Rocking My World Friday...

Oh my word, it's been manic this week - simply madness! In a good way, don't get me wrong! I'll be posting about our biggest rocking moment of the YEAR in a few weeks. Suffice to say - serendipity is a strange yet wonderful thing. My stu-stu-studio will soon be no more, we will for the foreseeable be broker than broke and yet... I am the happiest person you could meet at the moment! The start of a new adventure for our family - if you have me on your Facebook - you know what I'm rambling about - if not I may not be making much sense. But it's all good. Trust me.

Before the previous rocking moment happened I decided to bite the bullet and finally treat myself (thanks to Caz and her commission!) to this...

Amazon is telling me it will take 2-3 months to deliver and the last time that happened they eventually said they couldn't get a hold of the item so am having all fingers and toes crossed that doesn't happen this time. You know how long I've been lusting after this beauty!

Next up, my big sister was down from Scotland this week - it was lovely to get the chance to catch up with her over a cuppa. But she also came bearing a gift from my niece...

Can you guess what it is? She's been hoarding the shedded skin of her adult bearded dragon, baby bearded dragon and two skinks! Unknown to me - as a surprise! She thought I would love to have a play with it! And you know what? I'm seeing mermaid tails! Can you imagine? What a fun, thoughtful and totally unexpected gift!

A couple of lovely surprises this week in the mail. The first was this package from the fabulous and gorgeous Cameron.

My picture doesn't do this little ACEO any justice - it's even more beautiful in real life and I will be framing it!

Then I found out I won Vivienne's giveaway of this book. So chuffed, after her review it was high on my wishlist...
Remember the box I made in the Jane Dean class a couple of weeks ago? Well, Jane told us the rose that we stained with alcohol inks came from a Primark bracelet...

So, finding ourselves near a Primark this week, I thought I'd just take a little look... They still have the bracelets!! £2 for this little beauty and you get eight of those flowers on there for that!

I really must make a habit of checking out their jewellery section! Bargain or what?

And finally... a picture where I am not wearing ugly plastic shoes. This is apicture is of my gorgeous (to me) kitty shoes. They are old and tatty and falling to bits and I've worn them all week - you know why that rocks my world?

...because I can't get them on my feet when they are swollen! Which means I've had pain free tootsies this week - I'd like to think it's not the ugly shoes last week that helped but I have a sneaky suspicion it might be...

How have you been this week? Why not stop by Virginia's and play along?

Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. Glad you had a good week hun. Lovin' those shoes - I have a pair of leopards, but they are now relegated to storage (since I had the kids my feet have gone up a size and a half :( )

    Will send you an email - cos I'm dead nosy!!!

    Claire xx

  2. Lovely list Carmen and I love all your goodies - fingers crossed for Amazon to deliver.
    Great kitty shoes too and excellent news about the pain free toes.
    Hugs xx

  3. Email on its way xx
    Great post .... the shoes look fun ...and comfy too....not ugly like the others lol.
    Those roses look fantastic stained on your beautiful piece.

  4. You sound SO happy, it's wonderful! Great Rocking post, Carmen. Lovin' the kitty shoes and non-swollen-feet. I LOVE Primark - clothes, jewellery (those roses will look great altered in your projects) and bags. And cushions, as you spotted!

    Just read your email, keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  5. Glad you've had a good week!

  6. You have me on the edge of my seat now Carmen, will be sending you an email!!! Love the shoes and your mail from cameron is just beautiful x

  7. Tried putting a comment but it threw me out - grrr - loving the list, can't wait to see the mermaid's you make out of your amazingly different gift from Scotland. Glad your feet have been 'happier' this week - off to attack an ironing pile into submission now!


  8. ahhhh that photo of your kitty shoes makes me sad for the loss of mine :-( ooooo hope you get your book :-D

  9. Kitty shoes!!!! So much fun.:D
    The roses are much potential.
    Congratulations on your win and your package...weehoo!!!

  10. Fab 'up' post Carmen..I'm gonna email you because I can't wait. Of course. Lovin the kitty shoes!

  11. Ohhh i got to stop by here again i am loving all of this gorgeousness
    Hope you have had a lovely weekend
    Hugs June xxx

  12. ohohohoh
    i need
    i love
    i love
    those kitty shoes.

    yikes! those are COOL.

    shit! i need cat shoes right now!


  13. There is so much awesome in this post, I have no idea where to start! lol Love the kitty shoes, the dragon skin is going to be AWESOME to do something with! And once again, CONGRATS on your super fab new move!

  14. Think I might be missing out of something here and as I am dead nosey, I will be sending you an email too.

    I'm afraid I find the skins a bit ikky, this is the point when I turn myself into a girly girl.

    ..Which is why I like the cute shoes. I do like a bit of wacky footwear! Fun! Nicky x

  15. very cool those skins.. and the kitty shoes.. yay for the toesies!! Fantastic news on the move.. have never heard of Primark but those roses are divine.. and hope you get your book..

  16. Oo fab! Love the shoes lol! Kim

  17. Wow that collage you did was very lovely and beautiful. Nice work.


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