Pinterestingly smART!

Betcha thought I hadn't been making anything didn't you?

Well, you'd be right there, serious case of someone sucking all my time away. Feels like no sooner do I get up than it is bed time again and I am shattered, with booger all done in-between! But the couple of things I have made have been for the Gauche Alchemy blog. So, I've been sitting on my hands so as not to blog them to soon.

This was for Virginia's birthday. She seemed to like it which I'm so pleased about as it has my blood, sweat and tears in that thing. Well, maybe not blood... but it came close!

Whoopidooings (Carmen Wing) MAKE smART choices in YOUR LIFE - Acrylic Mixed Media on canvas
Whoopidooings (Carmen Wing) MAKE smART choices in YOUR LIFE - Acrylic Mixed Media on canvas

If you'd like to know how I made it and how a certain t-shirt on Pinterest inspired it then click through to Gauche Alchemy for a gander. Leave some lurve... or throw spit balls, it's up to you. I'll just cry quietly into my tea... 

I'm thinking about maybe doing a monthly post, a project inspired by Pinterest. Been thinking about it for a while - since I did this canvas really - and then this post over at K's made me think others might as well. What do you reckon? Want to join me? Just once a month, pick one thing, any thing, no set theme, off Pinterest and use it to spark your inspiration. Then in your post show your creation and what sparked the idea.

I know my mojo needs some serious resuscitation at the moment! You can join me if you like.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Great the lettering ...are those a couple behind it too ...sure I have seen the one on the left. Thankyou so much for the advice ...I will try that on the next one ...see ...I'm really having fun messing around ....not sure what I shall do with them though ...maybe hang one if I am ever really happy with it.xx

  2. LOVE it! What a comeback, this is BRILL! Just the type of thing I want to be doing more of. Think I could well be up for that Pinterest idea, you already know how much I love it! ;) xx

  3. i think this is a neat idea. i really like the canvas you made. i am not on pinterest - or if i am, i don't know my username. but if you post what you are inspired by, i'd play along.

    well. okay.
    if you are doing this, i can join pinterest so that i can play along. okay. so yes. that is me saying i'll do it :)))

  4. Love it! :) You are so talented. I wish I were more visually creative, but I find it difficult to even put an outfit together every morning, so there probably isn't a lot of hope for me, haha.

    And I have yet to get the hang of pinterest! Any tips? lol.

  5. Love that canvas!! I am NOT getting into pinterest, there isn't enough time in the day.... but I will gladly read your inspiring posts about it!!

  6. Love it Carmen!!
    Like the Pinterest idea too...never thought to take a photo of the buttermilk, blueberry breakfast cake or I could have joined in now....baking is "creative" isn't it? lol
    Hugs xx

  7. LOVE IT!!!! love all the layers, the colours, the lettering, the message, EVERYTHING.
    &, Oh gosh, I got a mention **goes red** ;-)
    I'd totally be up for the once a month pinterest challenge.

    Oooooo, incase you have one near you with them in stock, our new & very exciting 99p store has canvas in, bit bigger than A4 but smaller than A3 **runs off to get tape measure** 30cm x 40cm.

  8. Mojo - what's that then? Mine's has gone for a round the world trip I think...
    Loving your work as always Mrs although I wish I had a 3D screen or stroke-a-vision to get the full scrumminess of it.
    Jaqui x

  9. Fantastic! I'm feeling a bit mojo-less at the moment. Wish I wasn't, but you have given me the perfect excuse to spend a lot of time on Pinterest and feel like I'm being creative

  10. Carmen, this is great! Love all the depth and layers and the texture on the lettering is beautiful. I can see the 'we do' canvas is coming along as well!! I would love to join you in the pinterest challenge,it should encourage me to actually make something with the inspiration instead of sitting on pinterest all day oohing and ahhing over everyone elses creativity!


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