Book Goodies...

I thought I'd share what book goodies were under my Christmas tree - expect reviews inflicted upon you very soon :P

LinkThe Artful Bird one of two books from my lovely friend Lesley. She snagged this off my wishlist. I added it as soon as I saw this project on I Craft My Pants.

Zombie Felties one of two books I received from my sister Sue. We don't see each other much throughout the year what with jobs and family stuff but every single year she gets me the perfect gift - don't know how she does it. Not like I go on about zombies and crafting whenever we do meet... or do I? Hmmm... Thanks Sue!

William Blake - The Complete Illuminated Books from Virginia. Love it - gorgeous book. Again, snagged from my wishlist.

Zombies vs Unicorns Yeeeeeeaaaaah! From my Dad... nabbed from my wishlist.
Necropolis - the other book from my sister, Sue. Looks amazing.

Vampire Box Set containing the start books of 3 separate series - part of my present from the lovely Gaily.

I Am Scrooge from Susie Sue. Can't wait to read this one!

White Crow - the other book from Lesley. Off my wishlist, been wanting to read this one for AGES!
A lovely A4 sketchbook from my sister Mel. (Counts as a book, right?) It's leather or leather effect. She got the two eldest monsters one, I was sitting watching them opening them, my pout was getting bigger and bigger, she 'fessed up eventually that she'd got one for me too *g*

I've also gone a little mad in the Amazon kindle book sale today. Sssshhh! Mostly zombie, ghostie and supernatural fiction. What a surprise:

Florence and Giles - 99p
The End Specialist - 99p
The Dead of Winter - 99p
Seed - 86p
From Within - 86p
Skulduggery Pleasant - 99p
Apartment 16 - £2.39
The Drowning Pool - 99p

Had to come away before I got any more - you forget how quickly those 99p's add up. There are some great looking books there. Amazon is such an enabler! I always seem to think eBooks don't count in a book ban too.

What do you reckon? Aren't I lucky! Did you get any great reads this year?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Awesome books for the undead lovers :-) amazon are so super good no way do ebooks count because you cant see em! Glad to see you had a good christmas you really do deserve it, bestest wishea to you and ur super family hun all the best for 2012 xx

  2. Fab selection!!! I need no convincing of the merits of the Felted Zombie Book - love it and yes I've made a couple of things from it :D

    Skullduggery Pleasant - awesome read, but be warned you will be parting with more pennies for the follow ups which are never ending ;D

    Oh and I still haven't got round to reading the Candleman as DS has nabbed it, hence me reading Skullduggery Pleasant!!!

    When will you find the time to craft???

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Claire xx

  3. just wondering here you like books or something ?? got some great ones ! Happy Reading !

  4. do you ever order from i am sadly addicted, you might end up that way too :D
    i love coming here because you have a book fetish just as much as i do...



  5. Wonderful book haul there Carmen!!!
    I was lucky enough to get two novels in French plus two French scrapbook magazines....have forsaken my Kindle for the moment..:( 'cos I'm banned from buying...DH worked out just how much all those .99p's came to..oops!!
    Hugs xx

  6. Oh Carmen - they should keep you busy for a few weeks LOL!!!! I got Steampunk Softies for Christmas, Sew Wild - which I'm giddy about, and Finish this book by Kerry smith


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