Tool Tote Giveaway - Winner

Almost forgot - luckily Craig came in and asked who he was sending the tool tote to. So, without further delay and hesitation... I shall hand over to my random generator...

Mix, mix, mix...
Bit more mix, mix, mix...
Ooh, who could it be...
Blurry in your face...
Slightly less blurry but a lot more scary... tadaaa!
Congratulations Sam! Your tote will be in the post tomorrow.

Hard cheese everyone else :D But just a cheeky reminder that if you'd like one of these totes we can supply them (within the UK) for £23.95 which is the total amount including postage. If you're interested just give me a shout and I will get Craig to invoice you.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. Don't know how I missed this one!! Congrats to the winner x

  2. hard cheese.
    hard cheese indeed. i love that so much that i will now say it Lots and Lots.

    Hey! i have that how to draw zombies book!


  3. Oi, that can't be MY random generator?! Why isn't she holding my name out to the camera? Hard cheese? I'll give you hard cheese, with a dry cracker. Hurrumph.

    Oh, please ask Craig to sort me out a tote, and I'll even pay for it. I'm marvellous, me.


  4. ps many congrats to lucky Sam, btw!

  5. Congrats Sam!! Enjoy your tote.
    Hugs xx

  6. I've totally missed the loop here :-P haha i'm back now anyway ;-)

  7. Congratulations Sam!!! I know that tote will be put to really good use in her crafting room :)

  8. WOW!Thank you so much Carmen and cutie random generator, and your wonderful hubby Craig! You have made my week!!I am already arranging the paints in it in my head!Thank you, thank you thank you! x

  9. Just had to say that is the cutest random number generator I have ever seen!


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