Rocking My World Friday...

This has been one of those weeks where I could quite easily have skipped Rocking Friday. Worrying about family members, not feeling well, generally not feeling like me, not creating much... blah de blah. But that's the whole point of Rocking Friday isn't it - to find the positives amongst the doody. So. Bum in gear.

Here we go...

Firstly. Amy. The wonderful, sublime, completely mental, Amy. How would she ever not rock your week?

She is still running her free LIVE workshops once a week. Last night was the first time I actually saw one as it happened. I've been catching up after the fact because she has been not only giving up 2 hours a week for a free class, she's been recording them so they are available long after the fact. I still only caught bits and pieces last night but blimey, they are good. They are inspiring. They are downright funny! It's so fun to think of a bunch of people sitting creating, chatting, laughing, all over the world. Together at the same time but at different times of the day what with time zones and everything. Thank you Amy.

Look what arrived in the post this week! Signed and sent to me by the lovely author who saw this On My Wishlist post.

Someone must have tweeted him the link. Ahem. Jolly nice of him wasn't it?  Looking forward to reading that I am! Zombies! Yay!

We've nearly finished our Christmas shopping! *ducks* Not the food stuff obviously but the pressie side of things. Yep, we're pretty smug here at the moment. Not even started making Christmassy things yet but hey. Can't be perfect at everything can we? I'm also really enjoying being part of two Secret Santa's. The one running on this blog (how are we all doing? Lots of stalking?) and the one I take part in over on UKScrappers is just starting up again. Yay! This will be my third time with that one - just love it!

I want some jingle bells to jingle. I do.

Next, this happened just an hour ago. Since we moved in here I have not done any drawing or crafting of an evening. This is why. Look to the back of the photo where the shelving is - that's my little corner. And this picture shows how the room is lit with the main light on.

The camera has actually lit it a bit, it's darker than it looks...

That's because this really attractive light above my desk hasn't worked the whole time we've been here...So in comes Craig about an hour ago. Up on the chair. Tinkering, muttering, bit of aggressive tapping and then more tinkering. Popping in and out with various bulbs and starter things.

And look...


This is why I love that man. Not only has he fixed whatever was wrong - he's put in a daylight bulb! I can't tell you how happy this makes me! It's like sitting in a conservatory!

I can draw!

Happy cat always makes me smile :)

Have any of the UK peeps been watching The Fades? I finally caught up with the last episode.

Blimey I've loved this show - another fabulous British drama. It kind of reminded me of zombies. But they were ghosts... so... zombie ghosts. And Angelics. Brilliant. And funny too in amongst the death and the people eating. Great humour - our writers are so good at that aren't they? Mixing the "ewwww" in with the "bwaahahaha." I think if you liked Being Human you kinda would've loved this. Am going to miss my weekly fix. But it was left wide open for another series! Yay!

And finally! Princess Witch. Because she refused to be a witch. This little person manages to make me laugh throughout the day just when I need it. I think she has inherited the sarcasm gene. I am very proud of that.

Scary witch/princess face - just in case you didn't realise :)

So how has your week been? Why not link up with Virginia and play along? Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh founds some fabulous gratefuls in a rotten week!!
    Loving the witch/princess - cool scary face :)
    And WTG Craig!! Not only mending but improving your light....
    Lovely book to get too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Well reading this it seems like your week has had some massive high points! You've just cheered up my evening with the cat - I was sitting here with a face like a slapped bum before I saw that!! Hope you feel better soon. xx

  3. I love happy cat! Sorry you haven't had the best of weeks, but you foun some great highlights! Take care. Create in your fab light space!

  4. I love when you post books! This one looks fab! And now I'm jealous - I really want to see The Fades. Hopefully it will be on BBC America soon. I never got to catch the BBC version of Being Human, but the US version is ok.

    What an improvement on the lighting situation! I hope to see many of your drawings soon!

  5. :))))

    that was so nice.

    i mean, my ego will now expand to EPIC PROPORTIONS.

    because that was so nice!!!!!


    a light.

    i do like when they finally stop wagging their penises about and fix stuff around the house.

    so it's great that you have a light!


    that cat made me laugh very unexpectedly (the barking laugh, you know) and i peed a bit.

  6. Ok, so Amy's comment made me pee a bit!!

    That zombie face had me pondering for a bit...I didn't scroll down enough, so I'm reading the words " My Princess/Witch" and seeing that image....scroll, scroll....OOOHHHHH!

    I felt a tad idiotic..
    ...and also my stomach is rebelling...I just got off my no sugar kick (which I've managed for 3 whole months) and raided Mag's Halloween candy! It's hating me right now....and I have to tell didn't taste that good...

    Off to change my undies!

  7. Let there be light and there was !!! Fab lighing. My hubby takes FIVE YEARS to get jobs around the house done but on a boat they're done tp perfection straight away...ggggrrrrr !
    Love the Witch's socks !
    Joe has a plan for a Zombie invasion so we will be alright. Maybe that cat would scare then off ? Ha !

  8. Oh wow you got a copy of Outpost from the author!!!! I am insanely jealous!!! Its on my Amazon wishlist, let me know what you think of it!

    I also love The Fades, I watched all 6 episodes back to back, my fave way of watching a series, It was so good and v amusing in places.... loved it muchly :)

    Now I understand the lightbulb comment ;)

    PS have you been reading The Strain trilogy? If not check it out, its brilliant :)

  9. Oooo, fades was fab, & hopefully that ending means another series will be made, yay!

    I am LOVING the witches hat, fabulous feathers, perfect for the pretty princess witch.

    Now you have light I expect to see lots of lovely pieces of art, well done Craig for fixing it, now hows about popping over & fixing the one in my craft cupboard? its very hard to find things by torch light.

    Hope you feel better soon hun, & that this week will be sooooo much better & full of merryment for you. xx

  10. That's a very cute witch, whatever she says!

    Hurray for daylight bulbs! My eyes aren't what they used to be. Actually, that's not even true. They've always been rubbish, and daylight bulbs definitely help. Hope yours helps you craft the whole winter through!

  11. Fabulous list as always, I'm having to read these one at a time as I'm still struggling immensely particularly with flickering screens, I'm also having a mini meltdown on the Secret Santa front, haven't got a clue what I'm doing LOL.

    Hope the weekend is fabulous and you get some drawing done and how fabulous is your Craig sorting that light out - no excuses for not creating some awesome artwork now is there!

    Biggest hugs (as always).


  12. Sounds like you found lots of good in your bad week. Hope things get better for you soon. Love the photos of your princess witch..she is just the cutest! Lovely to see your workspace, all lit up now nice and bright, ready for lots of creating! Saw abook called 10,000 zombies in waterstones yesterday, had to pick it up and have a look as I thought Carmen would love that!!! Heres the link for it if you havn't already seen it

    Hope you have a great week! x

  13. So great... the light! what a huge difference and super cool happy dancing cat!

  14. Glad you were able to find some positives amongst the doody. :)
    And that dancing cat made me laugh really hard. Very cute!


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