Rocking My World Friday...

...on Monday. I'll eventually get so late I wont be able to help but end up on the right day!

So - what moments Rocked my World last week? Well, the kids are back to school. No tears. No tantrums. Quite a few smiles actually... There's me thinking the holidays had flown past and now I am wondering if they were ready to go back? Surely not! Biggest surprise was Monster no. 3, usually a prolonged period of absence from nursery brings with it tears and clinginess when it's time to go back. Not this time. She charged in, threw the water bottle in my general direction and I was left standing there like a muppet, comforting arms outstretched and lips puckered for a goodbye kiss. Well. Nice to know I am relegated to chauffeur/bodyguard/general dogsbody with all three of my girls now.

This also meant I could venture out to the workshop where Craig has set up my old desk for messy time.I can't be quite so flamboyant with the "HAYAAAAAH's" as I lob paint, in an over arm arc, straight at the canvas... well it is technically Craig's office after all. *Ahem*

He has also been fabulous as usual this week, not making much comment when I spread off the edge of my desk and onto his, using his printer to prop wet canvasses on and such like. He even indulged in a little more of my "pin-up" modelling today. Remember what I said about if the Gauche Alchemy mama's sent me an apron? Yeah... guess what arrived this week? Maybe NOT watch this space. No complaints from him there - much guffawing more like!

Anyhoo, the old mojo is creaking back to life. The old cogs have started a whirring. There are a couple things making me want to go all Incredible Hulk on their arse. I can't understand why, why, WHY I can visualise stuff so blimming clearly but my hands just wont do their job and recreate what I see in my head. Not much to ask is it? No - I thought not. Another bonus (or not) to Craig working alongside me, I can't have screaming hissy fits and smash canvasses up against the wall and stomp all over them. (Then saying I knocked something over when he wonders what the noise was!) But a couple of things, well a couple of things have taken on a life of their own and I haven't really had that before. You know when you read in books or online, "I didn't paint, this or create that, I was just the tool that brought it to life" - yeah, cue much snorting and eye rolling from this side of the screen - hey, it just sounds corny to me, I can't help it. But, well, with these couple of projects - there has been a tiny bit of that. Just a tiny bit. And I'm loving it. Yeah, you roll your eyes, I'll let you.

Next up - rainbows. Yes, rainbows. Mega huge downpour over the weekend and then looked out of the window and saw a double rainbow.|You can't see it's a double from these pictures but it was and a full arc too!
Best bit though? Monster no.2 and her sleepover buddy charging downstairs so they could come outside to take photos as well. Then, within minutes, Monster no.1 arriving home from her sleepover, jumping out the car with her friend shrieking "Mum, Mum, look!" And both of them, full grown snotty, moody, argumentative teenagers, getting their phones out to take photos too. I just LOVE that rainbows still have that effect on all of them and I hope each and every one of them never ever loses that.

Documentaries. Ooh you know it's coming into Autumn when you start getting some stonking good documentaries on the telly. Am such an addict. I missed a good one on Sunday - my Dad told me today, it was something about doing tests on skeletons of people that worked on the ships round about Nelson's time. Find out how they lived and died. Apparently brilliant, quite gory but really eye opening. Told him off for telling me after the fact, don't you worry.

There is one coming up on Tuesday that sounds really good. It's on Channel 5 (UK peeps!) at 8pm and is called Mysteries Of The Vampire Skeletons: Revealed. Doesn't the title alone just sound fantastic? That's me booked the TV.

I can't sign off without saying how grateful I am that I can cuddle and smooch my family whenever I want to - we all know why I'm saying that. It's always a grateful of mine but some events just bring it home.

This status on Facebook really spoke to me today: (via your brother Virginia.)

"As many updates I have seen today, I would like to pay respects to the 1.5 million civilians that have died as a result of the US invasion of Iraq and the countless more killed in Afghanistan. Let us not forget that it is no less tragic and wasteless a life just because they are brown skinned and live drectly above Oil......"

Very true. Let's remember every innocent life that's been lost. And cuddle your loved ones that much closer. Because you can.

How was your week? If you'd like to join in our look back on the week to search out the good stuff, make sure and link up with Virginia so we can all find you :)

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  1. ah a beautiful list as always finishing with a little bit of thought therapy - always good for the soul!

    Glad all three girls are back into the school swing of things and I'm sure you won't mind being relegated to your other jobs if they are all smiles!

    The Rainbow photos are awesome and the idea of everyone rushing for phones had me giggling too!

    Your Craig is a sweetie allowing you to share desks with him and it also appears that his presence has stopped you stropping and got you creating even allowing things to take on a life of their own - I didn't roll my eyes I just want to do something like that haven't done anything like that in forever!!!!!!

    Hope you are having a fabby day


  2. I'm not rolling my eyes,but you may when I say that of all the people I've met online, I think you've been on a that does sound corny,but at least I know what I mean!
    Rainbow reactions - wonderful.

  3. I always love your Rocking Fridays/Sundays/ that rainbow - I've never seen a full arc, never. Beautiful and I love that your 'monsters' have inherited your love of them. Hug them tight.

  4. I saw that documentary about |nelson's ship, it was VERY good but pretty gruesome :-P I love all that stuff though! I would love to work with bones the way they do :-D

  5. A fabulous list Carmen.
    Gorgeous,gorgeous rainbows and I too like the fact that even teenagers appreciate them.
    I didn't roll my eyes (honest) just wish I knew that feeling myself.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. Just back from Wales so will reply to your lovely email tomorrow. :)

  6. The double rainbow is amazing. We had one here last week. Full arc too. 2 full arcs really. It was wonderful.
    My grand saw her first one and she goes "look a rainbow" she knew. I love that.
    I swear I saw paint on the back of Craig's shirt!;-D
    I too love having my family around all of the time.
    We are indeed blessed beyond words.
    So good to read you today.

  7. ..which I'm reading on a Tuesday! I saw that programme about the skeletons - I think it might be a series? Maybe there are more

    Always the post that cheers, this one. I love it.

  8. Wow, Carmen, I love the pictures! What an incredible rainbow :)

  9. Oops, I nearly missed this one! Lovin' the rainbow - they are very magical (there was a beautiful rainbow just as Hope was born. She has taken this to be a sign that she a mystical being, rather than the scientific version of the event . I let her have her ethereal moments!). Craig is a love for allowing you to do arting next to him - how on earth does he concentrate?!

    Good to hear Mr Mojo has entered the building, enjoy!

    Gotta go to work now :o(


  10. A great list for Rocking my world (whatever day of the week!)Love the canvas's on your desk, had to click on photo to see it bigger as I saw the 'we do' words and thought I know what that is!!! Make sure you post a photo of that when its done as I'd love to see it!
    How lovely to be able to sit next to your hubby while you paint, think my hubby would be peed off with that within 5 mins and move far far away!
    Fantastic rainbow photos,always something magical about a rainbow.
    Thanks for the heads up about the vampire skeleton programe, I watched it last night with my son and found it very interesting.
    Have a great week x


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