Star Trek Book Of Opposites

Star Trek Book Of Opposites - David Borgenicht

The books says:
With the help of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and two dozen colorful pictures from across the galaxy, teach your children the meaning of big and little, hot and cold, apart and together and much, much more!

I say:
That's right people. This is a board book. A Star Trek board book! I'm sure those people at Quirk are trying to turn me into a Trekkie - you know what? The scary thing is I think it may be working. I now 'get' way more of the Big Bang Theory references than I ought to!

I frigging love this book - I really do. From the moment I opened the covers I laughed out loud. Aimed obviously, at little babies and pre-schoolers this is a book to teach your youngsters opposites. Words like 'Mean' and 'Nice' are accompanied by a scary and a pretty alien. 'Calm' and 'Surprised' by Spock and Kirk... I say babies and pre-school but my 4 year old has a Charlie & Lola varient that she still loves... well, she now has a Star Trek one too and she had great fun shouting out the different words.

A book for the big and little Trekkies in your life.

Big, huge fun!

My favourite pages :)
David Borgenicht

Thank you to Quirk for sending the book to review... and to you for stopping by.


  1. oh! oh! oh! want!!!! on my christmas list!

  2. blooming splendid am off to amazon in pursuit - thank goodness you get sent such splendid books (tell them it's working - we are all suckers!)

  3. What fun! I am a HUGE fan of the Captain Kirk era Star Trek (we named a guinea pig Tribble in honour of the episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles").

    Great stocking filler.

    ps my fab tote arrived safe and sound today, thank you!!

  4. Omg TRIBBLES! If it wasn't for Captain Kirk I probably would have been a Trekkie, couldn't stand his acting style (still can't) or his character. Now Wesley Crusher was a different matter ;-p As for now a days, the beard really doesn't do it for me (sorry Will, I bet your gutted aren't you ;-)
    Sounds a fab book, shame kirks in it

  5. Pinned under 'funny!' Those pics are a scream! What a great book to review! Its a hard life isn't it? (snigger) x

  6. Oh I so have to get this for trav for Xmas he's a MAJOR treky and will love this :)

  7. OMG ...I need to find a gig reviewing books!!! How could you resist this has tribbles in it!!
    Big fan of Star Trek...Deep Space 9 is my fave after the original series..esp.when I spotted Bajain earrings in a shop in Honfleur..sadly it was closed. :(
    Fab. review :)
    Hugs xx

  8. TRIBBLES!!!!!! Never was much of an original Star Trek fan I much preferred the Generations lot Looks like a brilliant book for kiddiewinkles though. Jaqui x

  9. Fancy us both having back and ankle problems ...have you had a cold too chest is so tight today. Thanks for thinking of me re the book ...will drop you and email tomorrow.xx

  10. Oh how funny! I have never watched star trek but this post has made me laugh, a trekkie board book for kids!!!
    I am a huge fan of The big bang theory though and watch it every week with my son who shares so many similarities to Sheldon (I like to think hes more of a Lenard but no, hes more Sheldon!!!!)There is a new wiki page been done on Sheldon thats worth a look if you are a fan x

  11. haha!!!! I have a lot of friends who would enjoy this so much!

  12. LOL! Fab Book! Love Calm and surprise - made me laugh! Kim

  13. Thanks for the tips ...will gather everyones ideas and then see which works best.
    I really think there is some empathy between us ....have been coughing for days and actually almost slept one day away ...after all we are both Piscians ...I was born around 9am on 10th March.xx

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  15. YOOOO WHAAAAAAT? That is a MUST buy!!! Off to Amazon I go!! Thanks for the heads up!!! ;)


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