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Hello Friday Rockers how are you this fine first week of 2012?

So far... and it's Tuesday as I'm typing at the moment, the first week of 2012 has been pretty good. Positive mind set still runneth over . First grateful is of course, you lot. You done made me blub you did. Hope you are proud of yourselves. The lovely comments on my Rocking Friday yearly round up. Well. I am beginning to think that a) I'm an emotional wreck and b) You lot enjoy setting me off! Stop breaking down my walls dangnabbit! I am supposed to be the Ice Queen. Or so I like to tell myself. You are ruining my street cred! Am slowly replying to you individually but this is a mass thank you.

Talking of street cred. I had to guffaw at the amount of talk of this little group being 'the cool gang'. I can honestly say, never ever in my life have I ever been part of a cool gang. In fact so bullied was I by some people that my mantra for most of my life has been "Le freak? C'est chic!" Haha! However if we get to decide that we are the cool gang then we are! Uber cool!

Next up on my Rocking List for this week. Lurkers. Or should I say a certain lurker in particular. I got an amazing email this week from someone who has silently followed the blog for a while. She emailed me this week because she saw this You Tube footage of Alice Cooper and thought of me!

How absolutely lovely is that? Really made my day. Makes me realise that maybe more people read the blog than I realise. I don't know how to read statistics and what not so I usually just think it's mainly the few people that comment that read the blog. Thank you Sally - for your lovely words and thinking of me with the link. You gave me much food for thought.

Talking of video's - I stumbled on this one quite by accident today. Can't even remember how, one of those click a link within a link within a link type things...

Words fail me and for some reason it makes me quite emotional each time I watch. Isn't it beautiful?

I won this book on Twitter. Octopus were calling for people to review it and I was one of the lucky ones, all they ask is an honest review be added to Amazon, it's well worth following them as they quite often do that with books.
I'm going to follow the 2 week plan that's inside before I review it - I'm hoping it will kick-start my healthy eating again after the Christmas naughtiness.

The girls are back at school which means the house is slowly coming back into some semblance of order... during the day at least. It also means I'll be using my lunchtimes to catch up on arty things like classes and just generally try and get better. I've been doing well so far, sometimes it literally is 10 minutes of creativity a day but that's still way more than the last few months.

Watching the news this week with the high winds and rain, I'm grateful to simply have a roof over our heads... and even heating now that we are in our new house. We would have been cold last year with no central heating but I would have still been grateful for the roof - even though it was leaky.

Cooper Mad Mutt Pooper - who has literally just landed on my lap, stuck his foot in my hot cup of tea, shook it everywhere, jumped down and stalked off - looking at me disgustedly like it was somehow my fault! He's lucky I like crazy lunatics isn't he? Well I like you lot - there's proof right there! Haha!

I hope you had a good week, thank you as always for stopping by. It's lovely to see a few more people have joined in this week. If you'd like to join us in rooting out the positives each week, make sure and stop by Virginia's with a link so we can all find you.


  1. Great list Carmen, the cook book looks good and that murmaration video, wow! Simply stunning, I have never seen anything like that, how amazing would that be to see in real life?! I think this is definately the 'cool gang' over here, you are cool, your followers are cool, it's the place to be! You have inspired me to join rocking your world friday, my first post I struggled with a bit, but hopefully they will get better over time! x

  2. Lovely list Carmen....the cookbook looks interesting and as for the video..well, wow! Amazing stuff.
    I'm slowly getting back into my crafting you, the odd ten minutes here and there...but, as Tesco say.."every little helps"!! lol
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I've never been in a cool gang before!!

  3. Oooooh are we cool? yampy yes.......

    I give up on weight loss, I think eat sensibly, make sure you can run for a bus and not fall over and be happy. I think some people are meant to be larger and other people not. If you can't run for a bus and survive then a bit of internal housekeeping may be required!

    The sew wild book is really really GOOD - but be warned, then YOU tart looking at other books and then there are more ideas.............. you know what I'm talking about I know!

    I love nature isn't it just the best!

    I am very happy to be here for lots of reasons :)
    take care x

  4. I think if you check your Google reader stats you'll be pretty happy with what you see - add your own blog to Google Reader then click on feed settings and then "view statistics". Go on!

    I'm glad you had a good week :)

  5. Glad the first week of 2012 has rocked! Mines been pretty good too, so long may it continue!!!

    Have a fab weekend.

    Claire xx

  6. Your week sounds pretty good to me! I have seen the murmuration film before,(I too stumbled across it somewhere!) it is just amazing. I have had a down week this week but maybe one time I'll rock along with you.

  7. It would seem that all of us have never been in a cool gang before, and now we've all gathered together around you (you are the uber-cool magnet, babe - we are the moths to your flame) that means we are now officially a cool gang. Fact.

    That murmuration video was breathtakingly beautiful, stunning. How do those birds manage to fly like that without bumping into one another? It really is one of the mysteries of the universe.

    Thank you again, Carmen, for having confidence in me, it means such a lot.


    Well done for getting arty again, stick with it. 10 minutes is a great start.

    I love the extra names you've given Cooper (or is that his Kennel Club official name?). I'm liking his style (his mistakes being someone else's fault!).

  8. For some reason my comment got all jumbled up when I hit the publish button. It wasn't me and nothing to do with the large glass of Merlot in my right hand.;o)

  9. nature does the best art - breathtaking video

    Niall was one car length from dead yesterday - a tree fell in front of him 3 meters away

    i'm glad we tell each other we love each other every time we meet and every time we part, never will we die apart thinking we had cross words...

    many people will read and never comment, but you do as much for them as you do for the ones that shout out the halleluljahs....


  10. Well, this is my first time here, and may I say . . . I like it!

  11. My kid goes back to school Monday....I'm looking forward to some semblance of order myself :)

    A great post, Carmen....your whole demeanor is one of simple gratitude and humble desires.....easy to be happy when you can find all you need right in front of you!!! Love you!!

  12. Oh Carmen - that was an awesome first post for 2012 - as we've already decided we are the cool gang most definitely!

    I for one would like to say a mahoossive thank you for a little bit of Mr Tyler and Mr Cooper on a Saturday morning - nothing finer - even distracted hubby from jigsaw he's doing with said 11 year old!

    I also love the Starling video having never seen it before it was breathtaking - seen similar on Autumnwatch but no where near as good!

    I'll be interested to see how the book goes on the kick start to 2012 - I started the process of hypnoslim - I'll be reporting back on my weight loss blog at some time soon - don't want to bore people on here LOL!

    I'm sure your stats would be through the roof pretty much all the time as your blog is always a good read!

    may you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  13. Interested in knowing how you are doing with the diet - our whole family have started the new year on one. We are all doing well so far but it is early days...

    I find the same people commenting on my blog (and you are one of course) but I can't help but wonder what the others are thinking.

    Pleased to see your mojo has returned, love to see your creations! xx

  14. I always love reading your rocking your world thingy :-) I would like to play along but im nervous...domn't ask me know me ;-)

  15. too right you are cool :)

    LOVE that murmuration video!


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