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Secret Santa - The Wrap Up!

Finally - sorry for the lateness with this post people, I've been trying to get good pictures but they are all coming out fuzzy and wobbly. No it's not that! Am on the tea!

Firstly - to all the Secret Santa's, thank you so much for making my first hosted swap such fun! I really had a laugh, especially at some of you naughty people who just couldn't wait to open their pressies!

On to my Santa. Wow what a gorgeous gift was received... you are not even seeing half of what is here, loads of music/book pages, fabulous, perfect images, postal stamps, beads, buttons, fabric, napkin, findings...

Look at this... a gorgeous decorated frame and... I am a little worried about just how well my Santa seems to know me...

LinkIt's no secret I love me a good zombie tale... but I didn't think I had let slip my Scrooge obsession... Any take on the Scrooge story, I just love, no matter how corny or cheesy. My all time favourite Cristmas film is Scrooged with Bill Murray. So zombies AND Scrooge... in the same book? Perfection! My Dad already tried to sneak off with it! No chance! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sue!

There were some very naughty Santa's who also sent me a present as well as their recipients. I really wasn't expecting that and it was a lovely surprise. But you all really shouldn't have, I'm glad you did as I love everything but you shouldn't have. I must admit to some squealing with some wobbly lipped-ness here. Thank you for all your lovely messages.

Ninjaaaa and yummy brooche from Paige

Beautiful Christmas album from Wendy

Mixed media goodies from Sam... including one of her crow stamps! *Much, much happiness* Look at the crow smiling - how happy he is to come live with me! Those labels are just gorgeous too!
Very, very naughty book from Virginia. This was on my Amazon wishlist... which, although I take great voyeuristic joy in secretly stalking other peoples lists, (what? Nothing creepy or wrong about that!) it never crossed my mind that anybody else did. It's a truly beautiful book as was the message that came with it. Thank you Virginia. You really did catch me by surprise!

I'm still gobsmacked and touched at how thoroughly spoilt I've been this year. Still shaking my head in disbelief if I'm honest. Thank you again all of you.

Now. On to who sent to who (whom?) I know some of you are still in suspenders ;)

I sent to Joyce (Gift blogged)
Amy sent to Brandy
Virginia sent to Susie (Gift blogged)
Joanna sent to Sam (Gift blogged)
Cameron sent to Andrea
Carol sent to Wendy
Susie sent to me (Gift blogged... on this post)
Sarah sent to Paige (Gift blogged)
Sam sent to Sarah (Gift blogged)
Wendy sent to Virginia (Gift blogged) and Donna (Gift blogged)
Brandy sent to Cameron
Paige sent to Joanna (Gift blogged)
Joyce sent to Carole (Gift blogged)
Andrea sent to Amy
Donna sent to Wendy (Gift blogged)

I think I've linked up to everyone who blogged their gifts, if you have and I've missed you - give me a shout!

Thank you again for making this so much fun! Who's up for same time next year?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. still preparing my blog, the gifts are awesome, back alter - just got in form work...)


  2. Hi Carmen

    Oh I'd missed a couple of the posts so it was so good to go and have a nosey - I loved this part of Christmas, in fact I think it topped my Christmas craftiness by far this year, I would certainly love to partake again in 2012 as it was such good fun! I've been off to send an e-mail to my Secret Santa to thank her for the amazing gifts she sent!

    Thank you for hosting it!


  3. Hurrah, I'll definately be back I had so much fun coming up with ideas from the info given, it was all I could do to reign myself in :)

  4. I'm up for it next year too!
    I was thoroughly spoiled by Virginia..a blog post is coming shortly..DS has returned to Bristol so I have laptop access again..:)
    Thank you Carmen for organising such a fun swap.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. Scrooge was just a lucky guess on my part..:)

  5. semi blogged, full details at weekend, btu enough to let the wonderfulwomble know she aimed she shot she SCORED,


  6. What a wonderful group of girls we had for this swap! So much fun!
    Let's do this again next year...heehee!!

    Love your gifts, too....the crow stamps are awesome!
    So glad you had an amazing Christmas!!

  7. Yes yes yes, please can I play again next year?! My SS was fantastic!! I really enjoyed stalking too.........

    Thank you, Carmen!

  8. Definitely count me in for next year :) I feel bad that it didn't even occur to me to send a gift to our hostess too :( will send two next time :)

  9. Must go find a copy of the zombie scrooge book! I can't believe I missed that one this year. I'm usually on top of zombie books!

  10. I am definately in for next year as it was fun to stalk and my SS was awesome..thanks Joanna!Big thankyou to you Carmen for organising it, glad you liked your can take me off the naughty santa list now!!! x x x

  11. Hi Carmen x thank you so much for orginaising this swap. I had a great time stalking and planning what to get for my victim ;) and was over the moon at the beauitful gift I was snet! You can most certainly count me in for next year with Morris bells on ;) Pxx

  12. Looks fun! I love your painting.... See you in Life book ....


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