Secret Santa Swap

Look, I made a button and everything!

This was my very first ATC! Aww!

I'll pin this post to the top of my blog and I'll leave it there until Saturday the 15th October. That's over a week for you to decide if you want to play. (For newer posts please scroll down past this one.)

Grinch hat on.

I'm very sorry but this swap is only open to regular visitors to the blog. If I don't recognise your name then I'm afraid you can't play. This is purely because it's my first time hosting a swap and I want to find my feet. I also want to say thank you to the lovely people who have stood by me, put up with my ramblings and let me waffle on about nothing for two years. :) If it goes well, I'll definitely host future swaps in future - who knows this could be a new Christmas tradition!

Grinch hat off.

We've had some interest hence an official proper post! I will take a couple of days after the 15th to collate information and shuffle some paperwork whilst looking all official. I'll then email you all with who you will be stalking. You can then commence villainous laughter, rubbing hands with glee and sneaking along shady internet corridors... as if you didn't all do that already!

Please put together a fabulous Christmas gift for your recipient. Stalk well. Find out what they would swoon clear away over. It can be anything. ANYTHING. Handmade, stash, books, chocolate... just tailor it to your person and fill it with yuletide cheer. I'm imagining myself as Father Christmas in a dress here, whiskers and all LOL! OK, am making myself laugh at the mental images now - but I want you to all be skipping around sprinkling your festive glitter. Sing carols while you make something gorgeous - it's allowed. Drag Queen Santa says so!

So far the consensus I'm getting is that good quality second hand stuff - books, stamps, vintage/retro items - is all good and welcome. Means you'll get more pressie for your buck is what I'm hearing LOL! If you don't feel this way please let me know so I can pass it on to your Santa.

Shall we set the minimum spend at £10? (Roughly $15.48 according to if you wish to spend more on your recipient, feel free but be aware that your sender might not be in the position to do the same.

If you want to know something in particular about your recipients likes etc, email me and I will email them for you anonymously. Obviously I am the only one who will know who my Santa is. So that one wouldn't be anonymous.

Things I need from you -

1. Who you are.
2. Email address
3. Blog address (for stalkage)
4. Postal address
5. Some likes/dislikes. Do you have a wishlist online?

Please email the above to - whoopidoo at btinternet dot com (If you've already sent me the list - thank yooou!)

I'll probably think of more stuff.. I will try to get you posting within your own country to keep costs down. We so far have a few in the UK and a few in the US so these wont be a problem ;)

So to recap:

Will keep sign up open till the 15th
I'll then email you your victim
Stalk, stalk, stalk.
Make, spend, gather, rummage, eat chocolate and buy some more, wrap, wrap, wrap.
Posting date. Shall we say the 1st of December so it will arrive in good time?
Stalk postie
Shake, rattle and feel pressie
Try and resist till the 25th
Mad tearing frenzy with lots of whooping
Meet back after the big day to show off our gifts (if you want to, I always love nosing at what everyone else got!)

Be sure and tell me if I forgot anything?

Have you been naughty or nice this year? We're making a list, and checking it twice...

Me! - Received
Amy - On Santa's sleigh
Virginia - Received
Joanna - Received
Cameron - On Santa's sleigh
Carol - On Santa's sleigh
Susie - On Santa's sleigh
Sarah - Received
Sam - Received
Wendy - Received (1 of 2)
Brandy - Received
Paige - Received
Joyce - On Santa's sleigh
Andrea - On Santa's sleigh
Donna - On Santa's sleigh

HO HO HO! (I blame Virginia, my dad and my sis! They have totally got me in the spirit!)


  1. much Christmas spirit...
    So pleased this is going ahead...thanks Carmen!
    Hugs xx

  2. ......mmmmmm, methinks someone has opened the Christmas Sherry early this year!

    This looks fun fun fun! Glad I'm on your list and haven't been sent to spam as a 'not-recognised-name' to rot forever.


  3. Looking like mucho fun Carmen - love it!

  4. Christmas spirit is a good thing :-D I am personally very excited :-P

  5. Yay! Permission to stalk....reason enough!

  6. Hi Carmen ~ I followed your link from a comment you left on Sian's blog because I loved your profile picture. What a fun blog you have here! Love your style and wit and love for Alice Cooper. I live in Arizona USA and Alice is actually from here - I even saw him in a restaurant one time. :o)

    Best of luck with your secret Santa endeavor! I have a feeling you have a good time with whatver you take on.

  7. ......stalking from afar, can I ? Rudolph flies fast when with wings :)

  8. Received (and opened...heehee) my gift! Yay!


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