Plundered Pages

Have you seen Julie Kirk's Plundered Pages? They are a new kit she has started selling. They are bumper packets of... er... pages she's plundered. All along different themes, handily ready for your mixed media projects.

As soon as she mentioned that she had a couple that were 'me' I was over there like a shot. (I'm a marketers dream - I can't deny it.) After a bit of dithering over all the scrumptious choice I clicked 'buy' on her creepy package of plundered goodness. This post is me, sharing what goodies arrived through my door.

Firstly, just look. How pretty is this? Excuse my butchering with pixelation...

All this fell out of the jiffy...

So much thought has been put into the packaging, just getting to your goodies is a treat in itself...

And then, this tag! I love it and will save it for a very special project! Julie's shop is called Julie Kirk & The Carousel Zebra! Look! The zebra came to see me!

Finally, after clapping my way through opening everything... getting to what I actually paid for...


Love these stamps and little card. Seriously.

I'm SO impressed. If you love something a little different, something vintage-y, something quirky and unique. I urge you to check out Julie's Plundered Pages. If you like companies like Gauche Alchemy - you'll love this. Each package is different both in theme and contents. You truly are buying one of a kind stash here.

Julie hasn't asked me, paid me or bribed me in any way to write this post - am not even going to tweet or comment to let her know. I just wanted you to know about a new place to get unusual, one of a kind packages of fabulous-ness. It's up to you whether you go check it out or not.

Don't say I didn't tell you ;)

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. What a great bundle - and a beautiful parcel to receive too - off to check it out now...

  2. Fab stuff! I'm on a stash ban 'til Chrimbo has past! :(

  3. :)))

    i LOVE that freaking bat stamp.


  4. Fab-u-lous!!!! I'm off to check it out too.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Hugs xx

  5. Oh wow, that is so cool! I'll have to check this out!

  6. Oh these look right up Sami's street! I wonder if she has seen them yet? Px

  7. Wow, great package and she was right, so you!!! Love the little bat card!

  8. My Plundered Pages arrived about half an hour ago - she did a "High in the Sky" one for me and I am stunned by what she has found that suits me right down to the ground (or up to the sky?)

    Have a wonderfully creative time using your "bits"!

  9. This is cute! Though I don't scrapbook, I could definitely think of a few other projects I could use these pages with. :)

  10. Oh wow - Carmen - I can't thank you enough!! You're so kind to have taken time to write such a glovwing reference! You've no idea how much it means to me.


    Julie x


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