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Happy weekend people :) Are we ready for a wet and rainy Rocking Your World Friday? (On Saturday.) Good - then I'll begin.

Firstly - the house is a complete state. Total chaos, I mean... much more so than usual. The whole house is getting packed up and blitzed. I tell you what - I blimming hate it but (she says quickly before this disintegrates into a whinge fest) I know the outcome is going to be insanely worth it. What better chance will we ever have to completely have a fresh start, clean slate and declutter on such a large scale? No, exactly so we are currently at the - it had to get a squillion times worse before it got better stage of the operation... Craig has virtually no hair left and my nails are gone. Gone. Gone. But the Rocking part of this is that I can see the rainbow through the clouds - I can. I'm still tearing my hair out and running round like a crazy thing - my feet have spontaneously bloated like over excited puffa fish... but I glimpse that rainbow...

Also, I have been seriously bringing my craft supplies down, anything that I haven't looked at in a few months is being packed up and donated to the Brownies. I soon wont have the luxury of hoarding stash that I wont be using so everything has to earn it's place on my shelves now. I tell you what - I've rediscovered some cracking stuff in my supplies. So that's made me happy - being strict and sorting out my stash.

I've decide to ramp up my book reviewing so when I am settled again there will be much more reading and then reviewing than there has been of late - I've allowed the PC to sneak in and steal my time away again. No more. With all this change comes a rota which will hopefully keep me in line. Housework - what to do on what days and thus freeing me up to draw, craft, paint, read and review. Plus I am going to try and do the majority of internet stuff when the kids are at school or in bed - don't want their lingering memory to be of the back of my head. I'm going to go through all my art and craft books, review those and any future ones I get too... I'm very excited at the prospect of getting organised and getting stuff done rather than drifting along in a muddle.

Phoebe has achieved pupil of the year in her class - at assembly the teacher said she was an inspiration not only to her class but the whole school. Very big rocking moment right there. That's the third time she's won pupil of the year :)

Lastly - it's just stopped raining here! Hurrah! Apologies for the lack of photos this week but it really has been absolutely crazy! Hope you've had a good week and if you fancy joining in then head over to Virginia's and link up :)

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  1. Brilliant post - happy, happy, happy!

    Wtg, Phoebe! She, and you, must be walking on air. It always amazes me what I find in my craft stash - I often, OFTEN, have absolutely no recollection of having bought it or having put it in my stash. I do wonder what I get up to sometimes!

    Anyway, I'm glad all is going well - now GET BACK TO THE PACKING!!


  2. Sooo know the stash feeling! I too come across things that, no, I haven't forgotten them ,as I don't remember ever getting them. :)
    Good luck with the packing up - it will be worth it.
    WTG Phoebe - excellent proud Mum moment.
    Hugs xx

  3. I cant get rid of stash prooved when i did my sort out ... unless i haven't used it for several years ...if I have doubts it is boxed into the loft 'til the next time the loft is sorted ...just in case. I still remember storing 100 ish candle waxed wine bottles for the church ...for 10years with no one showing any interest ...and finally throwing them out only to recieve a phone call 2-3 months after the event asking if I had them bottles???? what wine bottles???.
    Wow must be so proud of Phoebe ... such a change for a young one to recieve deserved praise.xx

  4. Glad your week is rockin'. Well done Phoebe that is some achievement!

    Good luck with your big sort out.

    Claire xx

  5. Well Done Phoebe! And Mum you are right to be so proud :D I Understand the frazzle of packing, sorting and blitzing! So I heartily salute you my friend. x x x

  6. Well done Phoebe. YOu sound like you are going to be so organised. Sent some of your organisation skills this way.
    I received a lovely parcel from you today. Thank you so much for my film. I can't wait to review it.

  7. Student of the year... that's fabulous!!!! Congratulations Phoebe!!!! If you have any extra after you send some organization to Viv, can you send some my

  8. Hello Sweetie, wow that was a whirlwind post - in answer to your question on the charity question - try four men dressed in strange outfits? Nope still not got it try the YMCA! No matter where I go that song follows me!

    You sound like you've had a busy and fraught week packing and repacking, giggled at your comments about repacking said persons boxes but odd flip flops are definitely not required. Although I'm not moving house I soooooooooo know that idea of clearing the house, Craig (my Craig) has been in loft this afternoon sorting out the loftboards and then I've been passing him stuff up, it's not all back up there but it's getting there finally. I've also just sorted out the under the stairs with Craig and Malachite's help, honestly I didn't know you could cram that much into such a small space! On the storing masks front I keep them in a see-through plastic twelve by twelve packet that seals at the top - believe you and me since I lost one of my favourite heart shaped one I've been keeping a more careful eye on them. I honestly think they should have made them coloured, leaving them clear is insane, keep thinking I'll colour mine with some alcohol inks to try and prevent vacuum issues because I think that's where my mask ended up - on the plus side one of the sale items I bought yesterday was the replacement of my long lost mask - I was pleased to find it and it was a bargain too - don't care that I've now got duplicate ones of the others!

    anyway I think I've started waffling and I've not stopped all day as we went to see Harry Potter this morning and then we've worked like demons all day so going to collapse on the sofa or at my craft table.

  9. Nothing like moving or having a party to get everything in order! I guess I should plan 4-5 parties a year just so I could maybe keep up with things :D
    Anyway, GREAT post, it really sounds like you're making a lot of progress- tho' I don't envy you in the unpacking- blech!
    Oh and congrats on your daughter- that's an amazing accomplishment for her AND you!

  10. Hi Carmen,

    I know all about the packing!!!2 house moves in 18 weeks!!It was stressful but a great chance to de-clutter. I got rid of so much c**p that I had horded for years, I was ruthless.A lot of our stuff went into storage while we were in the tempory house and I kinda got used to living without the clutter and nicnacks. When we moved back home the house was so lovely and fresh and quite empty till the storage stuff came back, so then I went through the storage stuff and got rid of loads more!!! The house is quite bare now, or should I say minimilistic and I feel so much better! I am waiting for that kick myself moment when I realise I have thrown something I need, but it hasn't happened yet!
    Well done to phoebe, you must be really proud, what an achievement! x

  11. Sounds like you have had a crazy but productive week :-) I can't wait for you to review some art books....I need some for my collection ;-) ROCK ON!


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