Scrapbook Zombies

Happy Halloween Freaksters!

What better way to celebrate than with my first scrapbook page in... ack, I ran out of fingers and that's including the ones in the jars... lets just say in a looooong time!

My darling little monsters looking all cute and zombified. Proud Mama Monster here :) If you'd like to know how the page came together then please shamble on over to Gauche Alchemy where I spill my guts. Bwaaahaaahaaahaaar!

Thanks for stopping by ghoulish ones!


  1. You do like your zombies, don't you!

  2. Fantastic - love the zombies!! Happy Halloween :D

  3. Ha ha ha ha, brilliant!!!!!

    ps new series of Walking Dead just started on Sky - it's fantastic! Look out for it on terrestrial............. x

  4. you know I love, love, love this page, off to GA to nick all your skills :-)

  5. haha sooooo cool :-) I love the zombie costumes too! I once made a really cool skeleton costume! I wore all black and cut out white crepe paper bones to attach tot he front.....I was so impressed with myself haha!!

  6. Fabulous page Carmen!! Fabulous zombies too... :)
    Hugs xx

  7. Wow! Thats one scary page! Love the background of the bloody hands, great effect. What a fun mix of horror and humour. x

  8. Wow! I love that dripping paint! Maybe it won't be so long until your next one now?

  9. I know I'm a day late but I hope you had the bestest Halloween ever - I'm sure you were Aliced up to the max with lots of ghoulish-ness stuff going on. Loving the zombie kids - chips off hte old block I see :) Jaqui x

  10. Fab page! The costumes are great, really scary, no wonder the children were scared!! Love the note stuck on with the suggestion to run for your funny! Hopefully we will now see more scrapbook LO's????????

  11. Great LO your style it. Love big Zombies new blog too xx
    ...nearly forgot ...I was inspired by your last canvas to use a phrase ... a huge thanks for that ...and more xxxxxxxxx's to you.

  12. :) are they yours? the zombies?
    i like zombies :)
    unicorns are good too - but zombies would win the dance off.

  13. Great LO... but I'm worried about that knife!!???!!! Eeeek!
    JoZarty x

  14. Those are some good looking zombies...and that little, less gorey one down in the corner is a cutie!

    Love this page, Carmen....the handprints and message to Humanity are so you! Brilliant!


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