Rocking My World Friday...

ON FRIDAY! Whatever next? A heat wave in October? Oh wait...

So, what's been happening this week then my lovelies? Well quite a lot of poopy stuff I can tell you but from reading all your lovely blogs I know I'm not alone. In a roundabout way that in itself makes me feel better. Not in an evil cackling "if I suffer you suffer" kind of way but in a "we're all in the same boat, different stream" kinda way. Did that make sense at all?  I'm glad, once again for you lot. For being there, being supportive and if I can be there for you in return... well I hope I can.

I didn't win the lottery this week - but I went one better. I won a fiver from the Wrigleys Tooth Fairy! Woohoo! Triple packet of chewing gum which cost £1 from Icelands. Not bad, not bad! I'll tell you now, it's always worth giving the Wrigley's competitions a go, especially if you chew a lot of gum anyway (I do, try and stop me scoffing so much!) Last time they ran a comp both myself and my sister won two tickets each to see Beyonce in concert at the O2. Craig very gallantly took our eldest to that. So kind of him. Talking of the lottery this week and reading the news of those massive winners who went public gave us lots of food for thought. Would you publicly "come out" if you won? I think my answer would be a definite and resounding no. Wouldn't it be nice to win a comfortable amount of cash? I think, and Craig agreed, we'd still be as penny pinching as we are now though. No twenty bed mansion for us, to much to clean. I'd love a house large enough for the girls to have their own room each, for Craig to have a large garden he could fill with aviary's and enough room for my Dad to have a Granny (should that be Grandad?) bungalow out back and I'd have a studio in the top floor of the house with the ceiling being all windows, lots of natural light. Our living room would be lined with bookshelves. And I could have ducks in the garden. I want a duck. And a tortoise. I've not thought about it much though as you can see!

Next positive this week was this glorious sunset espied through the small roof window when putting monster no.3 to bed. Isn't it gorgeous?

Love it when nature surprises you when you least expect it. Felt like a little reward after struggling up two flights of stairs with my dodgy swollen ankles. Don't ask - think I knackered them completely when I tried jogging a while back! That'll teach me to try something that is obviously completely and totally wrong!

Receiving lovely surprises in the post. Remember the P.I.F? Yes, well, I am still to complete mine - I've sent one off. Thankfully I gave myself to the end of the year. Look what arrived in the post from Wendy this week!
It's her first ever sewing project to include a zip... and she sent it to me! I love it! See Wendy, I told you it was the perfect size for a little sketchbook and pencils for my bag. Thank you again, love it!

I am so far in the Christmas spirit these days that I'm surprised I'm not pooping jingle bells! Really, it's like someone flicked a switch. I bought this gorgeous peg bag from the equally gorgeous LLJan this week. Isn't that fabric fabulous? Monster no.3 is convinced it's Mr Tumble's peg bag.
In the package was a lovely surprise Christmas bunting. Isn't it beautiful?

Love this gold holly leaf...
Look, look... I am going to make it my mission to slowly phase out all the cheap crappy decs that someone (Craig) bought last year and replace it with stuff like this!

This is going over our fireplace this year - just above the altered Christmas cabinet I made last year! Thank you Jan :) (Seriously go check out her blog, she does magic with a sewing machine. I have one of her totes and it's like the tardis inside! My favourite bag ever!)

And speaking of Christmas - I draw my Secret Santa names tomorrow! Yay! Yay! Yay! Still time to sign up if you want to play! I am really looking forward to this swap! Another reason to feel all Christmassy!

These two. How much do I complain about these two. I am a not a doggy person. I am a cat person through and through. So I'm not quite sure how it occurred that we ended up with two dogs and not a single cat... Hmm.

Enjoying the unseasonal heat today.

I love them to bits though. I think it helps that they both seem to think they are cats! Lucy, the old girl at the back. She's our rescue doggy, we don't know how old she is - we've had her 8 years and she's getting a bit doddery and deaf (though I'm sure it's selective!) She's been a bit poorly this week and we were worried for her, really worried, but she seems fine now. Cooper, the one in front, is the whipper-snapper at 2 years old. He is absolutely bonkers and a total man's dog. He adores us all but I think he actually would jump in front of a speeding car for Craig. He sits whining at the back door when he's working. They do make me smile for all my complaining about them (they both have the most awful wind I have ever had the displeasure to smell. Silent but deadly. You sometimes have the pleasure of feeling a pffffft when they are on your lap. That's all you know because you're unconscious for half an hour afterwards!) Cooper in particular was so hyper at our old house. Almost running round the walls and if anyone dared knock on the door he would bounce to head level all over them, slobbering and wanting to play until they left again.

Don't know what it is about this place but he's chilled right out. There's still some initial "look at me, fuss me, love me, let me stick my tongue in your ear" bouncing but it's done and dusted after about 5 minutes now. Mellowed right out has our Coop. So yes, these two muttleys make me smile daily. Even when they are being a pain in the bum!

