Drawn In - Winner

Oops. Who forgot to draw a winner for this fabulous book? Maybe the same person who has read it again since that review? Ho hum!

I have now unleashed the random generator who uses the magic Smarties bowl of good karma.... otherwise known as our key bowl.

Mix, mix, mix...
Bake a cake, bake a cake...Tension mounts...
I am wondering if my random generator has been bribed and corrupted in some way. Hmmm. Congratulations Joanna - I'll pop the book in the post to you. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well done Joanna!!! Enjoy your prize. :)
    Hugs xx
    p.s.love the "technology" of your random number generator Carmen...def. cuter than mine! lol

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Yippee ai aye!! It's MINE, all MINE. Could you also please pop sweet number generator into packet because I would like to adopt her.

    Off to skip up and down the road in a frenzied and happy fashion!


  3. :)
    i'm glad that she won seeing as she is skipping so frenzied like :)


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