Rocking My World Friday...

Good evenink Friday Rockers. I hope your week has been to your liking? Mine? Well - read on by jove, read on!

First up a couple of video's. See, just one of the many, many, many reasons I love crows...

...and secondly, Christopher Walken reading Where The Wild Things Are... seriously, I cannot tell you how much I love this!

The Walkman my Dad got me for Christmas, am still figuring it out but at least can listen to music on it now. I forgot how different music sounds, how fabulous, how wonderful when played through earphones. It's been to long.

Braille paper received from the amazing Gauche Alchemy girls. I love this stuff. No, really, I L.O.V.E this stuff. If I could use it on everything I would - I have a very special project in mind for this...

They sent me a nice little stash to keep me going, how fabby of them? I would share but... I don't wanna. To get your own, head over to their store here. This is mine all mine all mine all mine!
Talking, proper talking with him I love. It''s good to talk, it really is.
A friend on Facebook mentioning how well she was doing on a low GI health plan. It's spurred me on to get my bum in gear and get healthy. I had tried again with Slimming World but, don't know, been having a mental block there. I've ordered a couple of GI books off of Amazon and shall give it a crack. It's apparently very good for helping if you have diabetes so am assuming it would help to ward it off too.
Amazon Recommends. My but you are a tease Amazon. Why do I visit my recommendations page every day? Why? So many books, so little cash. Am an addict... for art & craft books in particular. Blimey there's some yummy ones out and coming out. Don't you think Amazon should sweeten the recommends with a freebie now and again? I do! Silly how much pleasure I get just sitting leafing through them though and then the reviews and then back to the books. Sorting out which ones will go on the wishlist today... am I mad? Amazon, look what you've done to me!
Lastly, just a general air of... I don't know... that I'm talking less and actually doing stuff? In every way from creating, to my health... Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely.

So, how has your week been? Good I hope. Why not drop by Virginia's and see the rest of the Rockers, maybe join in?
* * * *

This next bit is for Sam who mentioned on my last WOYWW post that she couldn't properly see my sketchbook/journal wotsit. So here it is - as I say, I doubt it classes as an art journal... portable scrapbook maybe? Visual journal... Whatever, I just stick stuff in, doodle...

The book is a handmade one, a gift from my sister - she bought it in the famous London famous I forget the name. But it was from a lady selling handmade books. I love it but was scared to use it for the longest time!

The writing on the first page is where I've copied out the quote that has inspired me so much this year. The other page is another one I really like. The feather is a gift from a crow on our bird table :)

The doodle I did ages ago and will maybe cover up, maybe add to. See how I feel. The flower was a card I received. I doodled over it, liked the shapes.

Another doodle from ages ago. Oh - I thought I took a couple more piccies. Must not have uploaded... and being a tea fiend I do now need to go get a cuppa.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. Glad you're having a good week. I love, love, love your journal and I love your doodles too! Good luck with the diet - I've started Slimming World again this week in a vain attempt to lose that elusive stone! Claire xxx

  2. Wahey you made it on a Friday (but you do always make it ;) I love your surfing crow video. I also need to hold my hand up and say my name is Wendy and I too can spend ages going through the recommendations on Amazon and adding oodles of books to my wishlist, especially when I can look inside the book........Your journal looks great I am glad you plucked up the courage to start using it. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Gorgeous journal it human skin mwahahaha......:D XXX

  4. Good week, Carmen! LOVE that journal - no wonder you were scared to use it... I'd still be looking at it! Hope the diet goes ok.

  5. What a happy happy Rocking Friday post, Carmen! I ADORE the crow clip - just showed it to Hope who just kept on saying, "Oh my god, oh my god...." And as for the book reading - how funny is that?! The descriptions of the illustrations are hysterical, love it. Good luck with the weight loss, I'm still in denial. Super super journal, you lucky thing. Like Gina says though, is it human skin??! Nothing would surprise me ;o) My favourite page is the crow page - he left you a feather especially for it, awwwww.

    Wishing you a fab weekend,


  6. haha awww i love reading your thingy on a friday :-D and yes i whole heartedly agree that Amazon should give you a freebie now and again!!

  7. HI Carmen - the crow clip is simply genius, listening to Mr Walken as I type - also simply genius LOL! The picture he paints in your head is amazing. Good luck on the weight loss side of things once the books arrive, let us know how you are doing. I adore your journal book - utterly gorgeous - what a fabulous present, but I soooooooooooo get the issue over starting it - I've got one like that and I've only managed one page in it up to now LOL

    I too love my amazon recommendations - always fun to read through even if they do occasionally throw me a curve ball that I didn't expect. I hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend

    Much love

  8. FINALLY! I bought you that ages ago, I thought you might cave and give it to Pheebs. It was Camden Market if I recall, from a lovely lady who had a stall full of books in different sizes and design.

    I keep meaning to go back and get another one, mebbe if I have time after Super Comicon, I'll see what goodies they have... :D

  9. What a lovely Friday post Carmen. And thanks for sharing the vids...gotta love the crow!
    So know how you feel about the handmade journal....I too have one that I daren't open...yet!
    As for Amazon....well, since I used my account for course books for the boy and Sci-fi for recommendations are super weird!! Totally agree they should give us the odd freebie!
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  10. Super super journal goodness! Thank you for the close ups! The journal is fantastic, I bought a leather one with a similar catch on it but I have not been brave enough to do anything in it yet! Its too pretty to mess up! Love your pages, especially the crow one with the feather...and the stamp is great too!!!!!!
    My Amazon recomendations are full of Jackie Wilson books, science and physics books and now bowling balls thanks to my hubby and kids! I was looking at art books the other day but there are so many I couldn't decide which one to spend the last of my xmas pennies on.
    Good luck with your GI books. I have one as I was told it was a good diet for people with PCOS but because I am veggie I found it difficult!
    Have a great week x

  11. That Crow is amazing ! What fun he is having and giving a good show too !

  12. That video is the shiznit!!! I wanted to see it on FB but I don't have Flash- thank ggodness I swung by here. McDuck Feet- that's gonna have me laughing for WEEKS! The journal pages are looking great! Love the "I'm a zombie" graphic- that's mw to a T. ;)

  13. Your journal is gorgeous! The look of the texture of the pages makes me want to reach out and touch it.

  14. i have no time to comment i'm off to gauche...


    I can see

    take me with you...


  15. Love your journal ...and the creativity inside ...I understand why you held off from using it ...I'd want to stroke it lol

    Thank you for dropping by ...nice to know you are there ...I love my special cyber friendsxx

  16. That journal has to be from Camden, they have a few stalls there selling them. I like the ones with big doll heads embedded in the leather.

    Glad you are having a more doing stuff than talking about it week - they are my favourites - so much more satisfying to actually BE productive than to think about being productive :)

    that crow is cute!

  17. I saw that crow sledding earlier....fantastically sly clever!!

    Thank you, thank you for sharing parts of your journal/sketch/scrapbook with us!! It's brilliant....just random bit s creatively jotted down or saved for later! It makes me really want to have one too!!!

    I'm in serious Carmen withdrawal....
    What can we do about that?
    Wanna do a swap yet?


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