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Drawing Lab - Lesson 1

Evening all :)

Cameron over at Paint Myself Pretty has set herself the task of working through Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim and is calling for people to join her. The book contains 52 creative exercises - to last you a year. This is my take on lesson 1. The idea is to set yourself up, preferably in bed, leaning on a pillow or your duvet, and draw around 30 cats. Well, when I go to bed I'm making Zzzzzzzzz's before my head hits the pillow. What I did do was lean on a sofa cushion and switched between using my dominant and non-dominant hand.
Strangely, I preferred the cats I did with my non-dominant hand and so used these to re-draw and add some colour. I used my watercolour paints.

I like that they're a little bit wibbly wobbly and scraggly - they look like they have attitude to me. I can see why it is suggested - it certainly makes you think less and just draw.

What do you reckon - fancy playing along? I'll be doing a full review on my thoughts about the book in a day or two - almost finished reading it.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oooh, I have that book on my Amazon wishlist......... suspect I may play along and will wait with baited breath your verdict (cos I trust you for an honest gal opinion!). Then it will be stay or delete time!

  2. Brayden and I have been threatening to work through that book and I always do an exercise or two and then put it away again. This is very tempting.

    Man, I wish I had an ounce of your drawing skills. You're really, really good.

    Love your cats. They're marvelously varied and full of personality.

  3. This is one you will have to do without me!! When I say I can't draw for toffee, I really mean it, dominant or non dominant hands - I tried to draw some holly leaves at Christmas - well, what a disaster!!
    I adore your cats, they are fantastic. Enjoy the book it sounds fun (even to a non -draw-er like me!)

  4. I LOVE these Carmen!!! They are absolutely adorable in all their stretching, napping and scruffy glory!!!
    Oh, Thank you for doing this with me.....I'm actually looking forward to all the exercises now rather than seeing them as a chore :D


  5. Wow-these cats are gorgeous!!

  6. Your cats are well better than my cats!!

  7. What a great project and you are very good at drawing cats in so many different positions. Will be interested in seeing what other subjects you will be drawing in this series.

  8. wow your cats are crazy gorgeous! love their "pulled right out of the water"-look ;-)

  9. Love the cats! Like Helen, this is one I won't be joining in - I honestly can't draw....however, I am practising my doodling.
    Hugs xx

  10. Your cats made me smile, I love 'em!! How clever that you can draw like that using your left hand, wowzers! You know your wibbly wobbly scraggly cats? They look just like Cally Cat!!

    I'm not going to join in with this, although it is a brilliant idea to do it as a group. I've just got too much to do and can't contemplate anything new.


  11. Love the cats.. and with your non dominant hand?? wow... sounds like a lot of fun.. but tooo many things on the go already.. will be interesting to see what you do with it though..
    `*.¸.*´Happy Valentine's Day

  12. Wow ...I love those cats and the coloured in ones would make great characters in a story book....xx

  13. I have this book on my wishlist at amazon, will have to save up some pennies and order it! i love the cats they do look like they have attitude!
    Have missed some of your posts while I was away so have just caught up. Loved the photo of Ruby and Daddy, such a sweet shot. Your what I wore today drawings are fantastic and a great rocking post this week Carmen! Hopefully I will be back in the game this friday! x

  14. wonderful cats! they look like the members of a really mean street gang :) any chance you might consider joining us at our next retreat? it would be wonderful to finally meet up irl :)

  15. one of the girls in our life class always uses her non dominant hand - it works for people who 'overthink' their art, a bit like turning the page upside down and drawing upside down when you want to engage the right side of your brain - you have to stop doing what your teachers taught you to do with your left brain (most things we make school kids do)

    the non dominant cats are fab

    I have yet to try it, my dominant hand wont giv eup the brush...

    however some of my 'best' work is done holding brushes in each hand and working with both at the same time...doing different things on the canvas

    ha aha _ I didn't want that to sound bigheaded...

    ha ha


  16. Hmmm, I have that book...I might just have to play along. I love that you said it looks like the cats have an attitude. Its been my experience that most cats have an attitude ;) Regardless, love them all but the ones you colored in are super fab!

  17. I missed these earlier but i absolutely love your style of cats!

  18. Just revisiting your post now that I have made a start on this. your cats are approximately a zillion trillion times better than mine :)

  19. I agree...I love your non-dominant hand cats! I'm amazed at how many types of cats folks are coming up with!


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