Hello all,

Thought I'd pop by and let you know I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth. It's been busy, busy, busy here. Some good - lots of painty, sketchy fun and lots of reading. Some not so good... we have been the house of vomit and poo for a few days. Nice. Not me thank goodness but the Little Monsters have been under the weather. My cooking was blamed when the first one went down but when they all went down I was given a reprieve. Cheek.

Anyhoo, I am also in the midst of a purge, declutter and general organisation of my little corner of the house. It literally is a corner - you'd think I wouldn't be able to accumulate so much clutter in a corner wouldn't you? Once I'm finished I'll be catching up on the blogs and doing a post or three :)

Hope you are all well and happy!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hope everything is back to normal soon. When I was a teenager we blamed my mum's cooking of some burgers - and she was so adamant it wasn't her that she got our next door neighbour, who was a Food Safety officer for the local council, to come round and test one of them!

  2. Good luck with the declutter - I daren't start!!!! But DH has...that's how I found a load of stamps (well, he found them really!) and was able to send you some. Pleased they arrived safely.
    Hugs xx

  3. Corners are well known for swallowing up amazing amounts and only giving them back after a lot of work, so you're doing a brave thing, you have the armour of right!!! Ugh, hope all onthemend now, it's horrid when everyone gets it.

  4. Good to hear you're still around - good luck with the de-cluttering, believe me, it's a slippery slope to madness!

    Hope the sicksters are felling better.


  5. Sorry to hear your little ...and not so little ... ones have had a bug ... I have everything crossed that you dont develope it. I am totally with you on how corners swollow up endless stash...I just haven't got the get up and go to tidy and unearth things ...even though it feels like spring ...mind you I usually ignore the urges lol xx

  6. Hope everyone is recovering, it's that time of the year I'm afraid everyone seems to be struggling at the minute! It's February today - how did that happen - I think someone stole January - hugs!

  7. I've missed you, for sure.....but don't envy the Blog break for a visit to poo and puke land....
    Looks like the purging of bowels and stomachs has inspired purging of a much less stinky nature....that of your little corner, though having to give up even one craft item is rotten!

    I look forward to your return.....that'll mean everyone is on the mend....and show and tell can commence!!!
    Hugs from cat pee on the stairs land,


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