Rocking My World Friday...

I'm late! I'm Late! Oh wait... that's nothing new.

This was one of those weeks I really thought... shall I post? Can I even think of anything to post? We've had a pretty stressful time of it this week - some poorliness in the family which we've all been worrying about. I always wonder whether I should be posting happy posts at times like that - is it crass or unfeeling? But no, I really am going to try no matter what from now on to find the positives in each and every week no matter what as it really, really does make the difference. Positive mind, positive soul eh? I may be late - very late on some occasions but I'll be here.

First up - at the beginning of the week I randomly found one of Ruby's old baby booties under our dinner table. Not a clue how it got there. Don't know where the other one is but it gave me such a smile. This was one of my favourite things we ever got her as a baby - we got them even before she was born I think - even Craig fell in love with them. I'll have to do a scrappy page of her charging around in her walker wearing them. Will have to put this one away safely... wonder if the other will turn up again!

My brick cactus has had a couple of babies! For someone who can kill a plastic plant at 20 paces this is momentous indeed. Not only has my cactus never died since Craig's Mum gave it to me... it has now produced offspring! Very proud indeed. And yes - it is perfectly OK to love and be proud of a cactus.

These bliddy awful shoes. I swore I would never ever ever buy this style of shoe. I think they are so ugly and don't understand the craze there was over them. However - the craze has now passed (I think?) and my feet and ankles keep swelling up... so these arrived at my door this week. Under much muttering sufferance. I hate to admit it. They are so comfy. And the only thing that doesn't give me blisters all over my feet when they play up. Still ugly though.

Do you see who had to get in the picture too? Yeah - tiny tootsies with purple nail varnish pretty much rock my world too!

Not so long ago the nursery had a Project Runway day and the kids designed their own t-shirts. Come the day of the show, who was the only kid who refused to even put hers on, let alone walk down the catwalk? Yep. I joked that they obviously hadn't put enough M&M's in her changing room. However, this week we finally got her in the t-shirt and took some pictures for the teachers to put in her scrapbook -  all the kids have one showing what they've been doing all year at school...

We were chuffed to finally get the pictures but this one in particular - this one I love. The stuck out proud chin and smug smile... is the image of my Mum. This picture just made my day :)

Also this week I was really lucky to win this gorgeous book. When I got the email to say I'd won I was expecting a thin little thing. It's HUGE! And gorgeous! I love it - can't wait to try out some of the techniques inside. I'll definitely do a review.
What else. Ooh yes, Phoebe coming first in one of her races at sports day. We wont go into detail about a certain stupid Mum who thought that as it was a nice breezy day they wouldn't need suncream and so, are now sat typing with burnt boobies. No, we wont mention that to much. Very proud of the Pheebster though. It has been noted that she sat surrounded by boys the whole time. No, we wont dwell on that to much either.

Well, look at that! I got a post after all. How has your week been? Why not drop by Virginia's and tell her how amazing she is to have started off this whole process each week :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the little bootie, soooo cute! gorgeous pics of Ruby too, can't wait to see you all soon!

    Lesley xx

    P.S I symathise with you about getting burnt, I got burnt today, who would have thought it would be hot enough for that up here?!

  2. That bootie is sooooo sweet. Great photo of Ruby (a girl can never start showing her Diva side too soon in my book!lol)
    Not going to say a word about the sunburn or the ugly shoes. - Let me just polish my halo. :)
    Hugs xx

  3. Well that's a pretty good list for someone who thought they'd struggle to find anything positive to write about. I know what you mean about doing the Rocking Friday posts when there's rubbish stuff going on in the family, but when my dad was so ill I tried to join in because it helped to balance the crap. It would have been easy to go under with all the stress, and I believe that a bit of remembering the good stuff helped stop that.

    I wonder if the bootee is a sign from someone....?

    Ouch, burnt boobies - you didn't go topless to the Sports Day did you? No wonder Phoebe was surrounded by boys, they probably thought "Like mother like daughter!!".

    That Dragon book looks FANTASTIC and perfect for you.


  4. Loved the post ...had to laugh at 'The little Madam'.
    I have never liked those shoes either ...but have never tried them ...maybe I should as I live in trainers all year as they are the only comfy thing... but I cant describe the smell during the summer lol

  5. That's a brilliant list, yet again proving the benefits of the whole idea. It really does seem to work!

  6. We call those plants Hen and chicks :D Love the little babies <3
    Oh, and Dragon art looks fantastic!

  7. Ah and this post made me smile on many fronts - the first was the dilemma over shall I post shall I not, life is sometimes hard - I know this but that's what Rocking posts are all about it isn't about not wanting to help when others are poorly its just about appreciating life just as it is - because the silver linings in the grey clouds are essential to keeping us sane - let's be honest and as I read your post I absolutely knew that you got all of that!

    The bootie is oober cool and sooooooooooo cute and we demand a scrapbook layout as soon as you can!

    Never given into those shoes but can sooo understand the need for comfort. Loving the t-shirt pose and the fact she reminds you of an amazing lady!

    Also giggled at the thought of you burning your boobies I also had the topless thought run through my head giggle - sorry - gutter mind sometimes!

    Hope you've had a good week! Hugs


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