Secret Santa Swap Update

Yuletide greetings everyone.

Just a quick update from Santa's workshop. I'm pleased to say that I'm pretty sure (unless I've majorly misunderstood) that all of Santa's pressies are either loaded on the sleigh or have reached their destinations already.

The list at the moment stands like this:

Me! - Received
Amy - Received
Virginia - Received
Joanna - Received
Cameron - Received
Carol - Received
Susie - Received
Sarah - Received
Sam - Received
Wendy - Received
Brandy - Received
Paige - Received
Joyce - On Santa's sleigh
Andrea - Received
Donna - Received

Please update me if more parcels have arrived at their destination.

I know some naughty children have opened their gifts already (no restraint, no decorum as my Mum would say.) I have been a good girl and am waiting till Christmas. *Shines halo* After the big day I'll do another post letting you know who your Santa's were and if you want to do a post sharing what you got, that's up to you... you don't have to. But I'd love to see, am so nosy. If you do I'll link to it in my post :)

Thanks everyone for making my first hosted swap such fun! I'll definitely do this again next year!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It has been fun! And, yes, I'm one of the naughty ones who has opened her pressies!!
    Hugs xx

  2. I'm being such a good girl and I'm waiting (but there have been lots of feeble attempts at peering through tissue paper!).

    Thank you so much for organising this swap, Carmen. It was great fun and as a result I've found another brilliant blog to follow - and not anonymously once my identity is revealed!!

    Ho ho ho!


  3. Thanks so much for your vote x
    A x

  4. Very fun....but I'm afraid there will be none of my gift left to show by then ( I received a bag of coffee) Heehee!

  5. I wonder who those naughty children are? Tsk, Tsk!
    Thank you so much for organising this swap, I have had great fun but I am just impatient to know who my santa is!!! x

  6. Oh,sorry! I received my gift and already opened it, couldn't wait and sooooo loved it! Thanks so much for organizing it, it's been fun!

  7. tis me - forgive my french but I have to practice before i move,



    I forgot to tell you it was posted ( i know it has arrived too) and I think Mine has arrived Here but I keep getting bloody parcels and I dare not open ANY of them in case they are my secret one - the kids are getting jealous because there is a pile of unopened stuff in a corner all addressed to me - the worry is I think some of it is mail order for them!?


  8. Finally opened my Secret Santa pressies today - it was SO difficult waiting but I feel all smug and virtuous now :)

    Can't wait to find out who my Santa was so I can thank her profusely, I LOVE my gifts:


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