She Made Something!

She did!

After a dry spell lasting months, of arid desert and tumbleweed... hark, there was light. And spark. And creation!

They may be small, each canvas just 5x7" to be exact, but boy did they cause much rejoicing here! The Mojo is back Baby! Yeah!

Backgrounds were made up of tissue paper, braille paper and foreign text with tons of stencilling, masking, stamping and paint. Much messy fun. The Tim Burton quote was for Joyce, my stalkee in the swap on here and the other was for a Stocking Swap over on UKS.

Boy, did it feel good making these. It's a dark old place when Mojo boogers off like that!

Thanks as always, for stopping by :)


  1. Love them!!
    Great to see you being creative mojo is still MIA..:(
    Hugs xx
    p.s. have done my Secret Santa post..:)

  2. Yeah pleased your Mojo is back the result ....if you find mine boot it up the **** and tell it to go home lol. xx

  3. Carmen, I'm loving that you have been making already after Christmas. I haven't touched a thing in days. That pile of books of your looks amazing - what's Christmas without a stack of fresh reading material? I'm hoping that you all had a fab Christmas and I'm wishing you all the best for a happy and creative 2012

  4. These are awesome! I love them! (: You are one talented lady.

  5. These are fab, so very 'Carmen'! Lucky old Joyce and A N Other.

    Btw, I'm liking the new word, stalkee :D


  6. ha ha, my mind does wander, ha ha,

    so glad you're creating, keep those spirits up,
    now what was I just thinking about?


  7. Gorgeous Carmen, loving them both, hope this means a complete return of the mojo!

  8. Gorgeous Carmen!So glad your mojo wandered back :D XXX

  9. Yay to mojo returneth! Mine is taking it's own long Christmas break. Those canvasses look fun to make too with all those scrumptious layers. Heres to a creative 2012! x

  10. Yeah for you, lost mojo's a bummer but yours has found its way home and got its feet firmly back under the table!Those canvas's are fab, love all the layers and texture and where oh where did you find braile paper???!

  11. These are colorful, messy, grungily delicious, Carmen!!
    Mojo likes to leave you you appreciate it when It returns...

    Trying to entice mine back after the Holidays...we are slow and full of grease and sweets these days....

  12. And she likes it oh yesss she does !!!! ;)
    -I mean both you having your mojo back and me receiving the canvas,hehe !- xoxo


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