Ravenwood by Andrew Peters

Blurb: Ark lives a mile up, in the last trees in the world.

But even in this sky-high city, someone has to unblock the drains- and it’s Ark the plumber’s boy, who overhears a plot to destroy his forest home.
On the run for his life, Ark races from the highest tree-tops to the darkest roots of Ravenwood to find a way to save his people.
I’ve seen a couple of reviews for this book around blogland and it was definitely on my wishlist to get. A world of the future where we have all but destroyed our natural planet apart from this one tiny corner that still has trees… Trees which hold entire cities and towns within their branches, their trunks… even their roots. Where humankind has developed and evolved to live in each separate part of the trees. But this existence is under threat from the dwellers of Maw, a country that would harvest the last trees in the world and enslave or kill the people that stand in their way.

I really wish I could have sat down and immersed myself in this story, really snuggled down and read it in a couple of sittings. Circumstances dictated that it was read in snatches here and there – I still loved it, loved the island of Arborium, could really visualise these huge towering trees. I love how the animals had evolved too, becoming huge almighty beasts in some cases.

There were two stars of the story for me. Firstly were the ravens, evolved into huge formidable beasts and revered as sacred among the tree dwellers. “Out of the shadows of the under-forest, a darker shadow blotted out his vision. As he shrank down instinctively, he forced himself to look up and saw the huge, dark eyes swallowing him, the claws – each the size of a sword – advancing to rip him up for supper, and the vast wings about to settle and draw a cloak over all his days.” Secondly, the forest and all its walkways, structures, palace, fields, the hidden tunnels to the roots below, the lift that flings people back skywards… it takes on a whole persona of its own. This is one of those books that you really hope gets picked up for a movie – I think Arborium and in particular the scenes in the Ravenwood and down in the depths of the roots of the trees would look fantastic on the big screen, it was so richly described, I’d love to see if how I envisioned it would be the same on screen.

All in all, loved this one and will definitely read again when I do get some time to sit and read it in a oner. I think I will forever more be using the term “Buddy Holly” when things go slightly awry!

Thank you as always for stopping by.

Andrew Peters
Published by Chicken House

Many thanks to Vivienne for sending me the book :)


  1. I've missed your book reviews - and this sounds a good book. Hope you are all well and settling in!

  2. Sounds fab!!! It shall be put on my "to read" list.

  3. Ooo...your description of the tree cities sounds amazing! Miss you, Darlin'!

  4. This book looks FAB will add it to my wish list, unfortunately i never get time to read much any more :( but this one sounds right up my street xxxx


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