Secret Santa Swap - Call for extra player

I've had an amazing UK blogger *just* miss the sign up. As we are in the early stages of the swap I thought I'd put a call out to see if anyone else wants to partner up. Either a new player or even if you are already playing and don't mind another person to stalk (and be stalked in return.) I wont put up the bloggers name so as to still try and keep it sort of secret.

Please click this link to check out the rules and regs of the swap and if you are interested, drop me a line. (Email button on my sidebar)

Thank you :)


  1. so it is also a secret desk Carmen? IT"S WEDNESDAY

    happy desk hopping,

    I Love Secrets,

    but ask Darcy - I am crap at keeping them..

    i am slightly better at making things

  2. Carmen, I daren't commit to anything else just at the minute - but best of luck finding another taker. If anyone can persuade someone in, you can!

  3. I don't mind taking on another if nobody else can play - rather than this person getting left out. but if you get another new sign up obviously give them priority....

  4. I'm so glad that Ruby liked her bag - at least she won't be always emptying your pegs out all the time LOL :)
    Hugs, LLJ xx


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