done Carmen for losing 9lbs, how amazing is that! I really really must get the book, thanks so much for sending me the link.
    I am glad your crow is still around and I am sure he is your good luck omen! I have a robin in my garden who always appears just when Im down or pondering something!
    Love the painty hands on little monster and I must say her book is looking great! Another Art journaller in the making, I bet she picks up loads of tips from her mum! Also must be lovely to spend quality time with Devvie doing something you both love.
    I hope you have a great week Carmen x

  7. What a wonderful photo ...the perfect child ...cute and messy lol Congrats again on the weight loss must look this book up.

  8. Oh i do love to read your rocking my world :-) I think I should get that journal spilling book thingy as I am so bad at letting my inner creative person ooouuuttttttt :-P

  9. A great week Carmen..apart from the "worse before it gets better".....told you I daren't even start on mine!
    How lovely that you've had creative time with your girls...I did have with the boy but that involved me buying myself a Warhammer regiment and painting all female regiment of course!
    The muffins look delish and I'm hoping to try them next week.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  10. I loved reading about your creative time with your girls this week. They are going to remember that forever.

    Fab news on the weight loss :)

  11. I read your post and smiled from start to finish :) You are having such lovely family time! So good when your kids like the to be involved with what we are interested in. I seem to be glued to the internet these days between swaps and challenges. Feels like I am letting people down if I don't comment oh and ebay to...... Only tried selling once that worked ok. All my sellers have been good to! hate the way I end up having to bid to get things though. Good to know you have been away doing good things, hurrah for 2012 turn around year! Hello to Silver Crow *wave*

  12. I can't believe how much Ruby has changed! I really must get myself organised and come down and see you all, it's been too long!!

  13. awww I love that messy hands photo :)

    and well done you on that 9lb loss, the muffins look yum!!

    have a fab week!

  14. sod the tinterweb spend time with those girls...hee hee

    mwah ha ha

    of course I do worry when you go quiet so the occasional rocking Friday is much appreciated...


  15. I need to read that book of yours....I'm sure there is a lot of crossover to the low carb plan I'm doing...
    ....but you get to eat those muffins *wiping drool off of chin* ....that sounds good to me....can't do that now!

  16. Carmen you are so firing me up to get on my bike again! I'm not sure what the specific diet it is you are mentioning but WOW talk about spectacular results!!! I remember the previous post with a link to the diet plan- off to go check it out forthwith!
    PS- I laughed aloud at your hubby story! KEUUTE photos as well!


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