The C Word...


There, I said it!


Wait - don't run away. Let me explain my potty mouth!

I've been thinking. Wouldn't it be nice on Christmas morning, after you've run your socks off playing Santa, decking the halls, shoving random herbs and spices up a turkeys bum... that you would have a present tailored especially to you under your tree. Full of handmade goodness... or stash, maybe some chocolate, a book... a lovely gift that someone has put sweat, tears and a whole lot of love into compiling. Not just a last minute grab off the shelf on Christmas Eve?

On the flip side - how about some fully stealth like, no holds barred, stalking. All legal and above board Guv!

Have I piqued your interest?

Well then, who's up for a swap?

Been pondering for a while about doing a Secret Santa swap but have heard so many stories about how much hard work it is, how swappers have been let down. How people have gone bald and turned into homicidal maniacs whilst hosting a swap... it's for this reason and because it's my very first swap to host... that it's only open to the regulars that have stopped by here. Not fair? A bit of the Grinch stealing in there? I don't care - them's the rules and if I don't recognise your name then I'm sorry, for this first swap, while I find my hostess feet, you can't play. I'm hoping that'll also mean it'll be a stress free ride for me. (Was that Maggi I just heard falling off her chair laughing?) Plus it's a way of saying thank you for saving my sanity over this past couple of years. (By letting you destroy it! Ha!)

OK, if you are still reading and still interested... here's what I'm thinking. Feel free to shout out some ideas and what not - this post is purely the initial idea.

It'll be a one on one swap so you wont know who you are getting from but you'll obviously know who you are sending to and will be able to stalk their blog for ideas. If you have a question for the person you are buying/making for, likes and dislikes etc. You can email me and I will anonymously ask them on your behalf. I'm not putting a theme on the swap other than the putting together a yummy present for your victim.

I'm thinking at this point the present can be anything - fully handmade, a bit handmade and some other bits thrown in, A handmade card and a pressie, nothing handmade at all if your prey doesn't like handmade. (Crazy fools!) This is where your stealthy stalking will come in!

I'm thinking a minimum spend/pressie value (not including P&P) would be £10 or £15? (Will work out the minimum in $ if we get people from other countries.) Comment away on this point please. Obviously if you want to, you can spend more, just be aware that your sender might not be in the position to do the same.

So. If you like the idea, fancy playing along then drop me a comment below and send me an email at whoopidoo at btinternet dot com letting me know:
1. Who you are
2. Your address
3. Your bank details (hahaha - I kid!)
4. Whether you are happy to post internationally or whether you would rather post within your own country (so I can match you up)
5. Some likes and dislikes - do you have a wishlist anywhere online? Are you deathly allergic to chocolates etc? Do you want all new or are you OK with gently used. (For example, I am totally OK with second hand books/stamps.)
6. Your blog address (for maximum stalkage.)

Wrap up your goodies, post them on their way and sit back in a cloud of festive good cheer. It's then up to you whether to rip your pressie open immediately or wait until the big day!

Erm... so that's my thinking at the moment. Interested? I'll do a proper swap post if and when I get some interest with the rules and posting dates etc.

Comment away!


  1. Intrigueing! Let me ponder ;)

  2. i emailed you.
    i'll do that.

    assign a rich person to mail to me.

    nevermind. richies are stingy.

    give me someone crazy.

    also. it would be great if i could mail to another crazy person.
    that way she'd appreciate my gift.


  3. Sounds like a great idea, but I am not sure (with all that's going on) if I can take part - bummer!! let me think a bit - when do you need to know by? Mind, I'm not sure I could make something worth that much anyway!

  4. Sounds fun! I'm doing a couple swaps right now but I'll think about joining in!!!!!!!!!

  5. bah humbug , I'm no fan of Christmas, but I'm in :)

    will email you in a tad.

  6. I'm in!!
    I think you probably have all my details but if me. :)
    Hugs xx
    p.s. hope the book arrives safely..I finished it today...AND... it's the first part of a trilogy..have to wait until next year for part 2..damn!

  7. Ok, I thought, pondered and pontificated....and I decided to join in anyways :P

  8. I'd like to join please - I've been wanting to get involved in a swappy thingy and not known where to looky, so ta for that :D
    Why do we have to shy away - I love this time of year from 1st September (unseasonally unpleasant hot weather aside) and I have an unofficial no C until after the 5th November - but who am I kidding I've been making stuff towards it all Septmber and getting excited and I love making people things and last year they were so well received (and p.s. have not forgotten about psy it forward invite thingy and should have something finished soon)

  9. Sounds fun! I'll email you (you'd better not say you don't recognise my name or you'll get a punch on the nose).

    Happy Christmas!


  10. Yes I think I'll join in - for me it'll have to be all 'hand made' and craftylicious I don't have enough people to send my random stuff to anyway!

  11. Carmen, I would love to join in with this please.I will send you an email x


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