Book Chick City Zombie, Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenges

The 4 levels to choose from are:
  • One Chomp (Read 6 zombie books in 2012)
  • Two Chomps (Read 12 zombie books in 2012)
  • Three Chomps (read 18 zombie books in 2012)
  • Four chomps (24 zombie books in 2012)

There are two levels to this one:

- Read 24 Horror & urban fantasy novels in 2012
- Read 48 Horror & urban fantasy novels in 2012

Here ye! Here ye! I hereby state (stake?) my intent to read 24 books in Book Chick City's Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge and 12 books (2 chomps) for their Zombie Challenge over the course of 2012. (I shall however cheat my arse off and incorporate the 12 zombie books into the 24 horror challenge! Sssh!)

If thoust doth hath the guts and heroic gumption to play along, click the above linkies to do so... Or henceforth be known as the cowardly blagards or stupid eejits that go into dark, creepy, creaky houses that are bumped off as plot fillers!

Now go ransack the place to tool up with stakes, machetes, cleavers, baseball bats and whatever else we can hide under our beds.

I thank you and goodnight.


  1. Interesting! I want to try to play along but that sure is a lot of books- and money. Local library has a WACK horror section. Will click through anyway. ;)

  2. Yum, yum, yum! I LOVES me some spilling stories, and stories about kick-ass girls who spill the brains of bad guys. I'm so in!

  3. Wow, I dont think I could name 6 zombie books, let alone 24 .... may have to look a bit deeper into this ;-)

  4. You are so cute!
    For me....6 books in a year is, like 4 more than usual...
    I know, I'm wonder my eyes need checking...not enough exercise...too much computer screen glare...haha!
    I know you can do it, though! Go get 'em!

  5. Thanks for signing up for two of my challenges, Carmen. I hope you have fun! :D


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