Secret Santa Swap

Hi everyone :)

I've emailed you all with only a few hiccups! I forgot to send addresses to a few of you and Wendy - you nearly ended up with two Santa's! Whoops!

If any of you have not had an email yet then please check your spam/bulk folders. If still no joy, let me know and I'll email you again :) Remember if you have any questions for your stalkees, give me a shout and I'll ask them in confidence for you.

Please can we make sure to post our goodies to our recipients by the 1st of December, allowing good time for Santa's elves at the post office to do their stuff.

Have fun people! Let the stalking commence!


  1. Thank you, Carmen - email received and understood, nudge nudge, wink wink (don't know why I wrote that, it just seemed appropriate!).

    I don't think I'll have too much difficulty getting something for my victim.


  2. Oh let the stalking commence - this is going to be seriously good fun! Thanks Carmen for being a star with regards to this!

  3. Well If I'd have got 2 lots of stuff back ;)

    Searching for cloak of invisibility let the stalking commence.........

  4. Oh, this sounds like fun! :)


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell releases October 31st!

  5. Spy glasses and trenchcoat in place.....tipping toeing...and trying hard not to giggle....

    Oh wait...I can....teeheeteehee!!!!

  6. Email received Carmen...should have no problem finding things to suit my victim! lol
    Hugs xx

  7. hiya Carmen, feel free to use the review. xxx

  8. fuck fuck fuck

    i missed secret santa


    it's a four year plan, thank God,

    only the NHS can be more beaurocratic than the French so I am beating the froggies at their own game and taking AGES to move and personally hand delivering all required papaer work, and subjecting them to my terribel french
    I may consider marrying the appropriate Maire or taking one to be my lover for as long as he remains useful to me...planning permission granted - utilities connected, diamonds donated - au revoir monsieur

    i want to be a fluent franglaiser before we go, Niall is a whizz ( which pisses me off) and with much less experience is beating me hands down in the fluency stakes,

    then the bugger spills the beans,

    especially in Brittany

    Gaelic is almost a shared he talks like the blimmin johnny forigneres like he is a native.

    because i am horropauseal and therefore a sociopath I decided in retaliation, to develop my own franglais langusge which hither to will be used at will and spoken with such confidence no one will have the temerity to misunderstand me.




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