Tool Tote Giveaway

Here I am as promised :D

Remember yesterday when I said about that "thing" I had been after for ages and ages and ages and ages after seeing them in Wickes and Homebase? Go ahead, click the links and check them out. I'll wait.

Back? Good.

I wanted one to store all my paints and brushes in. I am fed up of lugging my huge wooden box between the house, the garden and my painty area in Craig's office. As soon as I saw them I had a lightbulb moment. Plus I thought it would be great for going to those workshops when you have to take a basic kit with you.

Well here's mine:
(The pockets go all the way around, net pockets on the back and a few straps inside which I presume are to store hammers and other tool type junk but are perfect for paintbrushes and artistic stuff!)

Lovely Craig bought one for me and he bought one for you too. Well, one of you! Here's mine with some of my paint and things in...

My gorgeous model who has no business looking so grown up...

Off for a casual artistic stroll round the neighbourhood...

Of course Craig has a cunning plan up his sleeve and is hoping you all want one as much as I did. He wants me to let you know he can get hold of these for £23.95 which is inclusive of P&P for the UK people. Just email me if you are interested.

But back to the giveaway - UK only I'm afraid. Want a heavy duty Tool Tote? Let me know in the comments below and I'll draw a winner next Saturday (29th October)

You know what I like best about it? It ain't bliddy pink!

Thanks for stopping by :D

Am off to take stuff out and put stuff back in my tote!


  1. I'd love to go in the draw for that, esp as it isn't pink! Blue is a much better colour!

  2. This is a cool bit of kit, missus! I love the idea, as modelled so beautifully, of strolling round the neighbourhood with this on one shoulder, latte in hand and being all arty. We all know that won't be happening anytime soon - but this would be brilliant to carry from one place to another as I seek peace and quiet.

    I hesitate to ask to be put in the draw because of my previous success with your random drawer selector, but hell, dammit, I will ask!


  3. Blue is my fav colour so please enter me in the draw :-)
    Annie x

  4. What a great tote ...perfect for paint ... Yes, please may I be entered into the draw. I have to say like you, I'm not keen on pink but LOVE blue. Great model btw xx

  5. Add me in please, great idea (very generous husband) and can only follow on with the thank goodness it isn't pink (yak yak yak)............

  6. Me too!! Me too!!! Loving the fact that it isn't pink :)
    And I agree..your model has no right to look so grown up...surely she's your sister? lol
    Hugs xx

  7. p.s. if I don't win, could Craig please get me one @ the fab-u-lous (sorry I've been watching Strictly and the Craig on there) price he quoted...pretty please..?

  8. Definitely wouldn't ask you to send it my way, but I love it. What a cool idea

  9. Ooo, ooo, oo (she says trying not to sound like a chimp, me pleeeeeeeeeease! Shall be keeping my fingers crossed!!!
    As soon as I saw it I thought "paints & brushes"!!! & then my thoughts wandered some more & loads more ideas came tumbling out, no wonder you wanted one & what a sweetie Craig is getting 2.

  10. Wow-this is so much better than the scrapbooking totes!
    And my daughter has that same top btw!!

  11. Wow Carmen, another giveaway, you have such a generous heart and Craig too, what a love! Please include me in the draw as my paints are screaming out to be organised! x

  12. This is me entering Virginia into the draw because she's away at the mo.

  13. And Gail who is still reading via phone but can't comment ;)

  14. Oh I would love to be entered! This wouls be ideal for storing all my WIP's!

  15. I laughed out loud at that final comment about the colour ... hurrah for non-pink things :D


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