Rocking My World Friday...

Hello all, it's been a while since I played along hasn't it? Two weeks I think... and to be honest I've come back to this screen all weekend and sat looking at it before clicking away again. Here goes...

Top, tippy top of the highest tip of my list this week will be friends and family. True friends and family. The one's that come through in times of trouble and strife, that's when you find out your true family and true friends... even if they are friends you've never met face to face... people that have their own worries and woes but still find time for other people. I am very thankful for those. Thank you for the emails, the texts, the phone calls, the car rides and muffins, the listening ears and the soggy shoulders. I'm not the most cuddly and outwardly emotional person - I tend to keep everything locked inside for behind closed doors and have been told on many an occasion this can come across as cold and unfeeling. I can't help it - certain things in life teach you to build barriers and walls and it's hard to un-condition yourself from that. I just hope that people realise how much I do love and appreciate them, even if I don't outwardly spout it as much as I should.

Next will be Darcy for letting me know a seller on eBay had the Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour 45 half pan set for under £23.00 which included postage. (Click the linky to also take advantage!)

I am supposed to be on book and stash ban until after Christmas but I had the 16 half pan travel set on my wishlist and it's over £20.00 just for that on Amazon so this bargain would have been simply criminal to let slip by wouldn't it? Yes, that's what I thought too.

Besides, on the very slight chance that someone has got the travel set for me (because Craig has been telling me off for taking advantage of such a fabulous price coming up to Christmas, crazy fool that he is...) I would still love it and use it for when I'm out and about. It would be win, win so it would!

My girls. My own little monsters. I love them to bits and they are the best daughters a Mummy monster could wish for. Yes - even when they bicker and I have to unleash the roar. When it comes to the crunch, they are the best - the rest of you have just got nice kids, mine are awesome! No... I'm not biased at all.

Phoebe monster turned 11 last weekend. Circumstances arose and I was away for a couple of days which included her birthday but back by that evening. She took it all in her stride, Craig made sure she still got all the spoiling and pampering we'd promised her and she did a remarkable job of hiding how much she had missed me when I got back in the evening. Almost too good of a job! Hmm! I'm sure she's just an excellent actress!

Then Devvie monster assumed Mama position to light the cake in my absence and she set the candles out in "P" shape...

They also filmed Pheeb's opening the card that I had been so thrilled to find. It was a JLS card and when you open it JLS are shouting out Happy Birthday messages. Her reaction was brilliant - exactly what I'd hoped for. They could all have thrown proper strops and been real brats at my being away but they didn't, they were brilliant. They and Craig all rallied round and proved just how well they cope without me.


Finally, I can't mention those two without mentioning the bubby monster can I? I love her little ways and foibles and she makes me laugh constantly. Just recently I've been marvelling at her computer skills. At 4 years old. It boggles my brain sometimes, this new era our kids are growing up in, they take it all in their stride don't they?

So that's me for this week - a short one but there we go. How have you been?

Thanks for stopping by :)

p.s Oh yes - I received my Secret Santa yesterday. That put a smile on my face and after much fumbling and feeling I've hidden it away. Santa's how are you doing? I have to get mine sent sharpish! I'll update the original post as I hear of parcels arriving :)


  1. Uuuuuuuu watercolors - I might check the link .. But I'm el broko polo - gotta wait till after the winter holidays. Guess what? I have to mail my Santa on Monday, but I'm pretty worried she'll know who sent it. :(( I wanted to be stealthy.

  2. So glad to see you back in Rocking World, Carmen. Lovely list to return with too. Those paints look fab, and a real bargain.

    My SS will be sent out at the end of the week due to a bad dose of procrastination!


  3. Hi Carmen, glad you have things that rock your world this week! Hope you are ok, don't forget you can email me for a sob or a moan x what a bargain on the paints but all my money is for santa this month!
    Questions on the secret santa-do we put who its from on the prezzie or is it still secret then? When do they have to be posted by???? x

  4. Good to see you back rocking. Hope your world gets easier, it sounds as if you've been dealt a hard time lately. Take care!
    Love your girls... andyes, you had to get those paints!

  5. So pleased you too managed to join in Carmen. Loving your list and the pics of your girls - they're gorgeous.
    Well done on the paints - a bargain much too good to be missed.
    On the boys' wish list was a book costing £75 that Amazon had @ £53. He kindly put a comment..."go to WHSmith..they have it for £17.99". Indeed they did so I duly ordered it. I love bargains.. :)
    Hugs xx
    p.s. you should be able to find my wish list by using my email address. Let me know if you manage it. xx

  6. Oh I left a comment and the computer ate it! It was a lovely comment saying how brilliant it was to have you back and how I'd missed you, how your partner and kids are awesome for managing when you were away - loving the idea of the candles in the shape of a P! The paints are gorgeous, I've never done water colours mmmm may have to consider - although as I always say I'm no artist. Sending you sparkles and hugs!

  7. What a really good read ...great post ...OMG havent yours grown up so quickly ...P looks more like 15 ...I am so glad I have no grand daughters as they are women too soon.... I was happy with Cindy dolls at that age lol xx

  8. I am sooooo glad you're back....with your huge heart and sense of humor intact and overflowing....smiling at the things that get rockin' credit....and wishing we could sit and chat over a cup of tea and catch up face to face.

    The Holiday put me behind on a lot of my blogging adventures....feel a little lost when I'm just in California instead of cyber-traveling:)
    Biggest Hugs, Dear Carmen!!

  9. I'm stunned that anyone would even think about seeing you as unfeeling..I can feel the love for your friends and family from here!! I hope everything is okay - you can email me anytime you fancy


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