Rocking My World Friday...

Happy Friday people :)

I thought I'd try filling this out during the week - it's going to be a hectic one, so would be nice to jot down the positives as they happen.

Firstly, we got home from visiting Craig's Mum in Hastings on Saturday night to find we'd missed a floral delivery, it had been taken next door. I was so surprised when I collected it to find a single white rose. The vets had sent it in memory/sympathy of Lucy our dog. How lovely is that?

I've popped it in with some flowers my friend had bought us which I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago - thanks Caroline. (Not sure if she reads this blog - don't think so...)

Talking of doggies, this fella has been amazing this week. Cooper obviously misses Lucy and has been trailing us all round the house.

He's still a funny wee thing. He does make me laugh. We took him to meet Craig's Mums' dogs this week as they will be coming at Christmas. He was soon put in his place by Annie, the older dog, who harrumphed a bit at the young whippersnapper coming into her home. But Poppy - the younger dog (also a Jack Russell) well... lets just say her and Cooper got on a little too well. We shall have to keep an eye on those two over Christmas.

Next up was this gorgeous Christmas decoration I received from K as my P.I.F.

Isn't it perfect? The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films, he fits in so well on our tree. He looks quite happy sitting there, in good company with my sister and the Pheebs Monster.

I'm afraid my remaining PIF's will be arriving with their recipients early next year now. Mojo really did desert me for a few months there. That's another positive this last couple of weeks though, I've started creating again. Only a little bit and I can't show anything at the mo as it's been for my Secret Santa gifts. It does feel good. This next bit is going to sound really flowery and mushy... but I really do believe in the power of art or creative healing. I don't mean in a religious way or anything, am afraid I don't buy into all that connecting with your inner goddess stuff. Craig's always worried I'm going to 'find myself' like 'those arty types' and go all spiritual and dance around naked, covered in paint or run off with a tattooed, hairy artist or something. Keep telling him I'm about as 'found' as am gonna be and this blunt, sarcastic wench is what he's stuck with. If I was going to connect with an inner anything it would more likely be a warty old, cackling witch than a goddess! No, it's just being able to lose yourself completely even if it's just lobbing paint at something... Good stuff.

We also received some Christmas tree decs from Gail, the girls demolished the couple of packets with chocolate coins in but we rescued this large one for the tree... Love handmade decorations.

It's also tradition for us to buy a new hanging star for the tree each year. I spotted the one I want to get this year - it's gorgeous. Haven't I been saying I want to get some jingle bells? Haven't I?
It was in Dunelm Mill but typically as we were on our way out. I'm typing this on Monday evening so hopefully we'll get back over before Christmas and pick up one or two - if not I'll try and get over after and pick up a couple to put away for next year. Jingle bells and stars - does it get any better?

Am really looking forward to opening my Secret Santa present on Sunday. I've been such a good girl. I have to say though - there were a couple of naughty Santa's that sent me a present as well as their recipients. Very unexpected - you really should go on the naughty list but you did make me smile. I haven't opened those either. Thank you ladies. I've really enjoyed the Secret Santa swap and will definitely host another next year if anyone is interested - thank you all for making it so much fun.

It's Wednesday now and I've had another Secret Santa present arrive. I take part in this one over on UKS every year with The Bristol Girls. (If you click the link, scroll down) One part of my pressie was wrapped differently than the rest and was intriguing me to much, so I was naughty and opened that one thing. Am glad I did - it was another handmade tree ornament!

Isn't it fabby? Am going to have to get details on how it was made. Devvie decided it looked better on Alice Angel... and I have to agree.

Tesco. Yes, Tesco. We save our clubcard points all year for Christmas. Craig misplaced our vouchers this week, they probably got recycled... so he went online to see if there was a way to reclaim them. There is... but not only that, any unclaimed vouchers from previous years can be printed too! Make sure you check your balance, we ended up printing off over £70 of vouchers some of which were this years and also some dating back to 2009. We couldn't believe it - our big Christmas food shop ended up costing £7.00 this week. We got my Dad round to check his, we knew he might have some. I remembered him saying he'd accidentally shredded his last year but thought that was that, his mistake, his loss. Nope. He had over £100 to print off. I may moan about Tesco (and I do. Quite a bit) but I have to say I think it's really good they let you do that. They could quite easily say "nope - don't claim, your loss." So this was a huge positive this week.