So that's me for another week. Do you want to play along? Be sure and link up with Virginia so we can all find you.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)

Oh wait - just hit 'post' and thought of another! I gave up bread this week because Craig lost 7lbs last week when he did it. (Jammy git!) So far I've lost a measly 1lb... BUT my jeans keep falling down and I can pull them up and down without undoing the button. And. Some of my incentive clothes - dresses that I will use as long tops - all still got their labels on, suddenly fit this week! I mean I have been hoarding them for YEARS! How strange eh? But definitely Rocking!

OK, am gone again!


  1. oh please can we swap? I am totally 100% a doggy lady, but instead find myself lumbered with a bloody cat! :)

  2. I am totally a doggy person - your two sound wonderful ..despite the pong!!
    What a lovely happy post despite the ankles (jogging is definitely up there with the "i" be avoided at all costs!!!).
    Hugs xx
    p.s. thank you so much for your support - I really do appreciate it. XX

  3. This is my 3rd attempt ...maybe one of the others got through ...I just dropped by to say I enjoyed the post ...and I get really bloated by bread too ....but I LOVE it xx ...oh yes ...I agree, its great to have cyber friends xx

  4. I love the energy this post had! I'm enjoying reading your blog ... The last few weeks have been a bit wonky for me. I'm thinking one more week of ridiculous is in store for me and then some smooth sailing ... when I say smooth sailing I mean, I don't plan on having another car accident and scheduling myself for 12 days of work in a row. I don't have kids yet, but I'm raising a 39 year old husband which at times makes me want to pull my hair out, but I love him like crazy and he supports all of my endeavors. He is my biggest fan :) I also have 2 dogs ... Italian greyhounds. They are horribly jealous dogs Luigi especially ...Tulip has one fault and its a big one: she eats poop YUCK!! She has teeth problems (duh, she eats poop) which have to be dealt with ... clearly this is karma, wonder what I did HA!
    Okay that was rather long and its late so I'm just fully of silly right now ...Fun post to read! :)

  5. Love how you already have planned what you would do with your lottery win- my hubby and I were discussing the same thing in the car the other day!But sadly he and I have very different ideas and I think if we ever got the big win we would end up getting divorced!!! Great shoots of your doggies. I am definately a doggie person, I have two mad cocker spaniels (Blame Paige!)who drive me round the bend by wanting to be wheverever I am, but I love them to pieces! Great gifts in the post this week, especially like the bunting.Looking forward to finding out who my swap partner is! x

  6. Wow a whirlwind post, I totally get the 'being in the same boat' definitely able to pull together and appreciate life. Loving your sunset picture and the bag for your sketch book is awesome as is the Mr Tumble peg bag - love them both!!! Christmas bunting is awesome. Now these cheap and nasty decorations you mention - what about grabbing out some of those baubles (ooh err missus) and some modge podge and tissue paper - you'd be amazed how different you can make them look if you give them half a chance.

    Sat here coughing my guts up whilst said 11 year old and hubby are screaming at the screen - Rugby on!!!

    Hope you are having a beautiful and blessed weekend - hugs!

    PS I love your name, it is completely amazing and simply beautiful!!

    PPS Can you send some of that magic fairy dust that makes your trousers looser to me - could really do with it at the moment!

  7. Going to concentrate on the positives!! What a sunset!! Not sure I'd share my lottery winning news..... mind with my luck on it lately I'd settle for a tenner. Love the bunting from LLJ, it's gorgeous. Hope you (we!!) have a good week next week... and thank you. you know why.

  8. Well done on the inch loss :-) Maybe by cutting the bread out your less bloated? Therefore slimming you down but with little weight loss.

    My cats definately wouldnt jump infront of a speeding car for us, but one of them would definately remain on my shoulders regardless of a car aiming at me or not. I was filling the washing machine earlier when she jumped on my back, which is where she tried to remain as I stood up.

  9. Great photo of the evening skyline, such gorgeous colours.

    Many congrats on the gum win.......I'll get the begging letters in the post tomorrow ;o)

    Cooper and Lucy look so gorgeous, definitely honorary cats! Luckily I am a dog and a cat person, although as far as our dog and cat are concerned I come a very poor second to Grant. Their fawning devotion to him is embarrassing!

    Great PIF gift - perfect for you with those bony people on the cover (they clearly gave up bread a long time ago!) and the right size for sketchbook and pencils. Clever Wendy.

    Maybe I should give up bread for dramatic weight loss. As long as I don't have to give up chocolate cake and wine as well.

    Looking forward to hearing who my Secret Santa victim is.


  10. Hooray!
    For so many things! I've had the best luck with following a no sugar/ low carb plan. Just went back on it 3 weeks ago. Lost 6 pounds so far...
    It really is the only thing that works for me and my pasta loving sweet tooth ridden self....

    Can't wait to see Who I get...heehee!


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