Grunge Goes Girly!

Recently I was asked to do a baby canvas for a little girl! Yes, Me! It was Carol doing the asking and I did have a fleeting thought that maybe she wanted to terrorise the poor child, but hey, the customer is always right... right?

In the end, after a lot of fun playing with this canvas, I really liked it and I hope bubba does too. I tried to go girly but not to babyish so that it would be able to stay up in her room as she grows.

I'm sure I took some better pictures before I posted it off but can I find them? No. I hope this gives a rough idea.

The background text is verses from the "Hush Little Baby" song.

It still ended up with some grunge in there - can't help myself. I like it and it's a one off that no one else will have for their baby isn't it.

Thank you Carol - for the challenge and for asking me. It was an honour, all be it a kind of scary one!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by :)


  1. Oh that's lovely I love the canvas and it definitely should grow with the baby as she gets older, I love the detail of the hush a bye baby poem in the background, it gives it some serious depth - gorgeous sweetie, how you doing with the CJ, I finished mine at 12.30am this morning - I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired! Serves me right for leaving it so late, glad it's done though now - a real sense of achievement!

  2. I can see all the fun you had in this canvas! What a wonderful creation for a little girls room!

    I think she'll definately be able to enjoy this for a long, long time :D
    Glad to see you arting, my Friend!!

  3. I love it! Awesome work Carmen and yes, it will grow with her as it's girly but not babyish!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. it appears you can't buy for s'one else's Kindle, so a real, physical book will be popping through your letter box on Weds. Enjoy!! I'm loving it..another hunky vampire to lust after. :)

  4. Oh this is GORGEOUS, dahling! I'm lovin' the grunge, such a refreshing change from all the usual baby girl stuff. I'm wondering how you did the text and name......? Freehand?

    Great canvas, and one which will be treasured by Mum and babe alike.


  5. Love your 'girly grunge' ...did your actually write the background text ????

  6. I asked you because I knew you could do it :-) It looks great so ttthhhaaannnkkk yooouuuu, i'll be coming again ;-)

  7. So cute! I love the mix of colors you used and the "Hush Little Baby" in the background! Gorgeous work, Carmen! Love it!

  8. FUN!!!! Great background mix of colors and textures!! The buttons heart is awesome!!

  9. Oh, you made it just for ME!? Just kidding. But I was confused there for a minute, because I'm an Amy Elizabeth. Seriously, what is it with names between us, Carmen? First we have the same last name and then you go and make a canvas with my first and middle name on it!

    It is absolutely lovely. I know your customer will enjoy it.

  10. This is great! I love how you have done the text in the background, really effective. The colours are fab and love the button heart.It's great to see you got your grunge in there!
    I see from your side bar that you are reading A discovery of Witches...let me know what you think of it, I read it a couple of months ago and quite enjoyed it.


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