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Rocking My World Friday...

On Sunday. Sorry. Sorry. Where are the days going? Honestly! I have a teeny excuse in that I've had a weird bug for a couple of days that rendered me even more cotton wool brained than usual and full of lethargy and nausea. Feeling a lot better now but still - aren't the days just flying past?

So, am making myself sit down and do my Rocking post before I blink and it's next Friday.

First up - Herbert. Who is Herbert? Herbert is this cute little zombie...

He arrived on my doorstep during the week, sent by Carol, the ressurector of the woolly undead. Isn't he fab? He's going to sit on my bedside table for when my night-time reading gets a little to scary! Thank you Carol.

During my WOYWW wanderings last week, spotting my blog open on someone else's laptop. That someone else was Carolyn and she was mid-WOYWW-hop as she took her photo. Still it filled me with glee. Yes, these little things make me happy!

I treated myself to this. Isn't it cute? What do you mean "what is it?"

It's a little kneadable eraser. In it's own plastic box to keep it clean in your case!! In. It's. Own. Box! Shut up - I'm allowed to love it! I actually had it on my wishlist for a while before deciding maybe I'm being a bit to strict on my stash ban.

The Gauche Alchemy girlies are high on my list this week. I've been thinking for a while about resigning my post on the design team. My head has not been in the right place and I was getting behind and late on my commitments and didn't want to be forever emailing with apologies and holding them back. So I resigned my post this week and said goodbye in the newsletter. My baby. (Are you signed up? If not, why not? Do it here!) They've been amazing, I totally love all of them and Gauche Alchemy itself. They couldn't have been more understanding - or more flattering and ego boosting - always nice! I already miss them and they haven't fully locked me out of the inner workings yet. There's the part of me wondering if I've made a mistake and the part of me knowing that I need to do this spring clean of mind, body, soul etc. (Remember my resolutions?) Who knows, in a little while, maybe they'll let me go grovelling back.

Stamps. Of the postal kind. Have you seen the new Roald Dahl stamps? Now I'm not a stamp collector but I do love stamps that have art work on. I've never bought a set but have been known to steam them off when I come across them. I'd love a set of the Horror movie poster ones that were around a while ago - managed to salvage a couple of Dracula's off of some jiffy's and got a Rocky Horror one on a book a while ago... but anyway I digress... Much excitement when I saw the new set coming out. Love Quentin Blake illustrations and was chuffed to bits when, with much amusement, Craig went and got me a set.

So, the question is am I brave enough to use them in my art or my journal or do I keep them all pristine (part of me thinks that isn't likely!)

So, lets think, what else? Am grateful that I'm feeling better after that bug during the week, for doing tiny amounts of creativity here and there, for all the blogs I follow that keep me feeling inspired, for my family, for my health - as ratty as it may be, for seeing my sister excited about the upcoming comic-con in London - it's been a while since I've seen her like that and it is lovely. For my ratbag girls who in equal parts annoy the Hell out of me and make me laugh, usually all within the space of the same few minutes. For Craig's Mum and her competitive streak on Facebook games, for just being alive.

How about you? How's your week been? To play along just click here to link up with Virginia (for this was her idea) or click the big picture at the top of this post ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I wondered where you were - thought that life might be getting in the way (as it does), so sorry you've been poorly. Loving your knitted zombie! Loving the idea of seeing your blog on someone else's laptop when you are WOYWW - glad the girls are keeping you busy and happy and liking the gift from your other half - I wasn't aware of the stamps until you mentioned!

    Right back to the crafting table - I'm attempting to make male cards - it's not going well - it's not going well at all LOL!

  2. Glad you are feeling better, Caleb was a bit iffy yesterday so I stayed away from him as a bunch of us are going to the mainland tomorrow for a much awaited gig..Im such a good mum aren't I!!!!
    Your zombie is great and I want one of those rubbers in the case!
    Hard decision to make with Gauche, but, I bet you wowed them so much they'd take you back in a heartbeat if you started groveling!See how you feel in a few months, sometimes we just take too much on and something has to give.
    The stamps are fun, I haven't seen them before, our post office is still selling the xmas ones!
    Have a great week x

  3. Oooooh oooh ooh I've heard about those erasers, supposed to be very good - let me know. Am delighted you posted about the stamps we are massive Quentin Blake (and Roald Dahl) fans in this house. Saw an exhibition in London a few years back and we were meant to be going to one near us in Warwickshire last December but it was a weekend of illness instead........
    More sleep has been had (only after a really really rubbish night - up blogging at 3:30 because couldn't sleep! last night was blissful.....). We have a date (but after have some bad news phone call (it wasn't bad more slight delay)) it may move a tad.......Fingers crossed I will be shouting aloud in a couple of weeks :D
    Hope the bug stays away sounds blurggh. Like your hug a monster!

  4. I have many things in my head, a atory is just one of them!!!!

    I was proud of you, to see you were brave enough to cut back on commitments so you can focus, that is much harder than doing loads of things you love, and let's face it; are ego boosters,

    resigning is hard, and if you try new stuff it may not work first time but not getting time to learn new things/develop your skills would leave you right where you are rather than take you forward.

    Always you can go back, because you burn no bridges,

    but ain't it nice to move forward rather than stand still or run away back to the safer places?

    have you made your emo?


  5. story - I have no idea what an atory is

  6. Glad you're feeling better hun. Lovin' your wooly zombie :D xx

  7. Ohh, thanks for the link! Tis always welcome and exciting.

    Love those stamps, think I may be tempted to treat myself to them. Roald Dahl is one of my favourites. I still read many of those books.

  8. Great read as always, don't know why I didn't see this yesterday, so I'm sorry I'm late stopping by! Hope you feel loads better now, and the postage stamps are gorgeous! Use them, Keep them, Use them - hell I don't know either...

  9. Ugh, sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly-yuk. Not nice. Hope you soon feel bright and bouncy.

    I love Herbert, cute zombie, nice zombie (please don't eat me zombie!). Is it not a bit ocd to have a kneadable rubber in its own little box? Just saying.......;o) And re GA, it's the right decision for you right now - see how you feel in a while, I'm super sure the girls would love to have you back. Enjoy the extra time and make sure you do with it what you plan to do - don't fill that gap with housework!

    (I LOVED the snowboarding crow clip btw, absolutely brilliant!)


  10. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better :) It's freezing here today and my Mum always says that the really cold days freeze the bugs away. Let's hope so!

    The stamps are gorgeous. For me it'll be like the Dahl birthday cards I bought and then couldn't bear to send..

  11. Pleased you're feeling better Carmen.
    Love your gratefuls this week...cute zombie! Can zombies be cute?
    Loving the idea of an eraser in its' own box....the stash ban is getting to me too..:(
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I was even later than you this week but for a good!

  12. Feeling crappy is poop! I'm glad you are feeling better!!

    I thought the new year would suddenly afford me the time I seemed to easily lose during the Holidays....I'm still looking...not under the couch or in my sock drawer as I was hoping (no, I don't actually have a drawer devoted to socks...I use an empty shoe box in my closet for my huge collection of 8 pairs....haha)....but it wasn't in there.

    Where does time go?

    Miss you....hug you!

  13. Glad you're feeling better..Where's the Like button for Cameron's post.. can't find the time anywhere either..(honestly though I had missed the sock it's good that you can take a good look at what you can do to make life simpler and not so overwhelming .. am sure they will welcome you back when you've got all your duckies in a row.. Loving the zombie dude.. too cute..and those stamps .. wow.. not sure what I'd do tempting....
    have a great day...


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