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It's Fridaaaaaay! And I'm posting on the right day! Only because I spotted all the other Rocking posts in my sidebar and realised what day it was... but still!

First up this week - my lovely middle monster got a rave review at her parents evening. She's achieving above where she should be in all subjects and in one of them is a whole tier above where she should be. The teacher actually used the words "model pupil" and "mathematical brain" which was quickly followed up with "handwriting like a doctors" but we wont dwell on that bit! :D He did say he'd rather she scrawled and was brilliant than take her time over her writing and never finish anything. Just as well really as she gets progressively more illegible the more fast and frantically she writes!

Craig. This one makes me smile just typing it. For months I have been banging on and on that I want this certain something for my stash organisation. I've spotted this certain something in places like Homebase and Wickes (Hardware/D.I.Y stores for non-UK peeps) but priced at way above and beyond what I want to pay. But the time was coming where my WANT was nibbling away at my reluctance to fork over that much cash. Craig has been saying hold off, I'm sure I can find it cheaper through my suppliers. Just WAIT.

This afternoon, I came in from pottering around outside and this certain something... is sitting on my computer chair. Not only has he sourced it for me, and ordered it... he's ordered an extra one for me to do as a giveaway on my blog!!! Just "in case any of the other crafty peeps would like one too!" He says as long as I only promise to post in the UK, he can afford it. (Sorry everyone else!) Can you believe that? So hence my secrecy - it'll be a separate post probably tomorrow. I mean, you lot may not be wanting one as much as I did but I reckon a few of you might! Isn't he lovely?

Next up, we turned the heating on last night. For the first time. I am so grateful that we actually have heating to turn on - the old house was un-central heated so it was a case of how many layers you could wear before you could no longer move! And secondly that means that I've been able to wear my snuggly jumpers and sit all toasty toasty. I love this season but I love it even more when we get the proper weather with it. Some gorgeous colours around at the moment - there's a bush down by the school and the leaves have turned a proper fire red. So pretty.

I'm loving how everyone has embraced the Secret Santa swap - I see lots of stalking going on. This makes me happy!

LLJ - remember my peg bag from last week? Well, because Ruby monster was convinced it was a Mr Tumble bag (because of all the spots) LLJ made and sent her a little handbag from Mr Tumble! How wonderful is that? I haven't got a picture as she has hidden it away - think she thinks I am going to nick it - but you can see a picture here. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the people of Blogland never ever fail to surprise me with their kindness and generosity.

You lot. Again. Yeah - thank you for all your wonderful words a couple of weeks ago. It just occurred to me I didn't know if I said thank you. I'd said that bit about maybe packing up my blog to say why I appreciated Craig. I never for one moment expected the response I got and have been re-reading my comments this week. I'm still at a point where I'm thinking of cutting down the things I'm involved in, just because I'm finding it hard to keep up. But it's safe to say I doubt I'll ever get rid of my little blog. It's like a little virtual second home now. Thank you everyone - you sure know how to inflate a girls head.

How has your week been? Why not stop by Virginia's and play along.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. I soooooooooo agree with the virtual second home - so no don't you dare wander off and leave us - where would we be without you! Taking stock and cutting down on things if it makes life sensible seems logical - provided it's not your blog otherwise there will be picketing on the front of your house!

    I had forgotten your old place didn't have central heating, hope you're enjoying it - you soon become accustomed believe you and me!

    The colours are utterly gorgeous at the moment, came through a tiny village near us today and that deep crimson red was a sight to behold!!!

    Loving the teacher comments - that's awesome you must be very proud of her. Will check out the Mr Tumble bag in a minute.

    Now this blog giveaway - what on earth can it be? I'm absolutely intrigued particularly given the places you could buy it, but I'm not sure. Hope I can catch up with that post before we venture off to North Yorkshire for some family time and hopefully to get rid of this blimming cold I've like forever!

    Biggest Hugs hun


    PS Thanks for your comment on my weight loss blog, you seem to be doing great, I'm not - I'm doing crap, since the cold appeared I've struggled to focus in that direction and am actually wondering whether dieting actually works given that there are a few mums in the playground that got to goal last year that seem to be back to their old size (bit like me). Am thinking of trying an alternative - I'll let you know if it's any good - but it's gonna cost LOL! Failing that might try lopping off a limb - that might work hahahahahahahahaha

    Hugs again


  2. Yeah, don't you DARE give up your blog!!! Even if you only get on here once in a blue moon, that's better than never. I LOVE your posts. Today's is especially positive - what a week - all looking good this time, see that's why you do it, balance the good with the not-so!! Go middle moster!!
    Can't wait to see what you're giving away, so I will be back!
    Hugs xx

  3. Fantastic post ...where to start.
    Firstly ...and most importantly
    DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR BLOG ...even if you just use it as a diary of whats going on, once a week.

    Well done Middle One ...I bet you are glowing with pride Carmen....and OH too ofcourse.

    I am intrigued to know what you hankered for and Craig puchased ...not one of ....but two ...what a thoughtful chap.

    As for central heating went on this week here too, although Jay is moaning that it is not cold enough yet and flings all the windows open ...and I watch the £'s drift through ... but what I wanted to say was that I lived without it for 58 years but now I cant believe I ever did. Hugs to you and the family xx

  4. Oh wow, how fab of Craig, 1st off for buying you something you really wanted & secondly for getting one for a prize on here, wow! top man.

    Yay for middle daughter. My Mom was told that my brain worked too fast for me to write it down so I kinda scrawled it down as fast as I could instead .. maybe its the same with middle daughter - of course that was before I got older & thicker, my handwriting has improved loads with losing a few brain cells.

  5. We all insist you stay RIGHT HERE! We missed you so much when you went between houses and had internet probs so you now have to stay with us forever and ever muhahahaha (or however you spell it!)

    Those positives are great & what a splendiferous partner you have there, yay!

    Thanks also for the comments about my painting snails (or is it snails painting?) post, maybe I should sell it to a modern art gallery for squillions? lol. xx

  6. Craig is a top man - he is so kind and thoughtful to get one *something* for you and another *something* for us. Top middle monster - who's taking the credit for the brains?! You're going to turn into a softy like the rest of us now you've got central heating - enjoy! Colours at this time of year are wonderful, our Stags Horn tree in the front garden is a stunning red, I love looking out at it.

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  7. wait. whoa.
    you were considering not blogging?

    i DARE you.
    just kidding.

    so i'm not making much sense.

    i'm off to stalk.


  8. Good stuff....I like when you have weeks like this!

    If you ever quit, I'd have to use all my savings to fly out there and beat some sense into you...then, I'd be mad that you made me use my savings...and I'd have to beat you a little more...haha!

    Of course, this is making me laugh because you are like a foot taller than me...and I'd be the one getting the whoop(di doo)ing!

    Love ya that much :D

  9. Great round up again! I will always remember that first feeling of heat when we got our central heating put in - you could almost taste it! So you enjoy it (maybe that jumper your Mum knitted will turn into one for looking at not wearing now, and then it'll last and last..)

  10. Sounds like you have had a great week. Its so nice when you hear great things about your kids isnt it? I mean I know my Kids are fab, clever, beautiful etc because they are mine, but so nice when the teacher recognises their hard work!!!!!Kids get such a bad press these days so its nice to be able to hear the lovely stories!
    You wont know yourself with the central heating, I have refused to put mine on yet even if it means layers and not moving off the sofa where Im sat with 2 blankets over me!
    What a sweetie Craig is to get you a prezzie and one for your blog giveaway! x


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