Rocking My World Friday...

...on Friday? Is it Friday? I believe it is! On time!

It's one of those sifting through the poop posts this week - please, excuse the "erm..." noises coming from this side of the screen. That would be me thinking!

Firstly has to be Baby Monster Ruby, reaching 4 this week. Can't believe it if I'm honest - time has literally flown by. She had one request. A pink bike with a bell. She got the pink bike - we just have to get the bell to go on it. Had to laugh as she was shaking the present from her Grandad (a baby doll) and she's saying "ooh this is a big box, there might be a bike in here..."
Laundry folding. Hate that job. Takes FOR.EV.AHHHH! However, it's made slightly more bearable when I have two little (not very helpful) helpers!

They ended up rolling around in the nice clean washing, tossing it up in the air while giggling and wuffing at each other. Partners in crime! Definitely make a rubbish job more fun!

Next, signing up to the Marmite newsletter and getting a coupon for a free jar of Marmite in my inbox! Hurrah! Look, for a Marmite lover that is a very big, huge positive right there! Mmmmmarmite! Yum!

Internet seems to be finally fixed. We had a great couple of engineers come out really quickly and sort the problem. Well, quicker than we expected anyway - we were dreading weeks if not months of interrupted internet which would have been a disaster.

Oh, the house has been full of coughs and sore throats this week. Nothing major and no other symptoms. Think the girls and Craig were quite pleased when I fully lost my voice a couple of times there. Apart from an irritating cough it seems to be clearing up.

Loving seeing the autumnal colours creeping through the tree's. Some lovely golden and red leaves are appearing - wish we had the snuggly cool weather to match. I must admit I was not one of the people wishing there had been a hotter summer. I don't do well in heat. Therefore I think it highly unfair that those people have now got their wish in what should be my season. Snuggly cardi's and comfy jeans while you stomp through the leaves. That's the way it should be... I should be allowed my own little bubble of weather to cocoon me. Not to much to ask is it? No, I didn't think so either.

Mr Silver Crow is being spotted more and more. I say Mr, Craig reckons it's a she. Something to do with genetic mutations always occurring in the female or when two of one kind breed another kind it's usually a hen bird... I don't know. He's the bird man... whatever, Silver Crow is getting really big now and turning into a handsome beast I must say. Will have to try and take my camera around with me more, try and get a good picture.

As always, Craig, the girls and the people that keep me sane - you all rock my world. Even when you don't know it!

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  1. A mixed bag there Carmen - funnily enough there are always sighs of relief here when I lose my voice. Hope the "bug" disappears soon.
    Love your little helpers - anything that makes laundry folding fun has got to be good!
    I am in total agreement re the weather - I want to be back in my jeans and woolies not still having to wear girly skirts. :(
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. i don't know what mmmmmmmmarmite is :)
    i know what kids are though, and your's is a cute one.

    for a kid.


  3. Love this post (as always) and on a Friday - look at you go! Loving the photo of Ruby - happy 4th birthday - I know what you mean about where does the time go - it's scary isn't it! I too totally and utterly agree with you - I like the blue skies and the sun - but it's not supposed to be that blimming hot - it isn't I mean it's October for goodness sakes!

    Hope the sore throats and coughs disappear I'm now on a steroid inhaler for my cough - he said he didn't think it was likely to be lung cancer - I mean what is it with these doom and gloom Doctors as you near 40 they start saying flaming irritating crap like that - honestly!

    I'm spending the morning (Craig's been up since six as he's working today on a Saturday I tell you), trying to get my circle done - the statement flying by the seat of my pants comes to mind! So best get back to it - pronto! Hope you are having a great day!


  4. That was supposed to be circle journal - brain working far far faster than fingers - if I've missed other words please feel free to throw them in there whenever you fancy!

  5. I am so agreeing with the season thing - I wait all year for Autumn and what do we get blooming summer and I am hiding inside because it is too hot to go outside - rant over, nuff said!

  6. Happy Birthday Ruby!

    Yes, we are all coughing and spluttering here and our internet has been pants all week. There's something in the air I think..

    Great to see a post from you Carmen - it always brightens my day

  7. Happy Birthday to Ruby! Hope your coughs and colds go - I've had the sore throat but it hasn't come out as a cold yet, which is as well with visiting mum in the hospital... love the idea of the girls "helping" with the laundry...

  8. ahhhh sounds like a pretty rocking week :-) I wish I had seen a silver crow that would be pretty cool :-D

  9. Love Ruby's birthday cake photo and the one of those naughty partners in crime!

    Good to have you back in Blogland, Carmen. You have been missed! I have even forgiven you for giving your Painted Pages book to SusieJ. What am I saying? No I haven't forgiven you. I have, in fact, put a curse on you. Just wanted to get that sorted.

    MARMITE! I'm gonna sign up, I'm a Marmite baby and I love it!

    Photo of Mr Silver Crow please :o)

    Have a great week, Carmen. I hope you shake off all those sore throats and coughles.


  10. What is marmite? Some type of food, right?
    Happiest day to your sweet girl....that face and that puppy make an adorable duo!

    I, too, have been ready for Summer temps to end....of course, I could skip right over that season altogether and have double Autumn!

    I'm sorry your house has been visited by the sickies! Condemn the phlegm...haha!
    A photo of the silver crow would be awesome! I've never seen one and am so intrigued!!

    Big huggies...but no kisses....cooties, you see ;)


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