For Sale

eta: Sold. Gone. Got some pennies! :)

Cheeky post alert - begrudge paying commission to eBay and am in need of pennies for Christmas and paints.

I have a v2 Cuttlebug. Why did I buy it again? I don't know. I barely used it the first time I bought it and this time it's not been used at all. I see all these gorgeous projects in Blogland and get all excited... I need to learn to ADMIRE these projects but face up that I will NEVER do them. I do other stuff. *sigh*

So, I am selling my Cuttlebug. Like I say it's the newer v2 one. If I remember rightly the colour was described as butterscotch and apple.

It comes with two B plates, an A plate and an embossing folder. The folder is little flowers.

It's un-boxed but has never ever been used. Not even to test it.

I would like £60 which is all in, inclusive of postage. (In the UK) Payment by Paypal or Amazon vouchers please :) If I get paid in 'proper' money it'll get swallowed in stupid boring stuff like food or petrol.

Give me a shout if interested - thanks for reading my barefaced cheek. This is my last stop before eBay.

Sorry for the picture quality, it's under artificial light.

Thanks for stopping by. Normal blogging shall be resumed in the next post ;)


  1. Good luck - I have a once used Vagabond cluttering up my dining room so no space for never used V2 Cuttlebug!


  2. I have emailed a friend who might be interested. x Jo

  3. I'm lucky I have a friend in real life who has every gadget under the sun...I get to "borrow" her stuff to see if I'd actually use any of it.

    I've been keeping her Xyron sticker maker for like 3 months now...I LOVE that I finally got my own...but wouldn't spring the extra moola for the large, expensive version like hers...I have a smaller version.

    Even when I scrapbooked religiously...I still never used those Cricut, Cuttlebug, dingleberry thingies...
    Too much work, no?

  4. Oh Mrs what are you like. I would but I've already got a much loved, and much used one. Hope you get it sold. Jaqui x

  5. haha i just realised that since I changed my URL I havent refollowed your blog.... how completely shocking of me!!!! have a great Friday xxx

    PS - we have an embosser, but I hope you have some luck x


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