Rocking My World Friday...

Hi everyone :) I'm trying the "jot things down as they happen" approach to the post this week. We'll see what happens that I might usually have forgotten!

Entering The Artists and Illustrators competition to win this...

...and at the end being given a code to get the next three issues of the magazine for £3.00 Marketing ploy? Probably. Do I care? Not a jot - love that magazine and am chuffed at my bargainous booty!

Someone has pinned one of my posts! And it wasn't me! Yes I have pinned lots of my posts - mainly book reviews but... someone else, who I don't know, has pinned my Clicker Clacker tutorial! Chuffed much? It's the first time it's happened! Thank you random person for giving me a big smile when I was feeling miserable, bunged up and snotty!

The two bags of apples we bought in Tesco are really mank and everyone is refusing to eat them... but the oranges are really lush, juicy and sweet yet with a sour tang. Bellissimo! Mwah! I've just sat and scoffed one and am now delicately, most ladylike, picking the bits from my teeth.

We signed youngest little monster up to the local newspapers kids club. We enter the competitions for her every week. Got a phone call at the weekend - she's won a family ticket to Chatham Historic Dockyard! The ticket arrived today with a load of bumf about what's happening there at the moment...

Ooh! So we'll be trying to get along to that while it's still on. Not been to the dockyard in years - not since eldest not-so-little monster was a bubba! Must be over 12 years ago!

Talking of monsters - I love it when Big Cook and Little Cook get in the kitchen. They've been baking up a batch of Peppa Pig cakes today.

Big Cook wants to work in childcare eventually - I think she'll be brilliant!

Look what arrived in the post today! The fella on the right is Marvin, I won him from Amy's blog. I had been drooling over the one on the left when she blogged and she only went and popped that one in too! How amazing? We've decided that one is called Maude. So Maude and Marvin are going to be framed and put on the wall that faces my desk so I can see them when sat here. I love them both to bits and keep just looking at them! Thank you Amy!

Below is another win! I know - It's been a lovely week for snail mail this week. This book was one from the Dark Readers blog. It looks really good so will let you know how I get on with that one!

More bargainous loot! This time from Poundland. They are selling their Halloween bits at 6 items for £5.00 so I got this swag...

...and the girls got some dressing up bits too! That fabric is glittery, velvety fun - I may go back for some more - they are meant to be scarves but I shall be cutting up for makings. The skellies on twine just had to come home!

And my last positive of this week is... communication. Things have been getting on top of me and I've started to down scale what I'm doing. Instead of bottling things up I've gone to people and explained - the response and advice has been amazing. So. Communication. Definitely.

How has your week been? I must say I remembered a lot there by jotting down! Why not stop by Virginia's and play along!

Thanks for stopping by :)

p.s Big Cook has just joined the ranks of the Rockettes :) Her post is here if you'd like a peek.


  1. lol - I entered that printing press competition last night :) and I also signed up for the 3 issues for £3 thing. Be careful to cancel your direct debit before the next payment goes out though as the second payment is £40 or something like that.....

    and as for poundland halloween bits - did you get one of the black lace tablecloths with the skulls on? I might have bought three (embarassed smiley :))

  2. Wow your week really has rocked!!! Re the Poundland bargains - I may cough cough just have snuck a couple of the above mentioned lace tableclothes into the house, didn't see the scarves but was definately drawn to the leg warmers :)

    Have a fab weekend. Claire x

  3. What wins ! Love the pics & am going to pop over right after this. Love the Big cook Little Cook in action.
    I'm afraid I don't know what " Pinning a post " means but it does sound great ! Well done !

  4. :)))

    your daughters are beauteous.

    so pretty!

    what does mank mean? yucky?

  5. Loving your post! Well done on the wins - some super yummy prizes there....
    Love your pound shop buys too.
    What beautiful daughters you have. :)
    Hugs xx

  6. Love those Halloween bargains - may have to go to Poundland - still want to collect bits for my configurations box.... have a good next week. Loved Devon's post...wonder where she gets it from...

  7. Poundland sounds fabulous!! I have raided every dollar store I know of...would be fantastic to see the English version!!

    What a great week! I'm smiling for you...and I love the sight of your girls together! Makes me feel guilty I don't let Maggie help in the kitchen as often as she'd like...

    I read Devon's cute...I'm following her now....gotta see what you get into that you don't tell us here...heehee!
    Though, you really hold anything back, do you?! ;P

    Much love,

  8. Hello - I was commenting much earlier but then I got side tracked by your clicky clacker :) I for see me having a go at some point in the future. Well done on all the wins. Love to see kids in the kitchen, hoping for big things as T gets bigger. We accepted another offer on the flat (fingers crossed 3rd time lucky - for the sake of my sanity I am mostly pretending it is not happening......). Halloween party and fireworks tomorrow woohoo :D

  9. what cute girls! you are scooping up the loot, lucky you!

  10. Loads of goddies for you this week then Carmen! Love those paintings of mavin and maude they are fab! I have not seen those halloween scarves in our poundland :( or I would have scooped up a couple. Great photos of big cook little cook, have commented on Devvies blog I think shes gonna have an awesome blog like her mum!!!x

  11. I am LOVIN' Marvin and Maude! Absolutely brilliant, they must bring a smile to your face when you look at them looking back at you. The Street Art exhibition looks interesting - make sure you tell us all about it when you go and see it. Great prize. Lovely pics of the cooks in the kitchen, performing their very own Great British Bake-Off. Looks fun, and messy!
    What a lovely surprise to see someone had pinned your clicker-clacker thinger-me-jig.

    Great Rocking post, missus. Happy Halloween, wa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!


  12. finally got round to looking at my beautiful Rockette's post! This post is full of gratefuls and amazing positives. Loving the baking session I'm sure Devon will be awesome in childcare if that's what she want to do!

    Loving the wins that you've had and the gifts from Amy are great, take a piccie when they are in situ so we can all sit back and admire! Haven't seen your clicker clacker instructions yet but will check it out, think I've got one of those things lurking in the dark recesses of a box somewhere!

    Right off to check the rest of the posts

    biggest hugs !

  13. Hi Carmen I was me who pinned your post :) I finally got around to making one, my little boy loves it. Thanks for the idea.


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