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Hello Friday Rockers.  How has your week been? It's been a strange and sad one here. We lost our eldest doggy Lucy. She was very old, we never realised how old as she had been a rescue dog but the vets reckoned at least 16. The only blessing, if you can call it that, is that whatever happened was quick.

We also had Craig's Dads' funeral this week. So. Sad week all round.

But if I've learnt anything this week it's to still look for the positives. As my Ruby would say - "Don't worry, Be happy". Love that girl!

First up that same Ruby. And her Christmas show at nursery school. Last year she sat at the back, frozen with fear. Wobbly lipped but refusing to cry. This year - what a difference! Front row and belting out the songs, nearly knocking people out with her enthusiastic gestures. Am so proud of how she's come along with her confidence this year.


Next up. Our Christmas tree. An experience putting it up indeed. My girls can bicker for England I think. But it's up now and it's lovely. Our tree is black... and not at all stylish. But we love it.

Ruby's golden Angel appears to be scaling the side of the tree - maybe attempting to topple Alice Cooper Angel? A lot of the decorations are handmade by the girls or me through the years. With the bought decorations we don't tend to do baubles. I love stars so we have those instead :)

Next up - there was supposed to be some sort of lunar eclipse last Saturday afternoon. Did you see it? I didn't know about it till the evening and I certainly didn't see it. The moon was supposed to glow orange... however in the evening we all got called into the garden by Craig who had spotted this gorgeous moon. There is a huge ring around it - my pictures don't capture it very well but it really was beautiful. Devon described it as a feeling of being inside a dome with a circular opening in the roof...

My pictures definitely don't convey the scale and size of the whole thing. The moon seemed especially big and the ring around it was huge. Very lovely to see.

And then finally, when my girls play hairdressers, this is usually the end result. And yes - they have done this to me while I sit tippy tapping on the computer before now.

How has your week been? All ready for Christmas? It's a resounding NO here :) But pleased that Craig's Mum will be joining the madness here with us this year. Don't know if she realises what she's let herself in for. If you'd like to play along with Rocking Friday - be sure and link up with Virginia here so we can all find you! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the totally crafty tree, a tree full of homemade ornaments & memories sounds lovely.

    Well done Ruby :-)

    Ooo, fab bit of styling there, I'm sure if they were left long enough they'd leave a good bit o'crimping :-)

  2. Love your post - so sorry for your sadness this week but glad you are able to find some positive in amongst it - Ruby looks amazing - I bet her performance was awesome! The tree is fabulous and angels scaling or abseiling looks great to me!

    Also loving the peg effect, my Mum used to use rags to do something similar then I would sleep in them and end up with curly hair the next morning - so painful to sleep on but worth the effort.

    And finally I'm sure Craig's Mum will love all the madness around her at your house if that's how it is!

    Sending you hugs


  3. What a week you've had, talk about a rollercoaster ride. Well done for picking out such lovely positives, girl.

    Ruby looks so sweet, so angelic, I bet there was a little lump in your throat? I saw that moon! Hope dragged me outside, me grumbling because it was so cold, but hey, definitely worth it. It was gorgeous.

    I still LOVE playing hairdressers. My hair never looks as stylish as Ruby's though (or should I call her Peggy?! Boom, boom!! Or are you too young to remember Basil Brush?).

    ps re the nativity play, there's a clip on my rocking post that'll make you laugh, guaranteed!

  4. I'm sorry that this has been a sad week but you should take comfort in the fact that you had somethings that rocked your world too :-) I used to sit terrified at the back of the school play....and I still would now :-P I wish i'd gained some confidence somewhere along the line haha!!

  5. Aww so sorry for the rotton parts of your week, but glad you could still find some positives. xx

    I have a black tree too :D and I love it!!!!

    Hope next week is a better one for you all.

    Claire xx

  6. Sorry to hear about Lucy but at least you know she had a happy life with you and she didn't suffer at the end. Max sends you some big doggy hugs.

    I saw the moon too(outside having a ciggie, naughty me!) - it was amazing.

    Love your tree and the decorations and as for Ruby - she looks totally gorgeous..and angelic!!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. another use for pegs!! Yay!!

  7. Carmen, I take my hat off to you. In the middle of that week you found a few things to celebrate. That totally rocks.

  8. Carmen, what a star you are to find positives in such an awful week. I am so sorry things are rough at the moment, but as always your wonderful family are your positives and keep you going strong, you are blessed with them x Ruby looks beautiful, definately a little angel! I LOVE your tree, so many memories in each homemade ornament. Not sure about the pegs, someone elses comment said they sleep in them...thats gotta hurt!!!

  9. Yes i am looking forward to christmas at your house . Can not wait . Glad the dogs got on well :) . Just hope i have got rid of cold by then .
    Hugs XXX

  10. It is inspiring that despite so much are focusing on the good...

    I'm so sorry you have been dealing with all this, but I'm so glad you are taking it in stride and enjoying time with your family.
    Ruby looks so precious in her costume!!

    ...and a black tree...I'm totally not surprised!!! Love it...and you!

    Very Merry Christmas,

  11. Gorgeous tree :) and a gorgeous angel too :)
    Merry Christmas!!


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