My back. It spasmed earlier in the week. I wasn't even doing anything strenuous just sitting at the PC. It's the worst pain I've had with it in a long time and really thought that was it, wouldn't be able to do much this Christmas. Even getting up and sitting down was causing a bit of nausea where it hurt so much. However, a couple of days and copious amounts of pain killers and creams later and it's back to normal. Normal being a permanent ache that I've learned to live with and was so glad to welcome back! I think the time is approaching where I might need a little help from the doctors in managing the pain as I have noticed it getting worse the last couple of years. But all the time I can still do normal things and manage on my own, I'm happy to potter about. I don't want to end up on a cocktail of drugs not knowing what they could be doing to the rest of my body... is that daft? Or does that make sense? I think Craig would prefer a visit to the doctor in the near future. Whatever - I'm glad my back and I are on familiar ground for the time being.

We've reached Thursday and I'm glad I did it this way - that was a pretty good week wasn't it? I'm really glad of the way Rocking Friday makes you reflect on the past week in a positive way and I just want to thank Virginia for starting this regular get together. If you want to join us - please do link up with her so that we can all find you.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Good to read your news this week - you do seem to have had a good one and I am glad you have been feeling creative again! I don't think you were mushy at all. Love that jingle bell star, hope you got/get some for your tree, which made me smile!
    Have a good Christmas (thanks for your email, BTW) we know we will both be feeling strange this year - but it can still be a good one!!
    Lots of love, see you soon.

  2. Oh you've managed a great post doing it a bit at a time - loving it! The rose was a thoughtful gift from the vets. the thought of two dogs getting on too well had me giggling - sounds like your Christmas day could be interesting in more ways than one! I think you should find your inner goddess - even if you dress her up as a witch - I completely agree that art really does make life so much better and easier it really does! I'm loving the handmade gifts that you've received and can't wait to see what else you get, can't wait to see my Secret Santa gift as I've been a good girl as well! And Alice looks amazing in that crown - perfect!

    Sending you much love this Friday - biggest hugs as always


    PS I agree on not doing a cocktail of drugs but when it starts to get a bit much it might be time for a trip to the Docs just to make sure there aren't other things you could do to alleviate it!

  3. Sorry I am posting by pasting the same to everyone …I hate to do this but it saves on energy that I lack and time, as I am a slow typer.
    THANK YOU so much for your good wishes …they cheered me up so much. I will up date you all on my health issues after the festive break but at least my balance problems have sorted them selves out and I think I shall be well enough to enjoy the Festive Holiday break. I enjoyed reading your post as I always do.
    All my good wishes to you and your family. xx
    LOVE that Jingle Bell Star. xx

  4. Grant dreams of the day when I dance around naked covered in paint.......! (Dream on, honey-bun). What a lovely Rocking post, Carmen. Lots of goodies received AND you've started crafting again - always a good sign. Cooper has got a little twinkle in his eye, doesn't he?!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that your naughty back doesn't spasm again - I do back stretches every night which really help mine, as well as Zumba every week. If I didn't do them I'd be in pain all the time like you are (I used to be). I did a load of raking up leaves yesterday and I'm fine today. Prior to my stretches regime I'd have been in agony today, just from raking.

    I hope the jingle star is there when you go back, it's so pretty.


  5. A very festive and lovely post Carmen - I'm pleased you're crafting again and am loving the handmade decorations.
    Boo to your back for playing up..:(
    Have a great Christmas.
    Hugs xx

  6. I am so glad you have had a good week! Love all your ornaments on the tree especially the angels with the photo faces of your family! I will have to check out tesco website but I think we always use ours!Very thoughtful of the vets to send a rose, how lovely. I can't believe there were any naughty santas in the secret swap ho hum!!!
    I wish you a fantastic xmas and new year Carmen, to you and your wonderful family and just want to say a big thankyou for your inspiring blog, your lovely emails and your support and wonderful comments on my little blog! x x x

  7. A fantastic week, I'd say!
    I hope your weekend is full of laughter and wonderful surprises!

    Much Love to you and yours!!

  8. I'm amazed that your will power is so strong!!! how have you managed to leave your secret sant santa gifts alone for so long????? ummmmm and there is nothing wrong with having a warty old hag as an inner goddess :) thats what mine is :) I'm loving all your "dark" christmas dec's and your new star, we also have this tradition of a new star every year :) Hope you and the family have a wonderful day tomorrow Love and Light Pxx


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