The Tales of Petunia Pigeon by Michelle Goldman

The book says -

'The Big Race' follows the 'Homing Pigeon Heroine' Petunia who becomes last during a race from France to England. We follow her thrilling journey and adventures as she attempts to returns home to safety.

I say -
Petunia Pigeon is a lovely little book written totally in rhyme following the adventures of Petunia as she gets lost in a race home from France. The story is accompanied by lovely full colour illustrations throughout.

This story particularly appealed to me and my lot as Craig used to keep pidgies. We used to love taking them for journeys to release them and then seeing if we could beat them home. Bearing in mind they are aged from 4 up to 14, all the girls loved reading this one. I thought the youngest would claim this book as hers and I have indeed been reading it to her every night. It induces many a dramatic hand clasped over mouth "oh nooooo, poor Petunia" or lots of giggles. But no, in fact when it's not being read to her, it's Phoebe the 11 year old that's claimed it. She absolutely loves it - I think it's the fact that it's written in rhyme and they've been doing poems in class this term... And the scrapes that Petunia gets into - she loves when Petunia is mistaken for a boy pigeon and this section she reads out to me every time she gets to that bit. (I now know those pages word for word!) In fact she loves it so much it's inspired her to write her own little illustrated story - Michelle the Racing Rabbit... and she's back to wanting to be a writer and illustrator... as well as a zoo keeper and vet. I do love when books spark something like that!

Many thanks to Michelle for my copy and thank you for stopping by :)


  1. How great - wish I had someone young enough to buy it for....

  2. Awwww, this book sounds so cute!


  3. Great review and I may just have to buy it despite the boy being 22! lol
    Hugs xx

  4. Looks like a good read - zak's been poorly this week and I've been reading to him (the first time in about two years) and we dug out some old favourites. This looks like it might appeal to him. x

  5. this looks cool :)) i'm kookoonuts over the illustrations.



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