Drawing lab - Lesson 2

Lesson 2 - Blind contour drawing. Blind contour being - you don't look at what you are drawing but at your subject. Your pen reproduces what your eyes see as they move over your subject... supposedly...

Can you tell what it is yet?

Hmmm. Again, I think I see the point of this lesson, letting go and noticing more. I don't think I am very good at it though.

If you want to work through the lessons in Drawing Lab with the rest of us, be sure to pop over to Paint Myself Pretty and link up each week. Check on Cameron's sidebar for the lessons linked to so far. I promise a review of this book is coming... and a couple others. Have been reading lots but am all over the place at the moment. (Nothing new there then!)

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  1. I'd say that's a giraffe....some of them are better than others - but all are way better than I'd achieve....
    Glad you like "lonely girl" - I love her! Thanks for liking my journalling efforts!

  2. Hey, Salvador Dali drew like this on purpose....and he was considered a genius...haha!
    Fun to see what was on the paper when you finally looked....I think you have some great ones in there!

  3. I think you're very good at it actually - I really like what you've done. I love donkeys (ha ha!!).

  4. Gosh, you got all the eyes in the right place and everything!!! Soooo much better than I would have done...believe me :D

  5. Course we can tell what they are! You're better at drawing than you give yourself credit for Carmen. Looks like a fun project.

  6. Could tell what they were straight away from your fantastic drawing!! Looks like a good practice exercise x

  7. Its a giraffe its a giraffe - blimey hun where we you when you were drawing LOL!

  8. ohhh these are gorgeous! I like the skinny one one the left... they look all great and each sketch is recognize as an giraffe ;-) great

  9. You can deffo tell they are giraffes!! How did you find it? I found it hard and was pretty amazed with the results haha!!

  10. Great job Carmen. I liked that book, but like you I'm not sure I got a lot out of it but it was fun looking at all the ideas she has. A great book to just get you doing something creative.

  11. It irritates the bejesus out of me when people only give a person half a lesson,

    the picture you end up with SHOULD look very strange.

    what you should learn is that if you look at what you see you draw what you see,

    if you look at your paper you only draw the memory of what you think you saw. Your contours will be very accurate if you follow the line of the real contour with your eye and let your pencil recreate every bump and lump, rarely will you see a smooth line, the nuances of a contour are what takes a good sketch from good to great. Look at the contour line of your favorite subject in your fav painting - it will have a very striking contour that you may never have noticed before - that means you are training your eye to 'see'.

    It is a lesson in observation, to take ten times longer looking than drawing.

    instantly you can tell you are reproducing an image of giraffes, and your 'eye' and 'hand' have got very good proportion.

    So there.

    I think it is magnificent - just like you


  12. ps I think there are some blind contour drawings in my life study section on the web if you wanna look....so you can see that they are not anything except an exercise.....i'll check they are there,, if not I'll load them later... - you will need feedback on your work to grow as much as you want to...choose a critique mentor you trust and believe your heart when you 'feel' you are on track (how are you doing catching up on the classes?)

  13. It's probably gonna get me an eye roll but those are awesome! I like the unstudied look they have. I'm gonna try this!!!!


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